Chapter 1:

Dreams to Protect, Become a Dream Protector

Dreams to Protect

It’s springtime, the flowers and trees are beautifully in bloom. School has started, a girl with cherry red hair and brown eyes stares out the window yawning, a small breeze flies through the window.

“Don’t sleep.” Unknown voice

The wind flips through her textbook, the small white scarf around her neck flows with the breeze.

“Sakari.” Teacher

“Yes.” Sakari

She stands up in a red t-shirt, long white sleeves, blue skirt, long black stockings, and white shoes. She reads the text from her book and the whole class claps as she finishes then sits back down.

“Sakari is so short, isn’t she?” Girl 1

“I know and very pretty too.” Girl 2

“I heard another guy was rejected yesterday.” Boy 1

“That’s the seventh one. They just don’t give up.” Boy 2

“How can they, she is beautiful, smart, serious, and has a perfect figure.” Boy 3

“There’s no man in this school who doesn’t have a crush on her.” Boy 3

The school day ends Sakari packs up and heads home, everyone she passes says goodbye to her, but she doesn’t answer them. Walking home Sakari passes by a pastry shop, looking through the windows for a second, she continues on, she arrives at home.

“I’m home.” Sakari

“Welcome home, dear.” Mom and Dad

“Dinner is ready.” Mom

“Come and sit with us.” Dad

“Okay.” Sakari

She sits down to eat, seeing her parents enjoying their meal Sakari tries it.

“It’s bitter.” Sakari whispers

“Hmm? Something wrong?” MOm

“Do you not like it?” Dad

“No, it’s fine.” Sakari

Sakari lays in bed and her stomach growls.

“I’m hungry.” Sakari

She turns to her side.

“I should have…” Sakari

She slowly falls asleep. The next day comes, Sakari walks to school the pastry shop from yesterday is gone.

Guess it shut down for today.’ Sakari

She continues her way to school, a shadowy figure follows behind her. The class starts like it does everyday, Sakari stares out the window with the teacher talking in the background. Her eyes become heavy, she starts to fall asleep.

“Wake up!” Unknown voice

Sakari’s eyes opened wide, looking around, but no one spoke to her.

Who was?’ Sakari

“Sakari.” Teacher

“Huh?” Sakari

“You alright?” Teacher

“Yes, I’m sorry.” Sakari

The teacher continues with the lesson.

Was it the teacher? Maybe I just imagined it.’ Sakari

It’s break time everyone gets up and walks around, Sakari does as well. Walking down the hall Sakari pinches her nose between her eyes.

“Sakari.” Girl 1

“Yes.” Sakari

“Are you okay? You look very tired.” Girl 2

“Maybe you should go to the nurse?” Girl 1

“No, no I’m fine.” Sakari

“But…” Girl 2

“Don’t worry I’ll be alright.” Sakari

She walks away, but the two girls are still worried. Feeling dizzy Sakari tries to make her way back to class, opening the door and everyone is sitting at their desks, quietly the teacher is standing there, not moving.

“Sorry, I'm late teacher.” Sakari

No one looks at her, the teacher doesn’t answer either.

“Teacher?” Sakari

Three hooded shadows come out of two students and the teacher.

“What the?!” Sakari

“What are you?” Sakari

They charge at her, Sakari runs out of the room, the three shadows chase after her. Running past other students who are just standing there.

What’s wrong with everyone? Why aren’t they moving?’ Sakari

She makes it out of the school, one of the shadows appears in front of her. The other two block her way out.

“What do you want from me?” Sakari

They don’t answer, instead they begin to whisper, hearing their voices in her head, Sakari falls to her knees, covering her ears.

“Don’t worry, we’ll handle them.”

“So one for each of us?”

“Galen, watch over her.”

“I got it, Aron.” Galen

“Larina, Noe, you ready?” Aron

“Ready to fly high!” Larina

“Anytime, Aron.” Noe

“Let’s go, you shadow freaks.” Aron

“Stay with me, okay.” Galen

Sakari can’t keep her eyes open, she faints then starts to dream of bright colors all around her.

I smell something sweet.’ Sakari

I want it.’ Sakari

She wakes up in a different room, laying in a bed, slowly sitting up, Sakari looks around, no one is here. Getting up she opens the door and four people are standing around, a girl with sky blue hair in a ponytail and green eyes wearing short brown jacket, white tank top, dark blue shorts, two bird tattoos on each leg, black boots, and white wing hair pin. Another girl has sun yellow hair and blue eyes wearing a white shirt with no sleeves, turquoise cape, white flower in her hair, long white pants, and turquoise shoes. There’s a boy with orange hair and yellow eyes wearing a white jacket, black shirt, white tie, gray pants, white shoes, long stick earrings, and a small scar on his neck. The last boy has clear white hair and black eyes wearing a big black shirt hanging down his shoulders, a shackle around his neck, red marks around his wrist, baggy blue pants, and no shoes. The girl with the blue hair notices her.

“You’re awake.” Larina

“Huh? Ah, yes.” Sakari

She comes out behind the door, Galen walks up to her.

“You okay? No headaches?” Galen

“No, thank you.” Sakari

The boy with the orange hair walks over.

“Now that you're awake, we need to talk.” Aron

“About what?” Sakari

“The three shadows you encountered.” Aron

Sakari sits down on the couch, Galen gets her a cup of tea. Aron sits across from her.

“Thank you.” Sakari

“Do you know why those shadows attack you?” Aron

“I don’t know, I was heading back to class…when those shadows appeared.” Sakari

“Attacking with no reason, sounds like them.” Aron

“But in a school? Why target her when there’s so many others with strong dreams?” Galen

“Something about her dream, maybe.” Larina

“My dream?” Sakari

“The shadows that attack you are called dream reapers.” Aron

“Dream reapers?” Sakari

“They steal power from people’s dreams.” Noe

“That power from them makes them stronger.” Noe

“If someone has a strong dream that the dream reapers can’t take then the Takers might go after them instead.” Aron

“Takers?” Sakari

“Bad guys who are much stronger than dream reapers, they have powers like us.” Larina

“They follow their master, Mare’s orders to the letter.” Galen

“Mare? Who is that?” Sakari

“Mare is the ruler of shadows and bad dreams.” Noe

“Bad dreams…” Sakari

“Don’t worry, we are here to protect you and your dreams.” Galen

“Cause we are dream protectors!” Larina

“We protect the dreams of others from those pesky nightmares!” Larina

“Get off the table, Larina.” Aron

“Hahaha!” Larina

“Thank you, it makes me feel much better knowing you guys are here.” Sakari

All of them blush a bit.

“We should get you home.” Galen

“Yeah, I should get going.” Sakari

“Me and Larina will walk her home.” Galen

“Okay, be careful.” Aron

“We will.” Galen

“Yeah, field trip!” Larina

“It’s just to her house, no detours, Larina.” Galen

“Boo, fine.” Larina

The three walk out, heading for Sakari’s home.

“Let’s get ready to go, Noe.” Aron

“Guess you’re more worried than you look, Aron.” Noe

“They attack her for a reason, they will strike again if it looks like we let down our guard.” Aron

“Using that poor girl as bait, how distasteful.” Noe

“Shut up, you know it’s not like that. I won’t let her get hurt.” Aron

“Alright.” Noe

The three of them walk down the street Sakari sees the pastry shop open, Larina notices her staring at the shop.

“Do you want to stop by that shop?” Larina

“Huh?” Sakari

“No, that’s alright.” Sakari

“You sure? You’ve been staring at it since it got in sight.” Larina

“I wasn’t staring that much.” Sakari

“Yes, you were, pretty intensely.” Larina

“We can stop in, if you want, Sakari.” Galen

“No, I…I don’t want to.” Sakari

“Really?” Larina

“Yes, I really don’t want to.” Sakari

“Okay, we’ll move on then.” Galen

“Too bad, but fine by me.” Larina

Sakari looks down with a painful look. Having not said a word since they past the pastry shop, they get closer to Sakari’s house.

“Safari.” Galen

She doesn’t answer.

“We’re sorry if we upsetted you.” Larina

“No, it’s not your guy's fault.” Sakari

“I just…I…” Sakari

“Hmm?” Galen

“Never mind, it’s nothing.” Sakari

The three shadows are back, they surround the three of them.

“Did they follow us?” Galen

“Who cares, saves us the trouble of finding them again.” Larina

“Let’s beat them up.” Larina

“Larina, you’re the only fighter here remember.” Galen

“Me and Sakari can’t fight.” Galen

“Oh, right.” Larina

“Then what should I do?” Larina

“Sakari, stay behind me.” Galen

“Okay.” Sakari

“Larina, make a path for us so we can escape. The odds are not with us.” Galen

“Got it!” Larina

Galen and Sakari stand behind Larina, she puts on a metal glove and pulls out a steel baton. Two reapers charge at Larina, she punches one then hits the other with her baton, the third one tries to attack Galen, Larina jumps up and kicks it. One of the reapers grabs Larina and throws her into a wall.

“Agh!” Larina

“Larina!” Galen

Galen touches her flower on her head, it starts to glow.

“Heal!” Galen

Larina’s wound heals and her stamina recovers. She stands back up.

“Thanks, Galen.” Larina

“Please be careful.” Galen

“Watch out!” Sakari

Sakari pushes Galen out of the way of a reaper.

“Thank you.” Galen

We can’t hold up like this for long.’ Galen

“Galen!” Larina

A reaper looms over Galen and Sakari, Galen covers Sakari as it tries to attack.

“No, you don’t!” Aron

Aron swings his sword and cuts the reaper in half. It vanishes, Larina attacks the remaining two reapers.

“You okay?” Noe

“Yes.” Larina

They all gather together, and more reapers appear.

“More!” Give me a break.” Larina

“Why did more show up?” Aron

“There’s too many even for us.” Noe

Is this my fault?’ Sakari

Those shadows attacked me first, are they attacking them because of me?’ Sakari

Am I to blame?’ Sakari

A reaper appears behind Sakari, grabs her by the throat.

“Ah!” Sakari

“Sakari!” Galen

Aron and Larina try to get to her, but two reapers block them.

“Damn it.” Aron

The reaper begins to choke her, Sakari gasps for air.

“Sakari!” Galen

“We can’t get through.” Noe

If only I could…’ Larina

Sakari’s vision starts to blur.

Am I going to die?’ Sakari

No, not yet I still want to…’ Sakari

“Want to what?” Unknown voice

This voice, from before.’ Sakari

“What is it that you want to do?” Unknown voice

“What is your dream?” Unknown voice

My dream?’ Sakari

She remembers the bright colors from when she fainted.

“My…dream…” Sakari

“Huh?” Aron

“Sakari.” Galen

“My dream is…” Sakari

A small glow shines from her chest.

“Is to eat all the sweets that I want!” Sakari

“What?” Everyone

“That’s her dream!” Aron

“It does explain why she was staring at the pastry shop.” Larina

“Sakari, you are such a girl.” Galen

“No doubt about that.” Noe

“Not the dream I was expecting, but it’s shining bright.” Unknown voice

“Use your dream to protect yourself and others.” Unknown voice

“Become a dream protector!” Unknown voice

The glow grows brighter.

“Dreams to protect, Dream Protector!” Sakari

Her clothes change; a small white chef’s hat, pink short shirt with one long sleeve and one short one, puffy brown skirt, stockings pink and brown, black shoes, one white glove on her left hand, her hair rolled up into a bun, ice cream and cake tattoos on her cheeks, and wielding a big spoon with a fork head on the other end. Everyone sees her in her new outfit.

“What is this?” Sakari

“Congrats you're a dream protector now!” Unknown voice

A small fairy appears in front of Sakari, she has short grape purple hair and gold eyes wearing a light purple dress, flat purple shoes, star shaped wings, a white circle around her right eye, and a red tear drop under her left eye, and a white cloud pin in her hair.

“Who are you?” Sakari

“I’m Faythe, I am a dream guide.” Faythe

“A dream guide?” Faythe

“She helps guides us to strong dreams that might be targets of the dream reapers and Takers.” Aron

“Okay, it’s nice to meet you, Faythe.” Sakari

“You as well, Sakari.” Faythe

While they are talking, the others are trying to fight off the reapers.

“Nice to see you getting along, but can you help us already!” Larina

“Oh, yes! Sorry.” Sakari

“Umm…what should…I do?” Sakari

“Anything! Just do something!” Larina

“Right! Let’s see…umm….” Sakari

“Just think of an attack to strike down those pests.” Faythe

“Okay, I got it!” Sakari

Just think of an attack.’ Sakari

Something that would wipe them all out.’ Sakari

“I know!” Sakari

“Cream Wave!” Sakari

A wave of cream sweeps away all the reapers, coming all together into a ball, spinning it around, and disperses everywhere. The reapers are defeated, bits of cream fall down, Sakari catches a little in her hand then tastes it.

“Yum! It’s so sweet!” Sakari

“That’s some power she’s got.” Larina

“It shows how much her dream means to her.” Faythe

“Sakari!” Galen

Galen runs up to hug Sakari.

“Galen?” Sakari

“Thank god you’re alright.”Galen

“Yeah, thanks Galen.” Sakari

“You too Faythe.” Sakari

“Look forward to working with you.” Faythe

“Same here.” Larina

“Happy to have you.” Noe

“Yeah.” Aron

Up on a rooftop watching them from above.

“So, a new toy to break.”

“Don’t disappoint me.”

Aron looks behind, sees a shadow vanishes. The next morning Sakari gets ready for school.

“I’m heading out.” Sakari

“Be safe, don’t be late coming home.” Mom

Sakari stops before opening the door.

“Mom.” Sakari

“Yes, dear?” Mom

Sakar smiles.

“Your food is too bitter. I’m going to pick up some sweets on my way home.” Sakari

“Huh?” Mom

“I’m off!” Sakari

Sakari runs out the door, her mom stands there shocked.

“Honey, what’s wrong?” Dad

“Nothing. She finally spoke her mind.” Mom

“She did, huh.” Dad

“I’m glad to see her smile again after so long.” Mom

Sakari runs to school, but stops at the pastry shop.

“Welcome, how can I help you?” Baker

“”I will take some cannolis, cream puffs, macaroons, bombolonis…” Sakari

“Oh and what kind of bread do you have?” Sakari

“Huh? Excuse me…” Baker

All the students are shocked to see Sakari walking around with a bag of pastries and with a baguette in her mouth, all happy.

“Sakari.” Girl 1

“Hmm?” Sakari

“Are you feeling better?” Girl 2

“Yep! Much better!” Sakari

“Umm..ah…” Girl 1

“Oh!” Sakari

Sakari reaches into her bag, pulls out a cream puff.

“Do you want one?” Sakari

“Huh? Sure.” Girl 1

Sakari gives one to the other girl too.

“Thank you.” Girl 2

“See ya.” Sakari

“Yeah, bye.” Girl 1

“I didn’t know she liked sweets so much.” Girl 2

“It was unexpected.” Girl 2

“Think so, to me she looks much more lively than before.” Girl 1

Sakari happily walks into her class.

“Good morning, everyone.” Sakari

She smiles big.