Chapter 2:

Taste My Pudding!

Dreams to Protect

A group of dream reapers attack Aron, Larina, and Sakari, Aron and Larina attacks them first, Sakari defends herself against one of them.

“Sakari, can you wrap this up.” Larina

“Yes.” Sakari

She tries to focus.

“Cream Wave!” Sakari

Nothing happens.

“Not again.” Sakari

“Sakari.” Aron

“Cream Wave!” Sakari

Still nothing happens.

“Why won’t it work?” Sakari

“Don’t worry about it, Sakari.” Larina

“Rising Current!” Larina

A strong wind current sends all the reapers up in the air together, Aron jumps up with this sword and slashes them all in half. The reapers disappears, Aron lands on his feet then puts his sword back in his sheath on his waist.

“I’m sorry.” Sakari

“It’s okay, you're still trying to control your power.” Aron

“I was better at the beginning, wonder why I can’t do it now.” Sakari

“Always are, it happens to everyone.” Larina

“Really?” Sakari

“Yeah, all the time.” Larina

“Larina couldn’t control the wind around her and she would send herself or one of us flying.” Aron

“I wasn’t that bad.” Larina

“Yes, you were.” Aron

Sakari laughs, they both stop arguing.

“Why don’t we stop by that pastry shop you like, Sakari?” Larina

“Really?!” Sakari

Her eyes light up like stars.

“You seem up for it.” Larina

“What about you, Aron?” Larina

“No, thanks I have other work to do.” Aron

“Too bad, let’s go.” Larina

“Yeah.” Sakari

Sakari and Larina take their leave.

“Now then.” Aron

Aron quickly jumps to the roof behind him, but no one is there.

“Ran away again?” Aron

“Just like that night that Sakari got her powers.” Aron

Who is watching us?’ Aron

At the pastry shop Larina sits at a table by the window eating a tarte citron, she has a different outfit on, a blue jacket, pink shirt, white skirt, white shoes, and a blue bow in her hair. Sakari comes over with a plate full of bola de berlin, she is in her school uniform, she sits across from Larina.

“That’s quite a lot there, Sakari.” Larina

“Ever since I can eat whatever I want I’ve been trying to try so many different pastries I haven’t tried before.” Sakari

“But I think you’re going a little overboard.” Larina

“How so?” Sakari

You serious?’  Larina

Larina finishes her dessert while Sakari continues to stuff her face full.

“By the way, is that your school uniform?” Sakari

“Are you a high schooler?” Sakari

“That’s sweet of you, but I’m a middle schooler for the next two years.” Larina

“Oh! I wouldn’t have guessed, you look older to me.” Sakari

“I don’t look that old.” Larina

“Are the others in different schools too?” Sakari

“Yep, except for Galen and Aron, they go to the same school.” Larina

“What about Noe?” Sakari

“He’s actually in college.” Larina

“Really?! He looks so young.” Sakari

He looks younger than me! Really!’ Larina

I thought he was starting high school.’ Sakari

How exactly do you judge people’s age?’ Larina

“How did you all meet?” Sakari

“ I met them through my dreams, the reapers tried to take my dreams like they tried with you. They saved me and I learned about my powers so I wanted to help.” Larina

“My dream is to fly in the sky one day. I can’t do that when these grim freaks hog the sky.” Larina

“That’s a great dream, Larina.” Sakari

“Isn’t it!” Larina

“Oh, it’s getting late.” Larina

“You’re right, I better get some to go.” Sakari

You’re still going to eat?’  Larina

As they part ways, a shadow figure watches Sakari walking home.

“It’s not polite to stalk a girl at night.” Larina

Larina puts her metal glove on and whips out her steel baton.

“If you are looking for a fight, I’ll be your opponent.” Larina

The figure grins, three dream reapers appear, Larina smiles and readies to fight. Sakari thought she heard something behind her, turning around a strong gust of wind blowing by her.

What’s this bad feeling I’m getting.’ Sakari

Her stomach growls.

“Guess I’m just hungry, I better get home, hopefully mom cooked a good meal today.” Sakari

The next morning Sakari is sleeping in her bed and suddenly Faythe appears in her room.

“Sakari! Sakari!” Faythe

“Wake up, Sakari!” Faythe

Sakari yawns, then runs her eyes, and sits up in her bed.

“Faythe, what’s wrong?” Sakari

“It’s…it’s…” Faythe

She’s trying to stop herself from crying.

“Calm down, what happened?” Sakari

“It’s Larina, she’s badly hurt!” Faythe

“Larina…” Sakari

Sakari quickly puts on her school uniform and runs out the door.

“I’m heading out!” Sakari

“Where are you going?” Mom

“I’m going to check on a friend!” Sakari

“I’ll be home before dark!” Sakari

Running through the streets, Sakari and Faythe make it to the office where Aron and the others set up shop. Faythe flies through the door to open it for Sakari, she rushes in and Larina is laying on the couch covered in scratches and bruises. Galen is healing her with her power.

“Larina!” Sakari

“Sakari.” Noe

He holds her back.

“What happened to her?!” Sakari

“We… don’t know… yet.” Noe

“Galen and Aron found her on their way to school. She must have made her way to where they would find her.” Noe

“After bringing Larina here, they sent Faythe to find us and bring us here.” Now

“I see.” Sakari

“Will Larina be alright?” Sakari

“I think so, her wounds are healing nicely.” Galen

“Hopefully she will wake up soon.” Galen

They all stand there quietly.

“Who was with Larina last?” Noe

“I was.” Sakari

“After defeating a few reapers, Larina and I went to the pastry shop and talked for a while.” Sakari

“We parted ways when it got dark.” Sakari

“Was she acting strange at any point?” Noe

“No, she was her cheery self.” Sakari

Aron recalls feeling a present nearby during their fight yesterday.

“I remember a suspicious figure watching us yesterday.” Aron

“What?” Noe

“I didn’t feel anyone close.” Sakari

“They were hiding pretty well, not to give their presence away.” Aron

“Could they have been watching Larina and Sakari after running from you?” Noe

“Could have.” Aron

“Did Larina notice and take them on without telling me?” Sakari

“She probably did it to protect you.” Aron

“Still…I could have helped.” Sakari

“Don’t blame yourself, Sakari.” Noe

“She wouldn’t have told any of us.” Aron

“Larina doesn’t like to cause trouble for others, she prefers to take it on herself.” Aron

“Unless you tell her directly, not too alone, she will.” Aron

Sakari still feels bad that she got hurt and she could have done something, Noe taps on Sakari’s shoulder.

“Hey, when she wakes up let's give her a good scolding, okay.” Noe

“Okay.” Sakari

Sakari cheers up a little, Galen finishes up healing Larina.

“I did what I could, she’ll need more rest.” Galen

“Okay, thanks Galen.” Aron

“Aron, do you think we should go find the person who did this?” Noe

“A person? You don’t think a reaper did this?” Galen

“A lone reaper, even a group of them, couldn't have done this much damage.” Noe

“Well, Aron.” Noe

“I would like to, but I don’t want anyone else getting hurt searching for this person.” Aron

“Then we should wait for Larina to wake to tell us what happened.” Galen

“That’s the best option we got, right now.” Aron

“Sakari, maybe you should go home.” Aron

“Why? I want to stay,” Sakari

“I don’t want to worry your parents. You came here in a hurry, right?” Aron

“They must be worried.” Aron

“We will send word if anything changes with Larina or if we have any clues to who did this.” Noe

“Okay, I’ll go explain…I mean not all of it… just what’s going on.” Sakari

“I’ll ask if I can come again tomorrow.” Sakari

“Okay, Faythe, can you go with her?” Aron

“Leave it to me!” Faythe

“Thanks, Aron and you too, Faythe.” Sakari

“Let’s go.” Faythe

Sakari heads home with Faythe as someone watches them. Near her house, four dream reapers appear out of nowhere.

“What the?!” Sakari

“Watch out, Sakari!” Faythe

A dream reaper attacks Sakari, she pulls out her weapon and blocks it. Sakari pushes it away then dodges another attack.

“Dreams to protect, Dream Protector!” Sakari

Sakari transforms into her dream outfit.

“Why are they attacking?” Faythe

“There are no dreams nearby for them to steal.” Faythe

“You think that person is nearby?” Sakari

“That must be it. They waited for you to be alone to strike.” Faythe

“What should we do?” Sakari

Cornered Sakari and Faythe try to stand alone.

“Not today, reapers!” Aron

Aron attacks with his sword while Noe fights with a long staff. They defeat the four reapers, Galen runs over to Sakari and Faythe

“You two okay?” Galen

“Galen!” Faythe

“Yeah, we’re okay.” Sakari

“How did you know we were in trouble?” Sakari

“Shortly after you left Larina spoke your name in her sleep.” Galen

“Aron immediately thought you were in danger.” Galen

“So we all came running.” Galen

“Thank you guys.” Sakar

Aron and Noe walk over to them.

“We got rid of them.” Aron

“Nice work.” Galen

“I didn’t know you wielded a weapon, Noe.” Sakari

“Oh, you mean my staff. I’m not much of a fighter like Aron and Larina, butI can hold my own in a fight.” Noe

“You think you can teach me a bit?” Sakari

“Sure, if I can be of some help.” Noe

“Do that another day, let’s get you home, Sakari.” Aron

“Okay.” Sakari

“You’re really going to leave without saying hello this time.”

“Huh?” Everyone

“Who’s there?” Aron

“Show yourself!” Aron

A man jumps down from the roof, he has gold yellow hair and red eyes wearing a small black crown, gray furry scarf, two gold rings on each hand, black legged jean, white basic top, brown pumps, and wielding a longsword.

“How rude, you shouldn’t speak to a king like that.”

“King?” Galen

“Yes, for you see I am a king and I am to rule all!”

“He’s lost it.” Noe

“That’s obvious, but I can sense a strong power coming from him.” Faythe

“Could he be the one who attacked Larina?” Sakari

“That is possible.” Aron

“Are you commoners going to just stand there, talking all day? You should be bowing to the king.”

“Who are you?!” Aron

“Why are you attacking us?” Aron

“You don’t know who I am?”

“That’s right I never told you my name.”

“Please be honored in hearing my name.”

“My name is Tarik, the king who will rule.” Tarik

“I am a Taker for my master Mare.” Tarik

“Mare!” Aron and the others

“So he is a Taker that explains why Larina was so badly injured.” Aron

“Have you guys faced a Taker before?” Sakari

“No, the dream reapers only attack small dreams; it's rare for a Taker to even make an appearance.” Aron

“Are you the one who hurt Larina?!” Galen

“Larina? Who’s that?” Tarik

“You will pay for hurting our friend!” Aron

“Your friend? What are you talking about?” Tarik

“Oh, wait! Do you mean that rude little girl who tried to pick a fight with me?” Tarik

“What?” Sakari

“So it was you.” Noe

“I remember now she barely put up a fight, no etiquette whatsoever.” Tarik

“I wish she would have given up sooner rather than wasting so much of my precious time.” Tarik

Sakari gets angry, a red circle appears around Tarik’s feet.

“Huh?” Tarik

A strong flame shoots up.

“Wha?!” Tarik

He jumps out of the way in time, but a part of his scarf catches fire.

“Whoa! Hot! Hot!” Tarik

“What the heck was that?” Tarik

“How dare you strike at me while I’m talking!” Tarik

“What! But none of us can cast fire.” Aron

“Unless…Sakari.” Galen

Sakari is gripping her weapon with an angry look.

“I won’t…forgive you.” Sakari

“What? Speak up will you!” Tarik

“I’ll never forgive you!” Sakari

More fire circles appear all around Tarik, shooting up flames everywhere.

“What the hell?!” Tarik

“Larina, took you on by herself with no help. I will not allow you to call her a waste of time.” Sakari

Sakari summons a big pan and spatula.

“What is that?!” Tarik

It scoops Tarik up into the pan, a fire is lit underneath it.

“There’s only one good thing to do with an uncooked egg.” Sakari

“Hot! It’s hot!” Tarik

“Is to use it to make pudding.” Sakari

“What?” Aron, Galen, and Noe

Sakari uses her magic to make pudding.

“Done.” Sakari

In front of them is a giant pudding, Tarik is in the middle unable to move.

“Nice…work, I guess.” Noe

Sakari puffs out hot air.

“I would have cooked him til he burned up, but it wouldn’t taste very good.” Sakari

“You're not serious, right?” Galen

“If I was, I would have done it.” Sakari

“Easy there, Sakari. You got him, but should we really leave that pudding here?” Aron

“Can anyone see it?” Noe

“No worries, only people with strong dreams like you guys can see things like this.” Faythe

“But I’ll use my magic to provide an extra cover just in case.” Faythe

“Thanks, Faythe.” Aron

They all leave Tarik inside the pudding, Sakari goes home and so does everyone else. The next day they meet up at the office, Larina is up and cheery as ever.

“No fair! I wanted to beat the crap out of him for not taking me seriously!” Larina

“You didn’t learn your lesson, did you.” Noe

Larina puffs up her cheeks.

“Next time tell someone if you notice anything strange, alright.” Aron

“Yeah, yeah, I will.” Larina

“Don’t say that, you really worried someone.” Galen

Larina looks at Sakari, she looks away. Larina walks up to Sakari and hugs her.

“I’m sorry, Sakari.” Larina

“I won’t do it again.” Larina

Sakari hugs her back.

“Thank you.” Sakari

Aron, Noe, Galen, and Faythe smile. Tarik is still stuck in the pudding, he can barely move, someone walks up to the pudding.

“Got yourself in a sticky situation.”

“Huh! Maliea!” Tarik

She has night black hair and pink eyes wearing a long red slit dress with no sleeves, long black boots, red lipstick and eyeshadow, black nail polish, white bamboo umbrella, purple necklace made out of jewels, and a brown cat sitting on her shoulder. Maliea tastes the pudding by swiping her finger across it.

“Yummy! It’s so sweet and creamy.” Maliea

“Hurry up and get me out!” Tarik

“But it would be such a waste to destroy it.” Maliea

“Let me indulge a bit more.” Maliea

“Just hurry up! I need to get my revenge for humiliating me!” Tarik

“Oh!” Maliea

She licks her finger.

Wonder what kind of person they are to make Tarik this mad.’ Maliea

She smirks.

I can’t wait to meet you.’ Maliea

Dreams to Protect