Chapter 31:

Chapter 31 - The First Day

OmniGrim: Reincarnation with an Omniscient Grimoire

I woke up on my stomach stealing a quick glance to see if Raynard was awake yet. After a short time letting my eyes wander through the room, getting adjusted to the light from outside and closing them every now and then, I realized tightness around my hips. I was used to sleeping naked, but I didn’t know how nudity, and sexuality for that matter were perceived in this world.

I stole another glance at the still sleeping Raynard, who has turned away from me, and thought about things that should remain unmentioned. After a minute or so Raynard rolled over and I pretended like I didn’t just look at him for too long.

God, this was going to be ... interesting. I was used to all kinds of stuff happening, having lived in an orphanage for quite some time, with guys sharing rooms as well as showers, but ... this was new territory.

“Morning,” he mumbled after which he immediately rose from his bed.

“Morning person, eh?” I mocked him a bit, but it seemed he didn’t really know how to respond to this.

He just stripped down to his underwear and took new clothes out of the wardrobe on his side. I looked at him with a mixture of different feelings. He had a solid build. He was a bit chubby, and now I could see the fat gathered around his tummy. And his backside.

“You’re not gonna get out of bed and get dressed? We sort of need to hurry up.”

I sat upright, making sure my blanket stayed above my waist.

“Yeah, um, I was gonna change in the showers.”

As I said that, I realized Raynard was already putting on his Ataraxia uniform.

“Speaking of which, I now realize I don’t actually have the school uniform. Or any other clothes for that matter.”

“Have you been wearing the same stuff for the past weeks, really?”

“Well Raven washed it for me almost every day.”

“I think we need to go shopping this weekend!” He replied excitedly.

“I’ll still need a uniform before then.”

“Right. You along with all the first years and other possible exchange students will receive their uniform after the banquet today.”


“Yes, we start every school year with a feast!”

Entering the courtyard, I immediately felt out of place. Except for me, it was mostly the first years not wearing their uniforms but more casual clothes. Though they appeared a lot neater than me. I really needed to take Raynard up on that shopping offer. I was carrying my Grimoire in my right hand, sort of awkwardly. I needed to get a bag or something to carry it as well. It was kind of heavy.

The weather was great, so it made sense for the banquet to take place outside. Though, as Raynard explained, a magic barrier was used to shield it from rain in the case of an event like this taking place.

I followed him to a table apparently reserved exclusively for us third years. Speaking of which, I now realized this was the first time I saw the male uniforms of Ataraxia. Raynard was wearing his for the first time since we met. Though really there wasn’t much difference between the male and female uniforms and the school seemed to allow a fair lot of customization. This makes sense considering not all species are built the same way. Raven’s suits, for example, all had holes for his wings. I saw a lot of guys wearing shorter sleeves, or none at all, a few cropped, and some of the ladies wearing pants.

No guys in skirts though.

“You know any of these guys?” I whispered to Raynard.

“Well, knowing would be taking things too far. There’s a reason I didn’t do my summer assignments until I met you two, you know?”

“Okay, thank god, I was afraid you’d have lots of friends and would leave me alone or try and introduce me to them,” I rambled on. “People my age scare me. People younger than me as well. Actually, I think people in general just are scary.”

“Well, you seemed to enjoy Aurelia’s and my presence, quite well, if you excuse me patting my own shoulder,” he retorted with a charmingly mischievous grin.

“Well,” my voice cracked in search for an appropriate reaction. “I don’t know, that was different. School’s ... different.”

Just as Raynard was about to respond he interrupted himself, looking past me. He was facing the door to the courtyard, and when I turned around to follow his gaze, I was met with Aurelia Beatrice van Carelis entering through the door. I should have been used to her sight by now, considering we’ve seen each other almost every day since my arrival to this world, but this time her aura was different. She was full of her outward confidence. But something was different from how she carried herself usually.

On her way she answered the greetings of students and teachers with a smile and when she spotted Raynard and me, I felt like there was some degree of relaxation to her pose.

“Hey, good morning you two.” Without giving it a single thought, she sat down next to me. The three of us made a telepathic agreement to ignore all the attention directed at us because of her.

“Slept well?” I asked her.

“Yeah, in a way, I was really looking forward to school, hahah.” Propping her head onto her hand she flashed me a cute smile. Or rather, the both of us. I think.

After a couple of minutes, the general commotion seemed to have quieted down a bit. People weren’t leaving and entering the courtyard anymore and most students seemed to be on their seats.

The teachers were all at the head end of the long courtyard and in front of them was a stage which was taken on by Principal Featherhead.

“Welcome, everyone, to this year‘s inaugural banquet celebrating a new year at Ataraxia Academy. As expected, before we can begin this feast there are a couple announcements to be made regarding this school year. First of all, to clear up some ... doubts and anxieties with the first years, as well as transfer students. You haven’t received any school materials, as well as your curriculum, or your student uniforms. This may be different from other schools you attended, but you will receive everything after this opening banquet. You will be approached by faculty some time after noon. Now, for the big news some of you have most likely already expected to hear: this year’s Second Term Tournament, as it has come to be known as, will indeed take place at Ataraxia Academy. Applications are open until the end of the following month. Of course, this means that we will receive visitors from the other six big schools of magic during the second term. Now, that were the most important things to cover. Before we can begin the banquet, however, Teacher M would like to have the word. I wish a good year for everyone, faculty and students alike!”

With that the principal stepped away from their spot to a thunderous applause. One of the male teachers rose from his seat behind the principal and took their place.

“That’s ... his name?” I whispered at the others, the Grimoire replying instead.

[Name:] >>M<<

[>>Teacher<< refers to his title.]

That’s not the part I was confused about, but thanks for trying.

My friends’ response was similarly inconclusive. Heh, friends.

Teacher M wore a long robe, concealing his body shape. From afar I couldn’t tell whether he was old or not. The few hairs he had left may have been blonde or white. Also, he sported an impressively stylish goatee.

“I will make this a quick announcement. I am looking for sixth year students, who are interested in being the first ones to take part in my new in-development branch of study at Ataraxia Academy. Should my research surrounding this matter come to fruition I am sure those of you interested in academics will greatly profit from this experience. As for what that branch is, I guess you’ll have to see for yourself.”

With the snip of his finger, several cloaks rose up to the ceiling in front of him. I haven’t really questioned it, but a couple of tall objects have been standing in front of the stage, covered by said cloaks. I figured it must have been statues, due to their shape, but when the cloaks were lifted, I realized it was ...


A confused murmur swept through the courtyard as each one caught a glimpse of the still standing puppets in front.

“This is the work for which I have taken off the past school year: Automatons. Life-like puppets that have the same capabilities as every one of you. I’ll have them serve during this banquet. Everyone, take a good look. This is our academy’s future.”

He barely had to make this announcement, as the front-most sixth years already had sprung up to get a better glimpse at these Automatons or go talk to M directly. For whatever reason he was called M.

I could tell Aurelia and Raynard were pretty amazed, contrary to myself. Either it was because Automatons were a concept, I was well aware of due to Science Fiction being a thing, or because I just had no way of knowing what kind of magic stuff was considered impressive. I still haven’t really gotten a grasp of power levels, you could say.

The automatons walked in pairs of two between the tables. One pushing the small metal cart, the other giving out the food. Similar to stewardesses on a plane, I think. They could well have been Ataraxia students. They wore the same uniform, except they had an aura of eternal youth around them.

When the Automatons reached our table, everyone was silent in awe. They stood behind me with their carts and I didn’t want to make it too obvious I was curious, so I didn’t turn around. When one of them placed a plate in front of me however, I couldn’t help but notice the strands of black hair slipping from her shoulder. When I turned my head slightly, the automaton brushed her hair behind her ear. This was without a doubt a girl, but her expression was anything but cheerful.

“Wow, they seem to be lacking in the emotions department, though,” I could hear someone opposite to me comment.

“Thank you,” I said out of reflex when she was done.

I didn’t expect an answer.

“It is my pleasure.”

Except I got one, and the whole morning I couldn’t shake off the feeling, that there was something about her voice. A fleeting all too familiar melancholy.

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