Chapter 32:

Chapter 32 - The Incident

OmniGrim: Reincarnation with an Omniscient Grimoire

The banquet went on without a hitch. I mean, really, what could have possibly happened? Aurelia, Raynard, and I mostly kept to ourselves, so I didn’t really have the chance to get to know any of the other students. That obviously would change with classes starting and all. During the feast teachers announced special classes, similarly to how Teacher M announced the development of the automaton branch, and students announced extracurricular activities for the year, like some magic sports with rules that are absolute bollocks, or the student council.

After the banquet I had to bid my friends farewell, as it was time for me to get the paperwork done, and receive my curriculum and uniform. I didn’t receive any school materials yet, as the Academy’s curriculum was rather flexible. Depending on where your strengths laid when you started out as a First Year you’d get assigned to different courses and from there you were only left more and more leeway. I was told that I could just dip into some courses and still change my mind about them after two weeks or so.

So, I was handed a comprehensive list of courses offered for the year, including very basic stuff such as spell crafting, illusions and elemental magic.

Did I just call these basic? Seems like I’m pretty much getting used to this kind of stuff.

The curriculum was divided into two main parts: Theoretical classes in the morning, and practical studies after lunch. So, in the morning we got to learn, and in the afternoon to put that newfound knowledge to use. At least that’s what I think they would advertise this academy like. Most likely Theoretical and Practical wouldn’t have too much to do with each other.

Afterwards I went to get my uniform.

The school uniforms were custom-tailored and allowed for a great deal of customization. I decided to leave mine fairly basic, with a pair of pants and a shirt. I decided to have mine be black though, unlike Aurelia’s, which was white. I decided on taking a long-sleeved shirt but rolled up my sleeves. Actually I looked a lot like before, except that now I was also wearing Ataraxia Academy’s emblem on my chest.

And I kept my scarf.

I was barely fully dressed when the announcement came.

„Attention students. After you have finished gathering your new belongings please immediately head to your rooms in company of a teacher or a fifth or sixth year student,“ the voice of Principal Featherhead announced. I couldn’t see any speakers, so I figured it must have been magic.

It’s always magic.

I didn’t really know what to make of this announcement, but it made me feel a bit uneasy. Even more so, since I left the Grimoire in my room, as I didn’t want to draw any attention.

I quickly finished changing into my uniform and pulled aside the curtain of the changing cubicle. The changing room was located in a tiny annex with one door leading immediately outside. It also featured showers and I assumed it would usually be used by students before and after Practicals. There were lockers and benches as well, apart from a handful of cubicles, one of which I just used.

I left the room through another door, leading me into a small gym, which now mainly was used for giving out school uniforms. While the other students were standing in line, when I left to get changed, they were now huddled together in a blabbering mess.

„Great, Nathan, you’re ready,“ Syd, a blonde six-year said. He was helping out with the uniforms. He was approximately three years older than me, but only a tad smaller than I was. He was nice enough, that I immediately felt comfortable around him. Which was odd, because he was literally just doing his job, but whatever. Guess it’s good to get acquainted with people outside of my weird group of three.

„Sorry, took me a bit to get changed,“ I absentmindedly answered, stealing a quick glance at that odd commotion. „What was that announcement about?“ I asked him.

„We don’t know yet, but don’t worry, that’s nothing unusual. Might just be a fire or whatnot. Usually after those alarms the fifth and sixth years are put in charge of assuring the younger students‘ safety, but rarely anything actually dangerous happens,“ he explained, then turned around to address the group of students. Children really. Even though I was barely two years older. Age is a weird concept.

Most of the group consisted of first-years, me being the only exception.

„Okay, listen up, everyone!“ Syd shouted in an attempt to pierce through the dozen shrill prepubescent voices. „You have nothing to worry about, it’s most likely just a fire alarm of sorts. I will now lead you all back to your dormitories where you are to stay until further notice. Just follow me and Nathan here, with the red scarf,“ he said, and proceeded to take the lead.

„Wha- me?“ I sputtered, taking a few large steps to catch up with Syd.

„Yeah, so I can have some company!“ He flashed me a smile. „Don’t worry, we’ll just have to make sure every one of the kids gets to their room. You’re the oldest, so your room is the furthest anyway.“


This undertaking went as easily, as Syd made it sound.

The kids were surprisingly obedient, but the way to the dormitories wasn’t a long one either. We walked to the first-years floor and watched as they scuttled away into their room, before doing the same with the handful second-years.

We took the stairs to my floor carrying on with our small talk. During that time, I told him my fake back story, that I originated from another town, with its own magic school, but that it was shut down after a fire. Which is why I got transferred to Ataraxia on a scholarship I mostly received through luck.

„Wow, that’s amazing,“ Syd answered. „You must be really skilled in some way, else you wouldn’t get a scholarship like that, would you?“

„More like the opposite. I don’t use magic like most people, which is probably why I piqued the academy’s interest.“

„What does that mean?“ he asked.

„I’ll explain some other time,“ I said, as we rounded the corner, looking down the corridor. It was empty, safe for one figure at the far end, who stood in front of my room.

We let out a small sound of surprise and approached them.

„Principal Featherhead,“ I called out.

„Nathan,“ they responded. „And Syd. Thank you for accompanying him.“

„Wow, the principal knows you personally?“ Syd questioned.

„Shouldn’t I ask you the same?“

As Principal Featherhead watched our banter and finally remarked: „Glad to see you are making some acquaintances already, Nathan.“

I turned towards them unsure if that was something worth of a particular remark.

„Um, I guess,“ I thus responded.

„What’s that ruckus about?“ Syd asked.

Principal Featherhead sighed. „There’s been an incident. One of our students‘ mana signature has gone out. Might just be a glitch, but better be safe than sorry. The police are on their way and until they have arrived and finished their investigation, I can’t give out any more details.“ They crossed their wings in front of their chest and looked at the door to my room. „But for now the important part is, that all of you are safe.“

I felt unspoken words left floating in the air. I think I knew whose safety the Principal was really talking about, but I guess you couldn’t just talk about it openly in front of a third party.

„You should stay in your room and wait for further announcements,“ the principal ordered me and stepped aside to allow me entering my own room. I slowly motioned towards the door.

I thanked Syd, and watched him walk back with Featherhead, who offered to lead him to his own room.

I closed the door behind me after entering my room. Raynard was already waiting on his bed, not doing anything particular.

He sat upright and greeted me with a subtle smile.

„Look at you, looking all snazzy in that new uniform!“

„Your excitement is appreciated, if misplaced in my opinion.“

Seriously, it was just a school uniform.

„Guess you were brought here by one of the upperclassmen?“ he asked.

„Yeah. So, you heard the announcement.“

„I did. I hate these kinds of announcements, never know if it’s just a misfire, or someone died for real.“

„Featherhead was waiting outside the room. Apparently, someone’s mana signature has gone out,“ I explained. „Might have been a glitch, though.“

„Let’s hope for the best,“ he concluded, before furrowing his brow for just a moment. „Though, don’t you think it weird, that Featherhead was waiting for you?“

„Really?“ I wasn’t sure what exactly he was playing at. Might have been coincidence. Or just being nice considering my circumstances.

... circumstances ...

„Oh, because of the Grimoire?“ The penny finally dropped.

„Exactly,“ Raynard confirmed. „Whatever happened today, your Grimoire might have been in danger.“

I walked over to the bookshelf I created a couple of weeks ago, when I first entered this room and met Raynard. Most of the books in it were empty, because I tried to recreate Light Novels and manga from my world without knowing the full extent of this magic.

One book however was different from the others. A leather-bound spine, with an odd symbol on its cover.

The Grimoire was still in the room.

To be safe I removed it from its place in the shelf however and took it to my bed.

There wasn’t much more to do than to wait for the clearing announcement.

Dave Mania