Chapter 1:


Cheesing Through My New World

A mysterious male figure dressed in pure black enter a place which has a golden glow. He isn’t carrying any weapon but the atmosphere around him and his dark aura give such a sense as if it’s telling everyone to stay away- he is dangerous. The figure slowly walks towards another male figure sitting on a golden throne, dressed in pure gold- radiating white aura. The gold figure stands up.

“Don’t you know who I am?!”, he said, “I am the God of the Gods, the Creator of all Creation, the almighty….”

“SHUT THE HELL UP!!”, the black figure yelled and then he smiled.

The golden figure can’t move, his body is contracting, he is in an awful amount of pain.

“What is happening to me! I shouldn’t feel any pain! I am Almighty….. Ahhhh!!!”

The black figure puts his bare hand through his body.

“Wait.. wait I dying?! I am god I can not die!!, just who in the world are you?!”

The black figure smiled, “You want to know my name, do you?... I am Jerik Harbenstien, but you can call me Jerik.”

The black figure walks back out. There is a girl standing by the entrance.

“Did you have fun?”, she said.

“Yeah! It felt real good!!”, the black figure grinned.