Chapter 2:

Le Dieu de la Réincarnation ~ The God of Reincarnation

Cheesing Through My New World

Vast stretches of white. No matter where you look at there is white.

“Where am I ?!”

(An unknown yet elegant reverberating voice) “You are in my pocket dimension of space, human!”


(Voice) “Should I repeat myself?”

“You are not joking right?”

(Voice){Annoyed} “Huh! You don’t believe me, you imbecile!”

“NO, no…… I believe you! ………… So how do I get back home, sir??”

Voice laughs out.

Then in front him a bright golden glow appears and it starts to take the shape of a human. He has an elegant look; he has golden hair and is wearing a pair of glasses.

“You certainly are amusing Mr. Jerik”

“Wait, you know my name! How?”

“Oh! You didn’t realize, I know everything! You are Jerik Harbenstien, Age- 27, Occupation- Software Engineer”

“Again, how do you know all that? Wait, are you a stalker?!”

“What? NO, let me introduce myself, I am The God of Reincarnation!”

“Huh! GOD!! REINCARNATION!! This is just too weird, and what even am I doing here?!”

“Oh! You didn’t realize You are here coz you are dead!”

“WHAT? What? Whaaaaaat!?”


“Wait! How? How the hell did it happen?!”

“Oh! You were working late in your laptop at home, then you went fetch a glass of water, that’s when you tripped and fell and your laptop fell over your head and gave you a brain hemorrhage.”

“So, this is all real then and I am not dreaming” (with a sad tone)

“Unfortunately, No”

Jerik’s face drops

(God <Laughing>) “You certainly led an interesting life through! I couldn’t stop laughing looking at you.”

“Huh! You were laughing at my miserable life, where everyone laughed at me and made fun even as an adult!!”

“Well! You described it pretty well<laughes>You didn’t even have a single friend. Everyone were such jerks to you, that I couldn’t stop laughing at you”

“If you really are the ‘GOD’ then why didn’t you help me??”

“Well, we Gods can’t interfere with your lives you know! And even if we could, I wouldn’t have taken away my best source of entertainment now, would I?”

“Source of Entertainment!”


“So, what’s gonna happen to me now, oh dear ‘GOD’ who thinks my life is a source of entertainment for him?!” you.”

“You can do that?!”

“Yeah, considering the fact that I am the God of Reincarnation I can.”

“But you said just now you can’t interfere with our lives!”

“Well considering you are dead now, you don’t have a life anymore.”

“Well, considering that you are dead now means my Best source of Entertainment is gone, but I am not ready to give my source of entertainment away just yet. So, I have decided to reincarnate

“Yeahhh…..”<He goes into depression mode>

God starts laughing.

“See how funny you are!”

“That was not meant to be funny! And I am pretty sure you are the only one who finds misfortune of others funny!”<yelling>

“<laughs> Well there might be others!…. Anyway don’t you have any questions regarding your reincarnation?”

“Oh! About that, am I gonna be back to the Earth as a baby?”

“Nope, I can’t send you back to Earth though I would love to, rather you will be sent to another world!”

“Another world!!”

“Yeah, it’s a World of Swords and Sorcery!”

“Oh! Typical Isekai”

“Oo! Yeah, I almost forgot that you were an Otaku in your previous life!”

“So, what skills am I getting!”

“None at all!!”


“Yeah, if I give you powerful skill then you won’t be leading a crappy life anymore and that wouldn’t be entertaining now, would it?”

“How can you do this to me?”

“Because I am the God. Anyway, you will be all your memories and your personality coz if you lose those you won’t be you anymore and also I am not reincarnating you as a baby coz I don’t want to wait while you grow up and stuff so you will be reincarnated in your current age.”

“You can do that?!”

“I may have pulled some strings here and there. Maybe I will have you keep all the skills that you acquired in your previous life which I think will be pretty entertaining though I doubt your previous life skills will be of any use to you in a world of Swords and Sorcery.”

“Am I getting any magic power at least?”

“Nope, though I will give you the ability to check your own Status.”

“Congratulations Dear ‘GOD’ you have made my life a lot worse than it was on Earth!”

“Well, you think so. Then I guess you will keep me entertained leading your crappy life. Okay Bye then Dear Jerik <a portal opens underneath Jerik> And I forgot to mention that you will be in a forest when you wake up, it has some magical beasts so be careful.”

“A forest! Why?”

“Coz it will be pretty entertaining!!”

“Huh! What!?… I am going to kill you Bastard, you painful excuse for a God. I am going to kill youuu… just you wait, I am going to make you pay for thissss…...”

“Well, you are welcome to try! HA ha haaaahh<laughes>”

Jerik disappears into a void of pitch-black darkness.