Chapter 1:

Summer Night

My beautiful female editor in chief

This is at the home of my female boss Liu Yue

On a summer night in the north, the warm air is filled with love and ambiguity. It is easy to fall into fantasy when you are alone with the goddess in your heart in the dark.

After drinking, my heart is full of confusion and confusion.

Liu Yue is drunk. As soon as she entered the room, she sat on the sofa, closed her eyes and held her forehead. Her expression was very painful. I quickly poured her a glass of water and put it on the coffee table in front of her. Liu Yue's long legs trembled in front of me, and my heart beat faster.

Liu Yue reluctantly opened her eyes and looked at me strangely, which made my heart jump and accelerated the secretion of bear sex hormone. I looked down at the bottom of my face, very embarrassed. Liu Yue must have seen this.

Liu Yue just lowered her head and drank water. She said nothing and shook her body.

I swallowed my throat and said to her, "Director Liu, take a rest."

Liu Yue looked straight at the ground without saying anything. She got up and walked to the bedroom. I had just taken a few steps when I suddenly flopped and fell on my side.

I quickly picked up Liu Yue and helped her to sit on the sofa. I also felt top-heavy and sat down beside Liu Yue. Liu Yue's body is close to me. I feel her body is very hot, even hotter than mine. I don't know why, my hand holding her shoulder has not been released.

Liu Yue suddenly began to cry silently. When the tears fell on her hands, I found that she was crying very hard. It could be said that her tears were rolling, as if she was hiding huge pain and depression in her heart. I was at a loss. My beautiful boss, an elegant, elegant and dignified beautiful woman, suddenly cried. It was painful.

Liu Yue seemed to be in a state of illusion and confusion. She suddenly fell on my leg, as if she regarded me as her own family member, and made a repressed cry. Her shoulders twitched violently and her whole body shook.

My whole body's blood suddenly began to flow rapidly, and my heart was about to jump out. I could not help but tremble. I could not help touching Liu Yue's shoulder. Through a thin layer of silk, I felt my body reacted violently, as if to explode.

Liu Yue was obviously very drunk and cried all the time. It was heartbreaking.

I suddenly became bold and raised her head and hugged her body.

Liu Yue is obviously still in a drunken dizziness. Maybe she thought she was in a dream and didn't open her eyes. Let me do it.

My mind is in chaos and I'm in a hurry

But then I looked very embarrassed.

I have never experienced anything between men and women. This is unimaginable at present, but it was normal at that time. Qinger is my first love and my classmate from junior high school to senior high school. She was admitted to Jianghai University together. But she is in the Foreign Language Department. Qinger and I never broke that line. Although I think about it many times, Qinger insists on staying until the day of marriage.

I can't help being worried and embarrassed.

Just when I was in a hurry and sweating, a Qianqian jade hand reached out

Destiny seems to be made by nature, and is very good at playing tricks on people. In this way, I didn't give it to Qinger, a childhood sweetheart, for the first time, but gave it to Liu Yue, a beautiful boss who has just known her for less than a week.

That year, after graduation from university, I was assigned to work in Jianghai Daily. I was shocked when I met Liu Yue, the director of the press department, on the first day when I went to work at the newspaper office.

This is such an amazing beautiful woman.

I have seen many women, but I have never seen such beautiful women. If I hadn't seen them with my own eyes, I would never believe there are such amazing and beautiful women in the world. There is no trace of time in her body. If it was not for her mature and elegant temperament and quiet and slightly melancholy eyes, I would never believe that she is a married woman in her 30s. Her beauty even eclipses Qinger, who I have always been proud of.

I can't help feeling lucky for myself. First of all, I am lucky to be directly assigned to the Jianghai Municipal Party Committee organ newspaper after graduation from university, and to be assigned to such institutions directly under the Municipal Party Committee. For my humble disciples who have no social relations and background, it is my ancestors who burn high incense. Secondly, I am lucky to be assigned to the News Department by the newspaper. Otherwise, where would I have the chance to meet this super beauty?

Thinking of these, I feel sincerely happy, even a little excited.

I was even more excited by the events that followed: the newspaper has had a fine tradition of taking the old with the new for many years, and I was brought by Liu Yue in my first month in the News Department. Hearing this news, I was not only excited, but simply ecstatic.

On the second day of work, I came to the office 30 minutes in advance to carry water, mop the floor and clean the table. After work, everyone praised me for my diligence and eyefulness. Liu Yue looked at me intently and then took me out to interview an activity. On the third day, I handed a news release I wrote to Liu Yue for review. After reading the draft, Liu Yue looked at me and said, "I graduated from journalism university with solid basic skills and good literary talent.". On the fourth day, Liu Yue took me to the mountain area for an interview. Everyone was breathless when climbing a mountain. I helped Liu Yue climb to the top of the mountain in the last 100 meters and touched the hands and arms of the goddess in my heart with excitement and joy for the first time. Liu Yue looked at me a few times and said with appreciation, "Who played football in the university and served as the minister of military sports? He is full of spirit and good health."

At that time, I knew that Liu Yue had read my file and understood my details.

In front of me at ordinary times, Liu Yue has always kept that quiet and elegant, and that noble and cultured temperament makes me never dare to think of crossing the thunder pond at all.

Turning to Friday, Liu Yue took me to interview an important meeting of the municipal party committee. At the end of the meeting at 5pm, the Secretary-General invited Liu Yue to participate in the evening dinner in a luxurious small restaurant of Jianghai Hotel, the reception of the municipal party committee. Liu Yue and I sat next to each other. This is my favorite moment, because I can smell a faint fragrance of jasmine from Liu Yue.

The secretaries from the municipal party committee office were at the same table. They were very polite and enthusiastic towards Liu Yue, and they were also very kind to me. I knew it was because of Liu Yue. Otherwise, as a young boy just emerging from school, I wouldn't have been seen by them.

During the dinner, everyone drank too much, including Liu Yue and me. Liu Yue seems to be in a depressed mood. As long as everyone drinks to her, she will kill her. She will neither refuse nor talk much. At most, a smile will appear on the corners of her mouth. I was afraid that Liu Yue would drink too much, so I stood up and decided to take the initiative and offered a drink to everyone present.

Liu Yue saw my intention and looked at me gratefully. I looked at each other and felt that there seemed to be some loneliness and confusion in the eyes. Then Liu Yue said to everyone present, "Jiang Feng is a graduate of the Department of Journalism of Jianghai University. He is a student cadre and a party member. He just graduated this year. He is familiar with my work. Please take care of him."

Liu Yue's words made me feel warm and impulsive. After hearing Liu Yue's words, everyone immediately became enthusiastic about me. The focus of drinking shifted to me temporarily. I drank too much at once. But this did not prevent Liu Yue from drinking more. She went to the table next door and toasted several leaders of the municipal party committee. "I didn't go, I didn't dare. I've never had a drink or dinner with such a big official since I came out of the ravine.".

At the end of the show, Liu Yue obviously drank too much. I was also drunk, but I was still sober. I held Liu Yue's arm and asked where her home was. At that time, Liu Yue looked very charming after drinking, her face was flushed, her eyes were blurred, and she was very moving. I wanted to call her "Sister".

However, I didn't dare.

I helped the crooked Liu Yue and sent her home.

After entering the door, I knew that Liu Yue was the only one in her family.

So the beginning happened

That night, I opened a new page in my life. In this mature young woman who is 12 years older than me, I changed from an ignorant youth to a man.

That night, I hardly rested, and for the first time I tasted the tremendous happiness of a woman, which made me tireless. It was only then that I realized that there could be such wonderful things in the world. I was intoxicated, and I couldn't help it... Until dawn, I fell head over beside Liu Yue and fell asleep.

The next day, when I finally woke up, I found that I was the only one on the bed. The tightly drawn curtains showed a glimmer of light, and the day broke.

Today is Saturday, so I don't have to work.

Liu Yue is sitting on the small single sofa beside the bed, dressed neatly. It seems that she has got up long ago and has been washed. She looks calm and indifferent, and is staring at a picture at the bedside.

Seeing Liu Yue's cold eyes, I suddenly felt very cramped and ridiculous. I suddenly realized my identity and felt embarrassed.

I hurried to get dressed and get up.

Liu Yue didn't speak during this process. When I got dressed, she looked at me calmly, as if nothing had happened last night.

"Is this your first time?" She finally said.

"Yes," I replied with some shame, as if being laughed at.

"Alas..." Liu Yue sighed slightly, biting her teeth tightly, and said slowly after a while, "I'm sorry... you go back, just as if it hadn't happened..."

I stared at Liu Yue, the beautiful young woman who took me across the river of women, and the beautiful boss who was destined to be remembered in my life. The scenes of last night flashed out in my mind. I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed, and cried out impulsively: "Sister Yue!"

My heart suddenly overflowed with infinite tenderness for Liu Yue and filled with infinite attachment for this charming young woman. At that moment, I forgot that she was my boss. At that moment, I didn't even think of Qinger, my childhood girlfriend.

Liu Yue frowned, looked at me, bit her lip and said, "Jiang Feng, don't think too much. Last night, we all drank too much... go back..."

"I..." My heart suddenly hurts. Although I am drunk, my brain is not completely anesthetized. I know what I did last night. I know that the scenes of tenderness and excitement last night are real. I didn't dream. I suddenly want to say to Liu Yue, "I love you!"

Men's love comes so quickly. I don't know why I have this idea in my heart. I feel shameless and ridiculous, but I can't contain my inner thoughts. I have never had such impulsive love and feelings in my heart, and never had such deep pain from the bottom of my heart.

Is this really love?

However, I didn't say it after all, because I saw Liu Yue's eyes full of unquestionable and decisive, which was only seen when I was working.

I feel unwilling, but I dare not say anything more. Like a child who made a mistake, I walked past Liu Yue and walked out of Liu Yue's house with the confused impulse and intense feelings after the first wet.

When I came out of Liu Yue's house, I suddenly remembered a problem. There was no man in Liu Yue's house, only she herself.