Chapter 77:

Avenge City


There appeared a grave shade of orange incongruent with the area’s color. As fire spread into the sky and the park’s keystone attraction fell before his very eyes, Bozo saw it more than ever before- despair, relentless, cutting hopelessness- awful pain, brought about by who? Sadists? Madmen? The very idea of why anyone would do something like this wouldn’t have been something someone could quantity. But in his time, Coaster had read more than enough comics. He knew exactly what was going on here.


The cars following him below stopped to avoid the falling rubble ahead. A huge chunk of the city was decimated, buildings half-crushed under fallen track, and roads sullied in burning shrapnel. In a blue streak of righteous fury they saw their leader, their hero, pursue the threat from above, and so they too left their vehicles to find this dark enemy, this ceaseless nemesis. Were they the ones who struck their leader out of the sky just yesterday? Or perhaps the countless rancid mouths defaming their champion online? The sixteen warriors seized their weapons. Regardless, they had to avenge it immediately.

The death of their park.

Kyrie had broken Spider’s nose just before she spat her orders. The boy held his bloodied face, dumbly smiling, still just happy to be here. Things were about to get pretty fun, by the sound of it.

“Bozo’s already been spotted headed this way! All armed members, take the rear guard! Flee the scene immediately! Now!”

Kyrie ran to the front of the crowd, Frankie and Katie falling into the middle as those with guns held up the back in case of emergency. Desperately running to catch up to the bombing unit however, they soon parted into smaller groups as the right alleys necessitated division for speed, and therefore survival as surely Bozo’s forces hurried to find them. Order fell apart instantly. The sisters found themselves away from everyone else, frantically feeling around their way around for a way out. 

Frankie’s adrenaline pounded up into her teeth all the way from her throat, forcing her to taste Berrytown again. This feeling was hell to her. How anyone stomached it, she didn’t understand. And she wouldn’t know, either, with her sister’s face beside her coveted in a dark mask. Under her guise, Katie was almost manic. Sickening as it felt indeed, it was a familiar sensation- like the first drop of a roller coaster.

Bozo soared over the crumbling buildings. It was pointless. These rats under him scurried the back streets, trying to escape him physically. Justice would reach them either way.

The marketing team plunged into the alleys, in hurried search of the perpetrators. A few small fireteams, led by the bravest fighters, went in search of the unidentified threat, most afraid for their lives. If one could blow up such an important coaster and destroy their liveliehood, cause all this ruin… from their perspective, it stood to reason they’d be able to take a life just as easily.

Bozo landed in front of the largest group of terrorists he saw, announcing his presence in a terrifying ambush. With Kyrie at the helm, she was only mere feet away from the avenger’s appearance. He still had the fire of their explosion within his eyes. She almost found herself frozen at the sight. 

The hero recognized their dark and evil garb. Red, black, and ugly. Of course. Of course it was them.

“This is your last issue.”

The fighters in the back pushed through the others to raise their guns. Anita was shaking. It didn’t matter to her before, but now… where was Spider? Where were the sisters? What would they think, when they heard these men fire?

Kyrie swung her sturdy, lengthy leg in a wide arc, kicking the gunners to either side of the brick walls around them. With their weapons dropped, bodies aching as they turned their necks up to their squad leader in confusion, Bozo still right in their faces waiting to strike, she spoke.

“Frankie said… nobody gets hurt.”

Bozo’s lips tightened while he sneered. He felt less like he was crying and more like he was spitting out of his eyes.

“Stop… playing at being the good guys.” His cracking glare buried itself into the woman. “Makes me sick.”

It was a risky move. But after seeing his coaster fall, Bozo thought it permissible. He at least thought that it wouldn’t matter anymore if he didn’t get away with it. His life was probably over anyway.

A decent chunk of her skull was very slightly damaged. The pneumatic forces of his new muscles and skeleton ripped the skin off her face with the sheer power behind the gloved knuckles, sending her careening through her whole team. All thirteen still standing were knocked to the ground. Of them, most were made unconscious as soon as the brown woman’s body crashed into them. With the strength that sent her into them, it felt like getting hit by a cannonball.

Bozo’s feet touched the ground again, ceasing his flight after he sent himself upward a little just to strike that tall woman’s face. He stepped forward with a new conviction. A willingness to hurt far outclassing any of their own. Those still awake surrendered immediately. With one limb of the rebels apprehended, the others still fled in desperate hope for escape- a bloodthirsty and driven team of marketing agents hot on their trail.