Chapter 0:

Bloody Night

Malefic Slayer

Morning, the sunlight feels good, nice weather but there was no one had to time to feel the leisure time.

The town people were in gloomy mood, mourning for their precious one whom they lose. They lost a place to call home. They shed tears , starved . All of them, in the town looks like a zombie apocalypse than homeless people. The atmosphere was no good.

The fire started from one place , a Church which was at the centre of the town which spread like a wildfire in a moment. Silhouette had appeared on the other side of the wavering tongues of flames. People scream till their last breathe.

In the middle of the sea of flames, a silhouette of a man can be seen walking with a soaked black cloth. He must be searching for survivors. Before he realized it, he was on a burnt field surrounded by dead bodies. The town was turned into ruins.

There a little kid drenched in blood, walking like a living corpse. He look weak, wanted to dead but after taking few steps he fell down facing the ground.

Due to the fire, he was not breathing well, perhaps there was no oxygen. He turn his back to the ground using his last strength. Gazing the sky full of star , his dead eyes can not take it anymore. He heard people screaming , human figure around him, burnt black and shrunken. Living was pain to him so much he must be having thoughts like suicidal but there was no need cause he was about to meet his final moment. At that time, a shadow falls on him.

A figure of a man grasped his little hand and his consciousness was fading away before his eyes shut down the last thing he saw was a big smile.

"Thank God... You will be save."


Among the crowd, there was a lad who does look one of them.

Covered in a shabby looking outfit, black clothe wrapped around him, looking suspicious if he was a full grown up man or woman but it was a little kid male age around 5-6 years old. That kid wandered around barefoot passing those despaired people.

At the corner, burnt down house. He saw an old lady who look weak barely able to stand selling apples.

"Apple..?" He said in a weak voice, from the sound of it he looks like he didn't eat for days.

"What do you say?! Bastard!"

If a commotion like that occurs on a normal time, a bunch of people can be seen circling watching the fight.

But none of them had the strength to be onlooker.

"I will say many times!"

One pulled his coller of his opponent and the other tried to land a hit on his face.

That kid was not bothered by it, mind his own business and walked toward the old lady.

He attempt to buy it?

Without making any glance neither to the old lady or the apples he passed by. About 3 meters way from the old lady, he took out a apple from his cloth and start eating but finished it in one bite.

"Thank you" he muttered.

"Hey, Kid."

A voice called him from behind, by reflex he turn his head around at the source of the voice.

Saw a figure of a man, tall, huge with causal outfit. A white coat underneath a orange T-shirt, black trouser. But the man who was front of him was a old geezer.

Maybe he and the old lady was couple. With a thought bear in his mind, afraid to be caught for stealing.

Before the old geezer can speak up.


He fled. The old man stand there with a puzzled face.

"He ran away..."

A burnt down Church.

Completely demolished. He stand there blankly without saying any words. 

A man approached. 

"So, you were here? I have been searching for you all day. Don't give this old timer a hard time."

The old man startled the kid, noticed he was crying. 

"Are you crying? " 

Rubbing his tearful eyes, he denied.


He sat down beside the boy, staring at the ruined Church  and ask him something .

"Ah... Did something happened last night?" 

The boy ignored him , more like it was something he didn't want to talk about.

The old man did not further dig on that matter instead he change the topic.

"So, What are you doing to do next?"


"You know, Suicide is not a option" He chuckled and regretted for making a lame joke or not?

"If you got no home or place to stay. You can come with me... Have you thought of becoming a Maleficer and explore for new adventures...?"

He ran out of words what to say,  confused what he was talking to the kid.

He tried to fled, stand up and then

"Will...that be fun?"

By placing his hand on his chest , he proudly say

"Of course!"

I don't know why I agreed with him but it was something I won't regret for my life.

"Old man.."

"Call me Gramps"


"Come on"

He take off his black cloth. His hair were Sliver and his eyes were deep sea blue.

"Thanks for saving me last night" 

He show his gratitude toward him for the things he did last night but his eyes were saying something else like " You should leave me".

"By the way, what's your name?"

A sudden breeze can be feel, it was pleasant. 

"Volt" he replied. 

"Hmm.... On now onwards Your name will be Volt Fang!"

This was the story how Teach Fang and I meet and how he saved me from that night.