Chapter 1:


Malefic Slayer

I was walking, no it was more like I was dragged by someone in this hot weather.
With only willpower I was moving but I already lost the strength to do so.
On top of that, me who is the main character of this story all covered in heavy black clothing .
A top classified mission?
For now maybe I will think i'm on a disguise.
It's too hotttt.
My legs were giving in and underneath this skull mask I was sweating too much.
I want to take it off but there is a reason behind it.
If I die due to heatstroke, will someone grieve for me?
With some random thoughts on mind , I keep walking till I reach my home town where there is people who will grieve for me.

The heat was killing me, on the way there was a big tree that I decide to rest in its shade for a while.
While sitting leaning against my back to the tree. A event across to my mind.
Yesterday night was awful but I wasn't alone , I had to two more companion.
When we were staying in Klaen town for the night. People passing by gives us suspicious looks and whispering to themselves. 'Don't look' 'Suspicious'
We do look suspicious all covered in black cloth from head to toe.
Even the town major bombard us with questions for hours.
I rested for a while.
Dawn was about to come, we planned to move out early in the morning but-
I searched all the rooms of the hotel I was staying but I could not find them.
"Damn ittt! Did they left me behind?!"
I dash out at full speed.
I aas very, very excited and imagine how will they react when they saw me how much I grown these past years.
But knowing those couple they will spoiled the fun.
Boras Radars and Neon Radars these two are couple who are in their mid age.
Boras and I always get along, he is little pervert. And his wife , even thinking about her gives me a chill in the spine.

Couple of hours before at a certain place.
Weird voice of a girl coming from a room.
A crimson hair girl sleeping soundly dreaming about something.
She woke up, while yawning she stretched herself
"When will he come back?" She murmured to herself, then covered herself with blanket hiding her embarrassment.
But to whom?
She rolled around and fall from her bed , landing with her face.
But she didn't let out a sound im pain, remain silent.
She stood up slowly.
Her Blanket which wrap her body fall on the floor which was suppose to happen.
Her back to the rising sun.
Her skin was delicate and beautiful.
Her body had all round curving characteristics of a mature woman though she was just 16 years old.
Then, her white soft arms and the big size melon that anyone not help but be enchanted.
While naked , she step outside the balcony.
But there was no soul to enjoy the golden scene.
She knew there was no person outside that's why she let her guard down and step outside naked.
The sun made her eyes squinted, but only her right red eye. While the other was covered with her long bang.
With her long crimson hair that reach her waist fluttering in the sunlight.
While her white shoulder dazzled.
She speak up to herself
"Its been 3 years huh...."
Suddenly she had a serious face.
"Its time to head out."
While smiling slightly  he reach the door of the room and head outside.

Bloody Raven

Malefic Slayer

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