Chapter 33:

Chapter 33 - Nightly Invitation

OmniGrim: Reincarnation with an Omniscient Grimoire

No announcement came, but shortly after the sun went down, an envelope made its way through the crack below our door. Raynard didn’t notice, his nose buried deep in a book, so I leaned over the bed frame to fetch it from the floor.

Anonymous. I frowned.

[The letter is safe] the Grimoire noted.

What’s that supposed to mean?

I turned around to face it laying in front of my pillow. Lol, as if it was a person.

[No confidentiality spell was used on it.]

That’s a thing? How does that work?

The Grimoire opened itself and turned its pages until it reached the page of a spell.

I elected to read the page for myself, instead of having the Grimoire download the information into my brain. It was an unbelievably uncomfortable sensation, like intrusive thoughts that couldn’t be stopped. So I had decided to only use that „download“ for the biggest of emergencies.

I guess it could be likened to what happened to Aster when he took off his blindfold.

[Name: >>Confidential seal<<]

[MP: >>500<<]

[>>A spell to be cast on objects, such as bags, boxes, letters, pouches or anything that can be opened.<<]

[>>The caster designates a person, or group of persons who are permitted to open said object.<<]

[>>If a person other than the designated ones tries to open the object, it will result in failure.<<]

[>>Additionally the caster may designate effects as a result of failure to open the object, such as poisoning, self-destruction ...]

“Self-destruction?” My eyes went wide.

[That would cost additional MP.]

Speaking of which, I hadn’t had the time to take a look at my stats since returning from Blackwood. So, I turned to the first page and took a look at my stats.

[Name:] >>Nathan<<

[Species:] >>Human<<

[Profession:] >>Mage<<

[Level:] >>3<<

[HP:] >>335<<

[MP:] >>100<<

[Abilities:] >>Luminae<<


>>Fire Breath<<

I’ve been meaning to ask, what does my MP actually mean at this point? It’s stuck at a 100, which makes sense, considering I don’t have a mana circulation, as a human. Is it a percentage then? Also wait, now that I think of it, didn’t it rise above 100 during Blackwood forest?

[Your unique predicament made accurately tracking your status difficult.]

[It appears, that the blood transfusion from that Incubus has temporarily raised your mana levels somehow.]

[Your HP being raised seems to be temporary however.]

[I couldn’t detect any meaningful decline since then.]

I didn’t know what to make of that at all, so I just closed the book.

Right, the letter.

I picked up the letter and ripped open the envelope.

“Woah there!” Raynard exclaimed.

“Don’t worry, it wasn’t confidential,” I calmed him. “The Grimoire told me so.”

“Huh, that’s handy,” Raynard commented, sitting upright on the edge of his bed. “Bet it could also dissolve the spell,” he added.


[I could.]

“It could.”

I took the letter out of the envelope. “It’s anonymous and doesn’t specify a recipient, so I guess it’s meant for the both of us,” I said and motioned for Raynard to move over to my bed.

The letter consisted of a folded piece of paper. I opened it and held it between the two of us, so we could read at the same time.

Dear tenants of room 314, it read.

We hope this letter found you well within in the confines of your room, where you’ve most likely spent the entirety of the afternoon in light of the most recent announcement. While this form of house arrest is not a new occurrence, it just so happens to be the first time an incident had to occur during our first school day.

This however shall not stop us from conducting our traditional welcome party night!

After reading this letter, you may make your way to room 609. Beverages and the like will be provided. If you find anything amiss don’t hesitate to ask.

Yours truly, the sixth years, who would be very sad, had they skipped this very important tradition.

P.S.: In order to avoid any unnecessary casualties (i.e. expulsions) we require you to handle this matter with utmost discretion. (Don’t tell the teachers, please.)

“That was wordy,” I commented. “Either someone had fun, or they were desperately trying to reach a certain word count. What do you say?” I regarded Raynard.

“Right, that party was a thing that happened. Every year.” His tone was hard to read, as he said that. “I never actually attended,” he then admitted.

“Why not?” I asked.

“You know ... people ...”

“Oh, right,” I uttered, as I remembered what Raynard had told me just this morning.

“Besides I’m not really about that rule-breaking stuff,” he added.

I chuckled. “Yeah, right.”

We stayed silent for a bit, as I tried to find out how I was feeling about this party thing. On one hand, I hate meeting new people. On the other hand, the few people I’ve met so far are kind of cool, and I think if I was with them I could have fun. Besides, there’s free drinks and food! Oops Nathan, your poverty is showing.

I sighed, and then asked: “Do you think Aurelia is there?”

“I think that rule-breaking stuff especially applies to princesses,” he explained.

“Right. But don’t you think she’ll have some sort of special privileges? You know, as princess?”

Raynard just made an indistinct noise in response.

“Also, has anyone ever actually been expelled from Ataraxia, for not adhering to the curfew? Is there even a curfew?”

“No there’s not. And you know, if you and Aurelia are there, then maybe I’ll actually have some fun,” he answered.

“Exactly what I’m saying!”

And just like that it was decided we’d go to that party.

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