Chapter 5:

Part 4

Fragile Phantasy

The crisp sound of the alarm clock pierced through the stillness of KC's new house, rousing him from his slumber. "Children, awake!" came the gentle yet firm voice of their mother, urging them to start the day. With a sense of purpose, the two children sprang out of their beds and began their morning routine.

As KC prepared himself for the day ahead, he couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement and optimism. "Today is a new morning, a new beginning," he greeted his family with a smile, turning on his trusty invisible mp4 player. As the sound of "Don't Worry About a Thing" filled his ears, he sang along, feeling the stress of the day slowly melting away.

As they sat down to breakfast, their mother served them a hot and delicious meal. "KC, can you take your sister to the elementary school?" she asked, and without hesitation, he replied, "Ok." His little sister's eyes lit up with joy at the prospect of going to school with her beloved big brother.

Their father, who had been quietly observing, spoke up, "Starting today, your mother will work to help me provide." It was a reminder to KC that their family was doing everything they could to support his education and future success. "I'll pick your sister up later," his mother added, and with a warm hug, they left for work.

As they walked to school, KC couldn't help but feel a sense of responsibility for his little sister's safety. "Be careful walking," he promised to take good care of her. "Brother, are you making friends in your class?" his sister asked, and he smiled, "Yeah, it's fun there. Don't worry, I'll take care of you."

As they arrived at his sister's school, she bounded off to her classroom with a beaming smile, and KC bid her goodbye. "Let's do our best. Don't worry, brother is always behind you," he encouraged her, feeling proud of the little girl she was becoming.

With a renewed sense of purpose, KC continued on his way to school, taking a deep breath and shrugging off any doubts or fears that had crept into his mind. As he slipped on his earphones, he reminded himself to stay positive and trust that everything would work out in the end. Today was a new day, and he was ready to take on whatever challenges lay ahead.

As KC walked along the road, he listened to his favorite song, hoping to uplift his spirits. He tried to stay positive, but the world around him seemed determined to bring him down. When he reached his classroom, it was almost empty. He sat down and continued to smile, trying to maintain his positive attitude.

As his classmates began to enter the room, Max noticed him and quickly started to harass him. "The servant is here," Max taunted as he hit KC. But KC refused to let Max get to him. He continued to smile, determined to remain cheerful.

"You're crazy," Max said, surprised that KC was still smiling. "Maybe you've lost it," he added as he hit KC again, causing his head to almost fall off.

KC got up again and smiled. "I won't stop until that annoying smile disappears," Max threatened.

The teacher arrived and everyone returned to their seats. KC turned off his earphones to focus on the class. The teacher announced a new seating arrangement, and KC was delighted to find out that he was sitting next to the beautiful crimson-haired girl he had a crush on.

However, the girl, Victoria, was disgusted and complained, "Eww, can you please get me away from this bacteria?"

KC didn't let her words hurt him. He decided to focus only on himself and his dreams. He slowly realized that in this world, you should only think about yourself, and others could only cause pain, resentment, and problems. He started to think that it was better to be alone. The most important thing for him was to get out of poverty and make his father and mother proud. KC was determined to finish his studies for them, even if it meant bearing all the pain and hiding everything with a smile.

After class, it was recess time, and Max and his bullies came after him again. They planned to bully and hurt him once more. "This is your worst nightmare," Max boasted. "Guaranteed to make that annoying smile disappear."

KC braced himself for the pain but continued to listen to his MP4 player to escape reality. He just wanted to be the president so that others would appreciate him and not consider him trash. However, he started to believe that it was time to give up. The world kept rejecting him, no matter how hard he tried.

As Doc tinkered with his latest invention in his garden, he noticed that he was getting closer to his target. With precision and care, he readied himself to take a shot at the target dummy. However, his concentration was soon broken by the sight of KC walking into his yard. Doc could see that KC was lethargic and covered in bruises again.

"Are you okay? Don't tell me you were bullied again," Doc asked with concern.

KC simply bowed his head and didn't answer. Doc's anger began to boil. He promised KC that he would make the bullies pay, that he would create an invention to help him. But KC begged him not to, fearing that the repercussions would only lead to more trouble for him.

Doc took a deep breath and invited KC inside so that he could help him. With great care, he healed KC's bruises and helped him fix his clothes. "Are you feeling better?" Doc asked with concern.

"Thank you, Doc. Can I try out the flying board?" KC asked, trying to force a smile.

"Sure, I was just about to test it out myself. Maybe you could give me a hand?" Doc responded with a smile.

KC's face lit up at the opportunity, happy to be able to help out. Doc handed him the board and instructed him on how to use it"Don't press it too hard so you won't fly much higher". With a quick countdown, He launched himself into the air. However, KC pressed the button too hard and soon found himself plummeting towards the ground from the top of the stratosphere.

Doc quickly sprang into action, grabbing his invention of bouncing spring boots. "Don't worry, I'll save you!" he shouted as he leaped to catch KC.

Thankfully, the boots helped Doc land safely with KC in tow. Doc was furious with KC for being so reckless,"What if you died there!!" but as he looked at his tear-streaked face, he realized that KC had lost all hope. Doc knew that technology was the only way to give him a reason to continue.

"Do you want to release all your anger?" Doc asked KC, handing him the blaster he had just invented.

KC positioned himself and took aim at the dummy, unleashing all his pent-up anger on the target. The blaster hit with a thunderous explosion, causing the dummy to dissolve into dust. For a moment, KC forgot all his troubles and simply smiled at Doc.

"Thank you, Doc," KC said, turning to him with a bright smile.

Overcome with emotion, Doc wiped away his tears and replied, "Don't worry, I have many more inventions for you to try."

As Doc handed KC each of his new inventions, the excitement in the air was palpable. The first item was the legendary lightsaber. "Just try to cut the wood with the picture of your bully," Doc instructed with a smile.

Without hesitation, KC felt like a samurai as he sliced a small piece of wood, along with the picture of his bully, which quickly dissolved into nothingness. "That's cool, Doc. This weapon is so cool," KC exclaimed with joy.

Doc was quick to assure him that there was more to come. "This is still a gauntlet. Break the big boulder," he said, handing KC the next item.

KC punched the giant boulder with all his might, causing it to scatter in Doc's yard. "Don't worry, Doc. I won't stop until its dissolve. Take that, defenseless boulder," he said, punching it to pieces with a genuine smile.

As Doc handed him the next tool, a flamethrower, he instructed KC to burn all the trash around. "Don't worry. No trash is safe from this fire," KC replied, and burned all the trash to ashes in no time.

"Try these hydro cannons, cannons that use strong water pressure," Doc said as he handed the next item to KC.

"I'll take care of it, Doc," KC replied, and cleaned the yard with a water cannon, leaving it spotless.

"That's the first time in many centuries that I see my yard clean again. Thank you very much," Doc said with a smile.

"I should be the one to say thank you, Doc. For the first time, I was able to release my anger and be happy," KC said.

"Same here. After so many centuries, it's the first time I've had a good time," Doc replied.

Suddenly, they noticed a large black limo approaching. It was the cartel, and Doc immediately panicked. "KC, they are here. Hide," he told KC urgently.

Without a second thought, KC ran into the house and hid. The mafia in black got out of the car and walked towards Doc. "Where are the things you promised yesterday? If you don't have them, you're dead," the goons said.

"Don't worry. It's here," Doc answered quickly, handing over the blaster.

"Is it working well?" the men in black asked.

"You can try," Doc replied with a hint of hesitation.

after receiving the weapon the guy blasted the damaged punching bag, and the target was dissolved instantly. "That's good. That's what I want. It's a good thing you finished it now, otherwise, we would have killed you because of your inconsistency," the head goon said.

The cartel's ominous words echoed in the air, "Don't stop making us new weapons or you're dead," they threatened as they handed the money to Doc. "This is the payment."

But Doc's response caught them off guard, "It's only half of your payment."Furious, the cartel warned, "Because you disappointed us, you're lucky we have given you a second chance. Next time, you won't be."

As they made their way to their waiting limo, KC emerged from his hiding spot, disbelief etched on his face. "Doc?" he asked incredulously.

Doc's head hung low as he replied, "Sorry, I wanted to say no, but they were going to kill me."KC demanded, "Why did you agree to this kind of thing?"
Doc explained his situation, "When I had nothing, my inventions didn't make money because people thought I was crazy. They were the only people who gave me an offer. It was the only way I could survive, but when I wanted to quit, they didn't agree."KC realized he couldn't stay in this world of violence and danger any longer. "Sorry Doc, I can't be here anymore. My family will be in danger, and they are all I have," he explained, ready to leave.

"What if I tell you that you can earn more than any other person, it's time for you to see my real plan" doc mentioned as kc stops to listen.

"Like me, I know your dream is to help the less fortunate, to serve as an inspiration to them they can succeed, i can make that wish come true" doc said.

KC was surprised. "How did you know that, Doc?"

Doc answered sincerely, "Because the day I first saw you, I saw the old self who wanted to change this bad world."

KC thought for a moment and then asked, "Can I see what you are saying, Doc?"

"Then follow me" Doc led KC through a hidden door and down a winding staircase to reveal his secret underground lab. KC's eyes widened in awe as he looked around and saw the incredible work that was being done. His attention was drawn to a portal that Doc was working on.

"When this portal is finish kc, we will be able to go to another dimension, we can to improve our world with the new resources and knowledge on that dimension, they can manually grow fuits and trees by magic, with that no one will be hungry and life will be easy because of the energies found there, right now its still missing a few parts" doc explained to kc.

Taking a deep breath, KC's face became determined. "If that's the case, Doc, I agree with your plan. I will be your aide. What are the missing parts we need for the portal to work? Let's start now!" he exclaimed excitedly.

"That's the spirit," Doc responded with a smile. "The reason I sell my inventions is to earn money for the five expensive gems we need to use for the portal."

"OK Then so i will help you create stuff, ok now lets start" kc hastily replied.

"But it's late now, and you need to go home. Before you leave, accept this," said Doc, pressing money into KC's hand, which the haft he had earned from his mafia salary earlier."Doc, I haven't even started working yet," KC protested."Don't worry, you started a while ago," Doc insisted, forcing the money into KC's hand.

"Thank you, Doc," KC said gratefully before heading home.

on the way home kc saw a gadgets store.

As KC made his way home, his eyes caught sight of a gadgets store. He felt a magnetic pull towards it, his curiosity getting the better of him. As he stepped inside, he was greeted by a vast array of video games that lined the walls.

His eyes widened as he saw some sample games on a console, free to play. Without a second thought, he grabbed the controller and began to play.

In just a few minutes, KC was completely engrossed in the game. He was fascinated by the sheer magnitude of it all. He felt like he had escaped reality, leaving all his problems behind, and entered a whole new world where he was the hero.

The game provided him with a sense of belonging and importance that he had never experienced before. In this virtual world, he was not a outcast, but rather a person of great value and importance, cherished by all.

As he dove deeper into the world of the game, he discovered a sense of joy that had eluded him for so long. Here, he was no longer a loser, but a valued member of a vibrant community that appreciated him for his skills and contributions. In this world, he found a sense of purpose that had always been missing from his life.

As he played the video game, he couldn't help but admire the hero. The character was a cool loner who didn't care for anyone, doing only what he wanted without being bothered by others. He felt envious of the hero's carefree attitude and thought to himself, "It must be nice to be like him."