Chapter 6:

Part 5

Fragile Phantasy

5 years later

As the door creaked open, a sad and hopeless aura filled the room, engulfing a figure buried under a mountain of game consoles. With deep, bags on his eyes, caused by non-stop playing, the person remained indifferent to the world around him. Suddenly, a girl entered the room and approached the figure.

"Brother, please stop being depressed," she pleaded.

But the person, KC, continued to play, lost in a world of cool, mysterious characters who didn't care about anything or anyone.

Desperate to break through to KC, his sister blocked the screen and urged him to return to his old self. It had been years since she had seen him smile and be positive. She explained that what he was doing was almost incomprehensible, saddened by what had happened to her brother. But KC remained unmoved.

"Brother, please at least clean your room. It's very dirty, and you haven't showered in a few days," his sister added, forcing him to confront the reality of his situation.

But KC remained silent and still.

"I know it may be too late to say this, its already late when we know you've been bullied and had a hellish life," his sister continued. "Please, look at what you've become."

KC suddenly froze and was about to hit his sister with a console. She covered her face and apologized before quickly leaving the room, tears streaming down her face.

After a few moments, KC's parents entered the room, pleading with him to continue with his life and not waste it. His mother cried as she begged him to see the potential for abundance and happiness in his future. His father added his own plea, knowing that his son had suffered and fallen into depression.

"I hope you realize that your mom and I love you," he said. "We will do everything for your good future. I'm begging you."

But KC remained lost in his game, unable or unwilling to break free from its grasp, His father reminded him to watch the rice and eat when he was hungry, while his mother wished him well and urged him to take care, As his parents left the room, the darkness seemed to settle in even deeper, leaving a sense of foreboding and hopelessness in its wake.

After a while, KC's tears began to flow, a cold and bitter reminder of the pain and isolation he felt. In a moment of clarity, he realized the gravity of his situation and the impact it was having on his family.

"I'm sorry, father and mother," he whispered to the empty room. "Why did I turn out like this? I want to make you proud, but I'm afraid to face the world. I'm afraid of getting hurt."memories of high school came flooding back to KC. The bullying, the laughter, the pain, anger, and resentment that had become a permanent fixture in his heart. No matter how hard he tried to forget, the memories refused to leave him.

As the weight of his sadness bore down upon him, KC struggled to find a way out of the darkness. But deep down, he clung to the hope of making his parents proud.

KC's dream was to become rich and successful, and he believed that building the portal with Doc would make that a reality. He envisioned buying everything he ever wanted and finally being able to help his parents.

However, as KC leave his room to eat the tv is left open on the living room, he heard news of the mafia's and gangs and their uncontrollable power. KC couldn't help but think that it was all because of Doc's technology selling to the black market. Nevertheless, he didn't care about what happened in the world; all he wanted was to make his parents proud.

KC's desire to live alone was fueled by the belief that connecting with others only caused pain and hatred. He gazed at the burned rice because he forgot to turn the cooker off and the dishes on his plates are empty cause the cat had eaten it. With no food He knew he would have to go to the convenient store again, but he didn't want to go out yet.

Just then, Doc called. Despite being half asleep, KC picked up the phone "Why, Doc? It's too early," he answered with a hand on his itchy head.

But Doc was too excited to care about KC's grogginess. "We're finally completing the portal today! Come here right away! The last gem for the portal will arrive soon, and we need to be ready!" he exclaimed.

KC couldn't help but feel excited too. They had been working on the portal for years, and finally, it was almost finished. "I'm going right away, Doc. We've waited so long for this. My parents will be proud of me," he said with a newfound energy.

He put on a hooded jacket and sprayed himself with Doc's perfume, which masked the smell of his unwashed body, and left the house, determined to achieve his dream and make his parents proud.

As kc walked out of his house, he couldn't help but think about the harsh reality of the world. He believed that people were inherently bad and selfish, always looking to take advantage of others. He realized this on high-school, where he was bullied and ridiculed relentlessly. The pain, anger, and resentment had festered inside him for years, making him withdraw from the world and seek solace in his own company.

He continued to walk, avoiding eye contact with anyone he passed. The thought of being alone in the world, free from expectations, pain, hatred, and anger, was a tantalizing prospect. It would be a life where he could finally be at peace with himself and not have to deal with the constant judgment and ridicule of others.

As he walked, he stumbled on a banana peel and fell to the ground. To add insult to injury, a bird pooped on his face. The people around him laughed and mocked him, but kc remained stoic. He was used to the derision of others and refused to let it affect him.

"That's where you're good at looking down on others so that you don't feel inferior yourself," he murmured to himself, knowing that the people around him were just trying to boost their own egos by belittling him.

To avoid people he continue walking in the dark alley.

As he walked through the dark alley, KC couldn't help but ponder his own solitude. The idea of a world where he could live alone, free from the expectations and disappointments of others, was tempting. No more pain, no more anger, no more fights. Just his own life, to do with as he pleased.

Suddenly, his thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of violence. A group of men, members of the notorious gang, were beating an innocent man. The victim cried out for help, begging for someone to call the police.

KC hesitated. He knew he wasn't a hero, and he didn't want to get involved in someone else's problems. But as he watched the beating continue, he couldn't help but feel a twinge of guilt.

In the end, however, he chose to keep walking. "It's not my problem," he thought to himself. "If I were in his shoes, he wouldn't help me either."

As he left the alley, KC couldn't shake the feeling that he had made the wrong choice. he couldn't shake the guilt that gnawed at his conscience. Had he done the right thing by ignoring the man's cries? Was he really so selfish that he couldn't spare a moment to help someone in need? But he pushed the guilt down and focused on his own goals. He was determined to complete the portal with Doc, and finally make his parents proud.

As he emerged from the alley, the shopping district greeted him with a chaotic scene of girls with thick makeup, haggling over items on sale. Kc sneered at them, "I detest women the most," KC muttered to himself, his gaze sweeping over the crowd. "They used to treat me like a germ." He turned around and was confronted with a huge poster of the girl he had admired in high school Victoria. She was now a famous actress and model, endorsing almost every beauty product on the market. promoting various beauty products. Kc felt a pang of bitterness, as if she had proved that losers like him could never be accepted and loved.

KC thought bitterly that she had treated him like a trash He turned his attention to the giant TV screen in the boulevard, where the champion athlete Max was displayed, undefeated and one of the richest people in the world. This was the person who had bullied him relentlessly in high school.

KC gritted his teeth. "I'm sick of this unfair world," he thought. "Others are blessed with talent and wealth without having to work for it, while people like me who are belittled and trampled on can't seem to make any progress. I never hurt anyone and have always respected others my whole life, yet why am I always the one being punished? Up until now I'm still the old loser, and nothing has changed. My only hope is Doc's invention."

While waiting for kc, Doc sat on the sofa, his mind drifting back to his elementary school days. The memories came flooding back, reminding him of the pain and isolation he had felt as a child.

As always, he sat alone on the classroom, silent and motionless, his nerves preventing him from socializing with the other children. He desperately wanted to make friends, but didn't know how.

He heard the whispers behind him, the taunts and ridicule of his peers. They looked at him as if he were crazy, with his unkempt appearance and failing grades. No one wanted to be friends with him.

He tried to smile and greet them, but they would quickly walk away, treating him like a germ. The rejection was too much for him to bear. Why wouldn't anyone accept him?

Then, the valedictorian of the class demonstrated an invention, and everyone was in awe of him. Doc wanted to be like him, to create something that would help others and earn the respect of his peers.

He poured all his energy into studying and creating inventions, until one day he had made his first invention. He dreamed of using it to help those who, like him, had been thrown away by society.

But when he entered it into the science fair, it inexplicably lost. It was then that Henry, the valedictorian, approached him and offered to be his friend.

For the first time, someone talked to Doc and showed him kindness. He shared his ideas with Henry, who encouraged him and promised to work with him. Finally, he had a friend, but little did he know Henry rigged the Competetion.

Years passed, and they decided to sell Doc's invention to a big company. This was his chance to be accepted and trusted by society. But then Henry stole everything, leaving Doc with nothing. He even made it look like Doc was a madman and the one who stole it, henry became succesfful and started so many company using docs idea and using his money to label doc as a mad person and he get richer and richer.

People shunned doc and considered him crazy, but Doc refused to give up. In desperation, he sold his invention to the mafia, just to survive.

The memories brought a wave of sadness over him. Doc realized that his past had shaped who he was today. He was still struggling with rejection and isolation, but he refused to let it define him. He would keep pushing forward, creating and inventing, in the hope that one day he would find acceptance.

As Doc sat lost in thought, reminiscing about his past, he heard a familiar voice break the silence. "Hey Doc, I'm here," announced KC as he appeared in the doorway.

Greeting his friend with a warm smile, Doc welcomed him in. "How are you, KC? I have some food, let's eat first, my stomach is growling," he said, motioning to the food that KC had brought.

"Good! Today is the day we will complete the portal. Let's just wait for the mafia to deliver the last part," Doc exclaimed, brimming with excitement.

As they sat down to eat, KC couldn't help but notice a strange watch on Doc's wrist. "Haven't seen that yet have you purchase that doc. What can that watch do?" he asked curiously.

"I'll explain it to you later. Let's eat first," replied Doc, eager to get on with their meal.

Over dinner, KC expressed his gratitude to Doc for being his best friend, regardless of the outcome of their experiment. Moved to tears, Doc wiped them away and replied, "When we succeed, all our hard work will be worth it. I am the happiest because I had a friend like you."

But a sleek black car pulled up to Doc's house with a screech of tires. Doc's heart sank as he recognized the vehicle - it could only mean one thing. "They're here," he said urgently to KC, his voice low and urgent. "Hurry up and hide."

Without another word, KC scurried to the nearest closet and huddled inside. Doc's hands were shaking as he retrieved the object of their interest - the incinerator. He handed it over to the men in black, fear pooling in the pit of his stomach. "Here's what you want," he said, his voice tight. "Where's the payment?"

A man with a scar across his cheek, stepped forward and tossed a large piece of precious gem in Doc's direction. "Give him the payment," he ordered his men.

Doc caught the gemstone deftly, but his expression was grim as he spoke. "If it's possible, this is our last negotiation. I won't make a new weapon for your group."

"Then you're of no use to us," snarled the mafia man. In a swift movement, he raised his inferno blaster and shot a jet of flame at Doc, engulfing his surroundings in a fiery blaze.

As Doc's surroundings were ablaze with an inferno that seemed to stretch on for eternity. Flames licked at the walls of his once-secure hideaway, and smoke hung heavy in the air, choking anyone who dared to breathe it in. Despite the chaos unfolding before him, Doc remained eerily calm. He knew that he had to act fast if he wanted to save himself and his friend, KC.

KC watched the scene unfold from the relative safety of the closet. She wanted to come out and help Doc, but the risk was simply too great. If she revealed herself, the gang members would surely seek revenge on her family. She felt helpless as she watched the flames dance around Doc, but she knew that there was nothing she could do.

In just a few seconds, the flames disappeared, replaced by a glowing force field that encircled Doc. The gang members were caught off guard, unsure of what to make of the sudden turn of events.

"What is this?" one of them asked, his voice betraying his confusion.

"Behold my ultimate invention," Doc replied coolly, pressing a button on the watch strapped to his wrist.

In an instant, the gang members were electrocuted by a mysterious weapon that Doc had been holding. The survivors fled in panic, calling for backup.

Looking out the window, Doc saw that they were surrounded on all sides by the approaching mob. It was clear that there was no way out.

"Let's go," Doc said urgently, "we need to complete the portal so we can escape."

"How did you do that?" KC asked, her confusion evident.

"I'll explain later," Doc replied, his eyes darting around the room as he searched for an escape route.

The two of them sprinted through the chaos, dodging debris and avoiding the flames as they made their way to Doc's underground laboratory.

"Quickly, KC, attach the final gem to the center of the large circle," Doc ordered urgently, his heart pounding in his chest. "I'll start the portal system."

KC sprang into action, swiftly assembling the remaining components of the portal while Doc worked feverishly to calibrate the advanced technological system that would power it.

Meanwhile, outside the walls of Doc's heavily fortified laboratory, a violent storm of bullets rained down upon the building. The ruthless True mafia boss, Henry, had arrived in a sleek limousine, surrounded by his most trusted henchmen. As soon as he emerged from his vehicle, every member of his gang knelt before him, acknowledging his supreme authority.

"We stand in the presence of the true boss!" one of them cried out.

"Boss Henry, we are certain that the old man inside is dead," another reported with a sense of triumph.

"Excellent," Henry replied, a sinister grin spreading across his face. "If I can't obtain his invention, it's better for him to be dead."

But as he entered the laboratory, his eyes scanned the space frantically, searching for the old man's body. It was nowhere to be found. Henry realized that the house was hiding a secret tunnel, and he ordered his men to open it.

"You useless fools, he's still alive! Open that tunnel!" he barked, his rage mounting.

"Right away, boss!" they replied, struggling to break through the intricate locking mechanism.

When they finally failed to open the tunnel, Henry's fury reached a fever pitch.

"If that's the case, destroy the whole place with our most powerful time bomb!" he roared, turning on his heel and storming away from the scene.

His minions quickly set to work, planting multiple time bombs throughout the laboratory, each with a timer set to detonate in just one minute.

As the explosions began to rock the building, Doc and KC heard someone plummeting down into their laboratory from above. Doc saw the bomb but didn't want to alarm KC.

"Quickly, KC, enter the portal! There's no time to waste!" he shouted.

Without hesitation, KC darted into the portal, but they both knew that it would take another 50 seconds to complete the charging process before it could be activated.

Doc drew in a deep breath, knowing that there was someone who needed to be left behind in order for the portal to function properly. With a sense of resignation, Seeing the gadgets of henry's remote control drill time bombs closing in on the underground lab, he made his decision.

Despite the urgent situation, Doc couldn't help but feel a twinge of regret as he gazed at the watch on his wrist. It was a powerful weapon, capable of incredible feats, but its energy had not fully recharged yet. Doc had no choice but to hand it over to KC, hoping that he could use it to protect himself.

Approaching KC, Doc smiled warmly and said, "I remember your birthday is coming soon. I made this for you as a surprise." With a deft motion, he removed the watch from his own wrist and attached it to KC's.

"Thank you very much, Doc. I will take care of it. But what is it for and how do I use it? I might break it," KC asked, his confusion apparent.

"This watch is capable of becoming any weapon you desire, based on the weapons we've made in the past, the weapons could only last for seven minutes before returning to the watch again. It uses the energy of the surrounding elements to charge, and don't worry, it has a backup if it's ever damaged," Doc explained, pointing to a small box-like compartment on the watch. "This is the energy storage of the watch. It's where the gathered energy enters. It's the most important part and gives power to your weapon."

As Doc spoke, tears streamed down his face, but he quickly composed himself.

"Doc, it looks like we'll never see each other again the way you explained it," kc said, his voice cracking.

Before KC could reply, Doc hugged him tightly and administered injecting sleeping pills on his back without kc realizing it. KC was then placed into the portal shutting it,"Why are you doing this doc? Don't you want to help people? Come with me, please," KC pleaded, his eyes closing due to the effects of the pills.

"Someone must be left behind to operate the portal," Doc replied, As KC losing consciousness, he struggled to escape. "Open it, Doc! I thought you wanted people to accept you!"

Doc simply smiled sadly. "I've long since accepted myself, regardless of how others see me."

And with that, KC was asleep, leaving Doc alone to face his fate. "Thank you," Doc whispered, knowing that he had made the right decision, no matter how difficult it was.

the charging is completed, Doc activated the portal, and the transferring of KC into the other world began. As the seconds ticked by, Doc braced himself for the inevitable explosion of the bomb. He tried to protect the system, ensuring the transfer is successfully.
then doc whispered to himself, "I believe you can find the Regalia. Its power is shrouded in mystery, But be careful Kc, it is a mysterious and mythical object, hidden in the depths of the unknown." As based on his research to the other world, Its power is beyond comprehension, and it can make any wish come true.

For the last time, Doc looked at the picture of the two of them, happy and carefree. He remembered all the time he and KC had spent together, the adventures they shared, and the memories they had created. Somehow, for the first time, he wasn't afraid to disappear because he knew he wasn't alone anymore. The times he shared with the young man were enough of a memory for him. In that second, he was filled with a feeling of contentment. He smiled and said, "Not bad, eh?" while tears fell from his eyes.

Kc was transported successfully to the other world, and the whole place exploded. As KC woke up in the new world, he called out, "Doc, Doc, where are you?" But there was no answer.

But he was surprised to find himself at the top of the mountain he could see people riding huge birds for transportation, and mythical creatures roamed free. As KC stood there, lost in thought. he couldn't help but wonder about Doc's fate. What had happened to his friend?