Chapter 7:

Part 6

Fragile Phantasy

When KC opened his eyes, he found himself lying in the middle of an unfamiliar forest within a mountain, in a different world. The reality of what had happened hit him like a ton of bricks, and he felt a surge of frustration and anger boil up within him. "Doc!" he cried out, punching the ground in anguish. "Why didn't I save him? He was my only friend."

Suddenly, he heard a hushing sound coming from somewhere nearby. He stopped and listened carefully, trying to figure out what it could be.

As he scanned his surroundings, his eyes fell upon a massive snake skin. KC knew that he had to get out of this jungle and back home to find out what had happened to Doc and to make sure his family was safe. He looked down at the watch on his wrist, wondering what it was capable of doing.

As he pressed the watch, a message appeared on the small screen, asking him to choose a weapon. But before he could do anything, the hushing sound grew louder, and KC spun around just in time to see a gigantic snake bearing down on him, ready to strike.

"What kind of monster is this?!" he yelled, panic setting in. With no time to think, he started to run, but found himself trapped at the edge of a cliff with nowhere to go. As the snake closed in, poised to attack, KC made a desperate decision and jumped off the cliff, hoping to avoid the serpent's deadly fangs.

As he fell, KC frantically tried to press the watch, hoping that it could help him somehow. But it seemed like nothing was happening, and he felt a wave of despair wash over him. "This isn't a good idea!" he yelled as he plummeted towards the ground.

But then, something miraculous happened. The watch he was wearing suddenly transformed into a hoverboard, and KC found himself soaring upwards, away from the danger below. "Oh wow, how did this happen?!" he exclaimed, filled with awe and wonder.

With a newfound sense of hope, KC soared through the skies, eager to discover what other amazing things the watch was capable of. But as he looked down at the unfamiliar landscape below, he couldn't help but feel a twinge of sadness and longing for his old life. He knew that he had to find his way back home, no matter what it took.

As kc soared through the sky on his hoverboard, he marveled at the magnificent city he saw on the distance. It was unlike anything he had ever seen, resembling a past Arabian kingdom with towering walls made of sand. The city was surrounded by vast rice fields that stretched as far as the eye could see. His mind was set on reaching the city to find information on how to return home.

After flying for seven minutes, until the board suddenly transformed back into a watch, leaving him stranded in mid-air."Crap! I didn't know there was a time limit. I'm done!" KC shouted as he fell through the air.With a sense of dread, KC plummeted towards the ground, hoping the watch would miraculously transform into a hoverboard again. But it needed to recharge for seven long minutes.

Desperate, KC closed his eyes, bracing himself for impact. However, something miraculous happened. His fall slowed down, and he was gently carried by the wind. He opened his eyes to see an old farmer controlling the wind like magic.

"Are you alright, boy? Next time, don't fly too high because you never know when you will run out of magic," the farmer said kindly.

"Magic?" KC was stunned to learn that magic existed in this world. He tried to stretch his arm to see if he had magic, but nothing happened, He wanted to ask the farmer about magic, but he was too shy. It had been a long time since he had talked to anyone besides Doc. He didn't want to be indebted to anyone because that would mean having a connection to them. He wanted to live alone, so he turned his back and walked away from the farmer, determined to learn about this world alone and find a way back home.

The farmer bid him farewell, but KC ignored him and continued walking towards the city. As he entered, he was captivated by the sights and sounds around him. Wyverns, eagles, and pegasus flew overhead, carrying people and cargo. The buildings were made of elements like clay and molded with the earth.

As he passed by the restaurants, the chefs controlled fire with their hands, using it to cook their meals. They did tricks with the fire to entice the people waiting for their food. KC continued walking, passing vegetable stalls that grew rapidly with the help of the farmers' leaf magic. Messengers flew by with wind magic.

KC was in awe of this new world. He had only seen things like this in TV shows and movies. He knew he needed to find a way to get home, but for now, he was content to explore and learn about this magical place.

As KC was in deep thought, he suddenly heard a very loud shout that broke his concentration. KC followed the loud voice, and to his surprise, he came across a massive Roman-style coliseum that loomed before him.The sound of the cheering crowd grew louder as he made his way towards the entrance. "Beat him!" one belligerent spectator shouted, "You can do it, I bet a lot in you!" another bald man called out. "Don't lose, I bet even my mother here!" a rotund gentleman exclaimed.

Curiosity piqued, Kc made his way to the stands and saw two combatants engaged in a fierce battle. One fighter wielded a spear coated in ice while the other, with spiky hair, wielded a sword engulfed in flames. The swordsman swung his weapon with ferocity, causing the flames to reach his opponent's position.

The man with the ice spear spun his weapon rapidly, hoping to protect himself by covering his body with a shield of ice. But the heat from the flames was too intense, melting the ice and causing the fighter to lose consciousness as he collapsed to the ground.

The announcer came out and declared, "The winner is Kryge! You will be rewarded with money and reputation." He handed Kryge the money. "We will award him with many reputation points on his card, and his standing will be posted on the ranking tower," the announcer continued. Everyone looked up, and KC saw the massive tower in the distance, placed in the middle of the city. Kryge's name had risen to the top 5. "Kryge's reputation has increased. He might be our next leader!" a gambler next to KC shouted. "Yeah, it's so nice to be a leader. You'll have your own harem and mansion, and you will be the ruler," his companion answered.

KC thought to himself, "Reputation, leader? What are those? I should go around and learn more." Suddenly, his stomach growled, and he realized he was hungry. He looked for food, even in the trash but there's nothing, and he didn't have any money yet. He circled around the city, looking for a trash can, but all of them were empty.

As KC wandered through the city, his stomach growled with hunger. Then he spotted a massive mansion in the distance and thought to himself that there must be delicious food thrown away there.

He made his way towards the grand estate and saw a sign that read "Capital Emperor" hanging outside. KC was struck by the opulence of the mansion, with its expensive furnishings and even gold. The thought of becoming a Emperor and having access to all the resources he could ever need crossed his mind.

But his thoughts were interrupted when he saw a man inside the mansion kissing beautiful women. KC shook his head, realizing that he didn't care about the rankings or any of that nonsense. He was only interested in finding a way back home and finding something to eat.

He continued to observe the mansion's garbage for a few more minutes, hoping to spot some delicious food among the discarded items. Suddenly, the guards shouted, "There's a thief!" KC looked up to see a ninja-like man escaping the mansion, carrying an expensive stolen item. Using his element of darkness, the thief evaded the guards' attacks and fled the scene.

One of the guards ordered, "Don't let him run away!" The other guards launched their elemental powers at the ninja, hitting him and causing him to drop half of what he had stolen. As the injured thief fled, KC saw him running towards him.

"Wait, what?!" KC exclaimed in confusion as he saw the injured thief leaving half of the stolen goods in his side before disappearing. Due to hunger, KC could hardly move, Suddenly, the guards were upon him. Believing him to be an accomplice of the thief, they seized KC and threw him to the ground. "We've got you now, thief!" they barked.

"It's just a misunderstanding, I'm..." KC was unable to finish his sentence before the guards silenced him, knocking him unconscious.

When he finally came to his senses, KC found himself locked in a cell. "Let me out! I'm not the thief!" he cried out, rattling the iron bars of his cell in a futile attempt to escape.

As kc sat in the jail cell, he felt hopeless and alone. His head was throbbing, and his stomach growled with hunger. But he was not alone for long, as he noticed another person in the cell with him.

The man's face was dirty, and his clothes were muddy and torn. He seemed nervous and on edge. "Don't even try," he warned kc. "No one will believe you, because you're just a magicless person like me."

But kc didn't pay him much attention. He was too busy worrying about his own predicament. Suddenly, a guard with a nametag that read "Gregor" entered the cell. "It's too late for the two of you now," he said coldly. "Later, you will face severe punishment."

"I'm telling the truth, sir! I'm not a thief!" kc protested. But before he could say anything else, Gregor slapped him hard across the face, sending him reeling to the ground.

The other man quickly came to kc's aid. "Don't even try," he whispered. "You're just a magicless person like me. They'll treat us horribly." He began to cry, and kc felt the weight of their situation bearing down on him, gregor entered inside the cell and dragged kc companion as he pleaded"Sir, Please no I have a wife and son, please!!!"but to no avail.

kc's was left alone head throbbed and his stomach growled, he couldn't help but think that this was what he got for trying to be a part of society. Maybe he should have stayed in the mountains and lived off of fruits and berries.

Several hours later, the guards returned to the cell. While fighting back They untied kc and pulled him to his feet. "It's your turn now," they said ominously, as they led him away to an uncertain fate.

As KC struggled against the guards' restraints, panic seized him. "What do you want from me? Where are you taking me?" he demanded, his heart racing. They led him to a massive chamber filled with bones and a putrid stench. Gregor, one of the guards, sneered at KC, "I hope you can survive, but that's impossible without any magical power. You'll probably be eaten." "I swear, I didn't steal anything!" KC shouted, his fear growing with each passing moment.

The guards shoved him into the chamber and slammed the door shut behind him. KC's eyes widened as he saw a massive wolf twice his size, gnawing on human bones with human clothing strewn around. He could recognize his companion's shirt before the monster had torn it apart. Grief and regret filled KC's heart, wishing he had done something to help the man. But there was no time to mourn.

KC's survival instinct kicked in, and he ran as fast as he could, his heart pounding in his chest. "Get away from me!" he screamed. As he looked at his watch, he realized it was recharging. He chose his weapon, pressed it, and his watch transformed into a flamethrower. KC aimed the weapon at the monster and shouted, "Take this!" But his trembling legs and the weapon's limited range meant that the monster was unscathed.

The guards outside the prison jeered and mocked him as he continued to flee. "Hahahaha! Keep going, fool! You're lucky the wolf is still full... for now." The wolf's howls echoed through the chamber, and KC knew he had to keep running. But exhaustion caught up with him, and he collapsed, panting heavily. He couldn't keep running away and hiding to survive. He had to face his fears and the monster.

"I'm tired of running away!" he shouted, standing up tall in front of the monster. "Come closer now!" He waited for the wolf to approach, his legs shaking with terror. The wolf lunged towards him, ready to swallow him whole. But in that moment, KC seized his chance. "Eat this!" he yelled, thrusting the flamethrower into the wolf's open jaws and setting its insides ablaze. The monster writhed in agony, and KC felt a sense of triumph wash over him. He had faced his fears and emerged victorious.

KC took a deep breath and couldn't believe what he had just done. "Did that really happen?" he thought to himself, feeling a mix of disbelief and pride.

The weapon transformed back into a watch, and after a few minutes, the cell door opened. Gregor, the guard, informed KC that he was now free according to the law and offered him some food to eat. Within a few minutes, KC's hunger was satisfied.

As he walked away from the prison, he passed the old farmer who had helped him earlier. The old man smiled at KC, but KC hesitated to respond. He knew he couldn't keep avoiding others if he wanted to survive and thrive in this world.

With a sense of determination, KC turned around and approached the old man. "I'm sorry for asking, sir, but how can I make money?" he stammered, feeling nervous about initiating a conversation with a stranger after such a long time.

The old man explained, "You could go to the guild and take missions. It's just near the center. Just follow that road, and you'll get there."

"Thank you," KC said gratefully. He hadn't expressed gratitude to anyone besides Doc in a long time, and it felt good to do so. He promised himself that he would repay the old farmer's kindness someday."Don't sweat it, kid. Be careful," the old man replied as KC walked away.

KC knew he needed to earn money and gradually gather information to find his way back home. With a new sense of purpose, he walked towards the guild, eager to take on whatever missions would come his way.

Meanwhile, in the world that kc left behind, Henry stood in Doc's underground laboratory and gazed upon the broken portal. Alongside him were several researchers and scientists who were searching the area and collecting whatever they could find.

"Find out what that old man is up to and report back to me," Henry commanded, his voice laced with authority.

"Understood, sir," replied his team.

As Henry focused on his work, his cell phone rang, and he answered to hear his son Max's voice on the other end. "Dad, where are you? I've been waiting for you."

"Don't worry, son. Your father is just taking care of something important. When I come home, I have a surprise for you," Henry said, a sly grin forming on his lips as he glanced at the blueprint of Doc's greatest invention - the watch.