Chapter 11:

Part 10

Fragile Phantasy

After Abbar the noble finished his daily business, he turned to his men and said, "Now boys, it's time to pay Andok another visit. I'm sure he'll have changed his mind by now, but just in case, well need a stronger man power." With his plan in place, Abbar and his men made their way to the guild.

Meanwhile, inside the guild, Kryge had fallen into a drunken slumber, lost in a dream of his childhood. He found himself in the arena, watching his father take on a magicless opponent. Although the magicless had no right to challenge his father, Kryge's father always gave his opponents a chance to prove themselves, regardless of their abilities.

Kryge's father knocked down the magicless, but instead of pummeling him, he offered him a helping hand up, showing respect for his opponent. "That was a good fight," he said, "you are strong."

After the magicless had left, little Kryge approached his father, confused. "Father, why didn't you beat him up after you knocked him down? That would have taught him a lesson to not challenge you again, he's just a weak magicless."

His father kneeled down to Kryge's level and explained, "Son, you must respect everyone, because everyone is created equal and has their own strengths in their own way."

Kryge frowned in response, "But you're not equal, you're stronger than him. You should show him the reality, the gap between your abilities is so far, he is full of weakness."

"Son, everything is not measured by power," his father patiently explained.

However, when Kryge's father was defeated and killed by a ruthless person, the title of Capital Emperor was taken away from him. As little Kryge watched in horror, screaming and trying to help his father, he was unable to do anything as the guards prevented anyone from interfering in the match.

Kryge was forced to watch as his father's lifeless body was trampled on, with the killer proclaiming, "In this world, the weak like you have no rights. Only the strong dominate."

"Father!" Kryge screamed, waking up suddenly and startling everyone in the guild.

The loss of his father and the abandonment of his mother and friends because of it had left him with a deep hatred for weakness, compassion, and respect for anyone, including women because his mother left them for his father killer.

This was Kryge motivation he vowed to avenge his father and hated weakness and compassion. His goal was to kill his father's murderer, no matter what it took.

Just then, a noble Abbar entered the bar, and approached Kryge. "You want to earn a huge reputation with my help? I know you want to challenge someone," he said.

"I'm listening," Kryge replied coldly.

As the day drew to a close kc and andok working tirelessly, Andok could hear rumors that Abbar was returning with a territory leader kryge by his side. Andok knew that his body couldn't handle another beating, so he decided to sign the contract, despite the heavy weight of defeat weighing on him. "I'm sorry KC, this is your last salary. I don't want you to be involved in this mess. I'm sure it's enough for you to buy an adventurer's card. I hope you succeed in your goals," Andok said calmly and hugs kc.

KC knew that Kryge was coming, and he didn't want to risk another near-death experience. With a heavy heart, he took the salary and walked away. "It's better if you leave now. I don't want you to see what's going to happen next," Andok whispered to himself. KC bowed down before leaving, feeling guilty that he couldn't protect his friend. Andok smiled and waved goodbye to KC before turning back to face his impending fate.

As KC looked back, he saw Andok smiling and waving goodbye to him. Tears filled his eyes as he thought, "I'm sorry that I couldn't protect you. All I can do is run away."

Abbar and Kryge arrived at Andok's shop. "Last chance, Andok," abbar said, but Andok just remained silent. "Men, you know the drill," Abbar ordered. And then everyone ganged up on Andok at the same time.

Meanwhile, as KC walked away, a magicless stranger approached him, offering Andok's food with a smile. and he notice that the magicless around are eating andoks food and sharing them with each other with such joy, even though their struggling to survive they can get by Andok's food, Tears flowed from KC's eyes as he realized how much he had failed his friend. "What am I doing?"he thought, shaking his head.

"Maybe I failed a friend once" he took a deep breath "I don't want that to happen again," he said, gritting his teeth. "I'm sick of running away without doing anything!" He quickly turned back and ran towards Andok's store.

With a renewed determination, KC burst into the shop, ready to face whatever was waiting for him.KC's heart was racing as he saw his friend being beaten mercilessly. He couldn't stand idly by and watch as Andok was pummeled by Abbar and Kryge. Without hesitation, he rushed forward and landed a punch on Abbar's face, sending him crashing to the ground.

"Who do you think you are?" screamed the noble in anger and disbelief, unable to stand up from the fall."Looks like you haven't learned your lesson, Magicless!" Kryge shouted, ready to attack.Andok was surprised to see KC back. "Kc? I thought you left," he asked, confused."For the first time in my life, I want to stand up for my friend," KC replied, his voice resolute, and launched an attack on Kryge.

But Kryge was too powerful. He easily blocked KC's blows and retaliated with a fierce counterattack. KC tried to dodge, but Kryge's attack grazed him, pushing him backwards with tremendous force. The difference in their strength was immense."Take down that Magicless, Kryge!" ordered Abbar.

"Don't order me," Kryge replied coldly, and attacked again. Desperately, KC pressed a button on his watch, and it transformed into a boosted gauntlet. He launched an attack on Kryge, who was surprised by the sudden change."What is that?" Kryge exclaimed as he blocked KC's punch with one hand. "Still weak. Is that all you can do?"The difference in their strength was evident, and KC struggled to match Kryge's power.

"I'm not done yet!" KC shouted, and the gauntlet released a burst of energy a booster at the back of the gauntlet that strengthened his punch like a missile. Kryge was caught off guard and took a direct hit to the face, sending him flying and crashing into the wall. But KC wasn't done yet. He launched a second punch, this time even stronger. Kryge retaliated, his hand engulfed in flames, and the two fists collided with a deafening impact. KC was thrown backwards, his left hand and face broken and most of his teeth knocked out.. KC fell to the ground in pain.

The noble ordered his men to kill Andok and kc, and soon everyone was ganging up on them, but kryge stopped them with just one punch"Dont interfere" his eyes ranging for a challenge, He sends shivers to the noble spine.

But kc refused to give up. Even as he knelt on the ground, gasping for breath, he tried to stand up. "It's far from over!" he shouted, and attacked again, even though he was limping.

Kryge easily caught him by the neck and lifted him up, choking him. "No matter what you do, you have no hope of winning. Give up," Kryge said, tightening his grip even more.KC was struggling to breathe, but he noticed that Kryge had dropped his guard in his confidence.

This was his chance. With all his might, he boosted the gauntlet and delivered a powerful punch to Kryge's face. He pressed harder and harder, using the full power of the booster, until Kryge slowly crumpling to the ground.

KC didn't waste a moment and followed up with another hit, connecting with Kryge's jaw. and this time it landed with much force. Kryge was staggered and vulnerable, He could feel the momentum shifting in his favor, and he went in for the final blow. However, the booster on KC's gauntlet suddenly malfunctioned, and the gauntlet turned back into a watch. leaving him defenseless.

In that split second, Kryge took advantage of the opening and delivered a crushing uppercut that sent KC flying across the room. As he hit the ground.

Kryge approached him, a look of triumph in his eyes. "Almost had me in there, your luck has run out," he taunted before delivering another brutal punch to KC's face. The force of the blow sent KC rolling to the ground, his face smeared with blood.

KC felt a searing pain shoot through his face his body aching and battered from the relentless beating he had received. Blood oozed from a wound above his left eye, his vision blurred as he tried to make sense of what was happening around him, but he refused to give up. Despite the odds stacked against him, he would not let his friend Andok be harmed any further. He would fight to the bitter end. Gasping for air, he tried to get up once again.

With the weapon now useless, KC knew he had to rely on his own strength. He tried to get up, but his battered body protested, kryge gave him a swift kick in the head and he fell to the ground again reeling from the floor "With that i'm sure your done!!" Kryge walks toward his beaten opponent.

As kc lay there, barely conscious with broken bones and covered in blood, Kryge took a deep breath and looked down at him.

Kryge approaching, panting heavily. "No normal magicless can survive my attacks for this long," Kryge said, his voice laced with a mix of fatigue and anger. taking deep breaths and panting from the exertion of the fight. "You have no chance of winning," Kryge taunted. "If this continues, you're going to die. This is your last chance to turn around, or you're dead."

Despite feeling like he was at death's door, KC couldn't give up. he couldn't bear the thought of seeing another friend suffer the same fate as Doc, watching everything he held dear slip away without being able to do anything about it. KC had always taken the easy way out, running away or quitting when things got tough, he always escape pain, but not this time. He was sick and tired of being a coward, not protecting those who were important to him. He didn't want to look back on his life with regret, knowing he hadn't fought for the things precious to him.

"I'm not going to back down even at the cost of my life," KC promised himself as gritted his teeth and clenched his broken fist. He was tired of giving up. He was willing to pay any price to protect his friend. "Even if there's no guarantee," he promised himself, "this time I will fight to the end, no matter the cost." He knew that there were no guarantees, but he didn't care. The important thing was to save his friend and repay his kindness.

With a fierce determination, KC forced himself to stand up, even though all of his bones were broken and the overwhelming odds against him. Kryge was surprised by KC's tenacity, and despite the bruises and blood, KC's face was still alive and determined. using every ounce of his willpower to keep going. Kryge was taken aback by KC's determination, his expression turning serious as he watched KC's bloodied face come alive with a newfound inspiration

KC charged forward, his broken bones protesting with every step. But he didn't care. He was determined to give it his all, to fight until the bitter end. As he got closer to Kryge, he summoned all his strength and threw the strongest punch he could muster. Kryge blocked it with just one hand, but this time, his face was respectful, without a trace of contempt or insult. He knew he was up against an opponent who wouldn't back down, no matter what the cost.

As Kryge looked at kc, he saw the image of his father's belief in him. His father had always believed in protecting everyone, no matter who they were, until the bitter end. Kryge's father fought for what he believed in and, after his death, everyone he helped abandoned him, Kryge had vowed to hate the cowards who would turn their backs on you to save their own skin. That's why he beat up weakling cowards who wouldn't fight for anything and would leave when things got tough.

But as he looked at kc, he saw that his father's principles were alive and well. He was curious to see how far kc could go, to see if his father's belief was right.

"Can I ask your name?" Kryge asked, his tone less hostile now genuinely interested.

"Kc," he answered, his determination burning in his eyes.

"I'll remember that name," Kryge said, walking away. "Be strong. Next time we meet, give me a good fight."

As Kryge walked away, the nervous and angry noble, Abbar, suddenly blocked his path. "Hey, what are you doing? Are you going to leave?"

"You leech, you have no right to order me," Kryge said before swiftly punching him, knocking Abbar unconscious. He dragged the useless noble away and left without a second glance.

As kc slowly lose consciousness, he felt a throbbing pain all over his body. Doc was quick to support him. Andok knew that they had to take kc to the hospital immediately. His body couldn't take it anymore, and if he didn't act fast, he might not survive. But to Andok's amazement, kc tried to sit up and speak "Doc," he whispered, weakly.

"Be strong," Doc urged, handing him the medicine. "Drink this to help heal your broken bones." Then he rushed him to the hospital, where the doctors immediately got to work on him.

As kc drifted in and out of consciousness, he couldn't help but wonder how he had managed to survive that fight. He had pushed himself to the limit, but in the end, he had come out on top. When he finally woke up, Andok was by his side in an instant.

"Sir, could I call you 'Doc'?" kc asked.

Andok smiled, "Yes, that's a nice nickname."