Chapter 12:

Part 11

Fragile Phantasy

After fully recovering from his injuries, KC made his way back to the guild. Along the way, he overheard a group of adventurers chatting about which quest to take and how they planned to enjoy the night at the elf bar. Hearing their carefree banter reminded KC of his childhood friends Ed, Jun, and Ej, who had abandoned him when he needed them the most. The memory hit him hard, and Lost in thought, KC was suddenly jolted back to reality when a little thief snatched his money and ran off. Without hesitation, he chased after the thief. However, before he could catch up, a yellow-haired guy intercepted the thief and scolded him for his actions. The boy returned KC's money and even offered him some food.

"My name is Edgar," the guy introduced himself. "These children are ones I've taken in off the streets. Please forgive their behavior. They may act up, but they have kind hearts."

Despite Edgar's friendly demeanor, KC remained guarded. He had no intention of making friends with anyone suspicious, especially after his previous experiences with betrayal. He continued on to the guild without looking back.

As KC entered the bustling guild, he could feel the stares of the people around him and kept their distance from him, as if they sensed he is guarded.

Approaching the receptionist, a woman named Kristel, "Hello, good day, Kristel here. How can I help?" she greeted him warmly.

KC stated his request. "I want to get an adventurer's card, please." He handed over the payment, eager to gain information to return home.

Kristel took the payment and handed KC his new adventurer's card. "OK, may I ask your name please?"

"KC," he answered confidently.

"Very well, Sir KC. Please come to the newbies room for the information briefing. I will be the one to inform you," Kristel instructed, leading the way.

Upon entering the newbies room, they began to ask for KC's personal information. He shared that he was 18 years old and lived with his friend Andok.

Kristel proceeded to explain the ranking system of adventurers. "There are six ranks - S, A, B, C, D, E - starting from the lowest, E. Currently, you are ranked at the bottom, but don't worry, with hard work, you can climb up the ranks and become a renowned adventurer." She handed KC his new adventurer card, which bore his name at the bottom of the ranking tower.

KC knew that he had a long way to go, but he was determined to climb the ranks and prove his worth as an adventurer. With his adventurer's card in hand, he felt like he was one step closer to achieving his dreams.

Kristel took a deep breath before continuing, "Now, as for the adventurer's card system, you can take on missions from the guild or from clients outside. The rewards for completing missions can range from money, reputation, and an increase in rank."

As Kristel spoke, KC couldn't help but feel excited about the possibilities that lay ahead. He had always dreamed of exploring new lands and taking on challenges, and now he finally had the means to do so.

Kristel went on to explain the importance of reputation and how it could be used to access better facilities and build territories and teams. KC listened intently, taking mental notes of everything he needed to know.

"In the manor region, there are four territory factions and guilds located in the east, west, north, and south," Kristel said. "The leaders of these factions are the ones who control each part of the area. You've already met Kryge, but you'll also want to know about Kilan and Blake. They're the reason why there are still magicless people in this city, as they have accepted them to live on their territories."

Kristel handed KC a paper to read, listing the territory leaders for each faction. "In the south, we have the Qougre power plant owner. In the west, we have Kryge, the weapon manufacturer. In the north, Kilan is in charge of construction and harvest. And in the east, Blake owns the dam and runs irrigation."

KC nodded, impressed by the scope of the manor region's political and economic landscape. "And who is the Capital emperor?" he asked.

"Maximus Magnus," Kristel replied with a smile. "He's the one who makes all the rules, and the territory leaders just enforce them."

Kristel continued her explanation with a tone that was both confident and reassuring. "You can fight them all, once you have increased your rank," she added. "You'll know your rank on the tower rankings in the center of the city. And lastly, when you succeed in beating the capital emperor, you'll be entrusted with one of the five gems awarded as a symbol of leadership in the continent. There is only one stone in each region."

KC suddenly stood up, his eyes widening with shock. "This is what I need!" he exclaimed, barely able to contain his excitement. He couldn't believe that he had seen the same gem that Doc used in the portal. He had no intention of becoming a capital emperor, but the gems would be the key to his return home.

KC sat there, stunned, as he tried to process the information that Kristel had just given him. As Kristel finished her explanation and asked KC to take his first mission, he couldn't help but feel excited.

He quickly scanned the missions posted on the wall and can't choose one. "Can you give me the easiest mission?" he asked Kristel, hoping to start small.

Kristel's face broke into a smile. "This wild boar, but I'm reminding you that this mission is difficult for a magicless," she said.

KC's eyes narrowed. Was she belittling him? he thought, feeling a surge of anger rising in his chest.

But Kristel seemed to know exactly what he was thinking. "I'm not belittling you," she said softly. "Many magicless have died taking this mission."

KC felt confused. How did she know what he was thinking? Kristel smiled, as if reading his mind again. "I'm sure you're wondering why I know what you're thinking," she said.

KC felt a shiver run down his spine. Was she a mind reader? he thought, his mind racing.

But Kristel seemed to understand his thoughts once again. "You think I'm a mind reader, don't you?" she said, laughing softly. "That's obvious from your facial expression."

KC felt even more shocked. He had never met anyone like Kristel before, someone who seemed to be able to understand him without him saying a word.

KC shuddered even more, muttering to himself, "Girls really are annoying," before walking away to start his mission.

As KC made his way to the designated dungeon, he saw a group of men ganging up on one person. It was Edgar, the man who adopted many kids. They were pushing him and trying to initiate a fight, but Edgar kept refusing to fight back.

"If you don't want to be beaten, follow our orders, errand boy," one of the muscle-bound men said as he smacked Edgar in the head.

KC didn't want to get involved, but he also couldn't stand to see someone being bullied. "Hey, leave him alone!" he shouted, getting the attention of the men.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" the muscle man threatened, ready to attack KC.

But one of his friends stopped him. "Hey, stop! Boss Kryge ordered us not to touch him."

"You're lucky today, coward," the muscle man sneered before they all left.

"Thank you. If you hadn't come, I might have been beaten to death," Edgar greeted KC. "Seriously, thank you." He smiled humbly.

KC didn't respond and tried to leave, but Edgar chased after him. "You're an adventurer. Can we team up?" he asked hopefully.

"Not interested," KC immediately replied. He was having second thoughts, not wanting to be betrayed like his childhood friends had done to him.

But Edgar wouldn't give up. "Then use this, because you helped me. When you're on a mission and you need help, just use the magic signal. I'll come help you," he promised and handed kc the signal creator, kc known this item because of working on the weapons factory before.

There something bugging on kc's mind he have failed to save two person asking for help before,one from the mafia and the other is the magicless on the cell, so there's right for him to use this item.

With a Heavy heart because of those memories, KC just continued walking, eventually arriving at the weapon shop. He could only afford a rusty spear and shield with his remaining money, and his watch was malfunctioning and still recharging, now the watch recharge much more longer it will took hours to finally be used again.

Finally, KC set out to start his first mission. As he walked towards the dungeon, he couldn't help but feel a sense of foreboding. He knew that the mission wouldn't be easy, especially without any magic. But he steeled his resolve and pressed on, determined to succeed.