Chapter 14:

Part 13

Fragile Phantasy

After their successful mission, Edgar decided to teach KC the proper way to use a weapon. For a week, he taught him how to slice a dagger, deflect a sword, aim a bow, and even snatch things without being noticed. KC quickly found a preference for the bow, as it allowed him to keep a safe distance from danger during fights.

The two then embarked on their next mission: to catch a group of elusive criminals. They quickly identified the location of the criminals and pursued them relentlessly. Finally, they managed to corner them.

"We've cornered them, now what's the plan?" Edgar reminded KC.

Without hesitation, KC threw a net to cover the criminals and prevent them from escaping. But the criminals weren't going down without a fight. "You can't catch us!" they shouted, raining magic down on KC while trying to break free.

KC quickly released the net to evade the attack, causing the criminals to escape. But just as they were about to get away, a floating man in a robe appeared and effortlessly apprehended them one by one.

Edgar and KC stood there, in awe of the man who had just appeared before them. He was dressed in a long, flowing robe, His feet never touched the ground, and he floated effortlessly in the air, almost like he was weightless. They had just witnessed a demonstration of power that they had never seen before, and they were eager to know more.

"Would you like to have a beer with me?" The man asked, gesturing towards a nearby bar. "I promise you, it'll be worth your while."

KC hesitated, but Edgar was already nodding his head enthusiastically. "Sure, why not?" he said, grinning.

With that, they took the criminals to jail and went to a nearby bar. The man ordered drinks and grilled food while chatting with the bartender, Felicia. "You look beautiful now, Felicia," he said, attempting to flatter her.

"Flattery won't get you anywhere. Do you want the usual?" she asked him.

"Yes, and give my friends the same," he replied.

Edgar eagerly drank his wine while KC didn't pay much attention. "Thanks to you, our reputation has increased to 800. Soon, we'll reach 1000 and we'll be able to jump to rank D. Wait, what's your name?" Edgar asked the man.

"Just call me Kilan," he answered.

Edgar was surprised to hear this. Kilan was one of the territory leaders and one of the strongest people in the city. The two talked for an hour, while KC watched restlessly and brooded.

As they became drunk, they decided to leave. "Hanging out with you was good. If you want, we could take a mission tomorrow as a temporary party," Kilian suggested.

"I'm willing to do that!" Edgar replied drunkenly.

The three of them then went home together to sleep, not knowing what adventures the future held for them.

"Please don't leave me behind," KC pleaded as he ran after his friends, desperately trying to catch up, but they disappeared into the distance, leaving him stumbling with exhaustion. Gasping for breath, he opened his eyes to find himself in bed. "It was just a dream," he whispered to himself. "I won't trust anyone easily."

The next day, KC and Edgar arrived early at the guild and were greeted by Kilan, who was already waiting. "Ready for a mission, KC and Edgar?" he asked.

"Absolutely," replied Edgar.

"Then let's find one," Kilan said.

As they made their way inside the guild, they were met with a warm greeting from Kristel, the guild lady. Kilan surprised everyone by choosing a higher-ranked mission, which made Edgar hesitant. "That mission is far beyond our skill level," he said.

"But the reward is worth it," Kilan replied, and show its offering 2000 gold and 2000 reputation points as the prize. "Don't worry, I'll take care of you. When this mission is over, you'll have the reputation, and I'll take 70% of the money. Is that okay?"

Edgar agreed, but KC remained doubtful. However, the reward was too tempting, so he decided to go along with it. They reviewed the mission details and found out they were to slay a giant boa in the Aeter dungeon. KC was hesitant to accept such a high-level mission, but he wanted to get back home. With the reputation they would earn from completing the mission, he would be one step closer to obtaining the first gem.

"We need to buy all the equipment we need for the mission," Edgar announced.

"Then don't be late," Kilan reminded them.

KC purchased escape items just in case the situation went awry. He bought a blind bomb and a route creator, a magical paper that released a light that could pierce through the ground and create a way to escape. KC planned to use his favored bow and arrow.

After their preparations, the three of them met at the entrance of the dungeon, ready to embark on their mission.

As Kilan and his companions ventured further into the dungeon, they encountered a swarm of small, low-level snakes. KC reached for his bow, but before he could aim, Kilan whipped out his bladed fan and sliced through the snakes with a sharp wind.

"Your reputation precedes you," Edgar remarked, impressed by Kilan's skill.

"Thanks," Kilan replied modestly, but KC could see the confidence in his eyes.

The group pressed on until they reached the middle of the dungeon, where they were suddenly surrounded by a mass of two-headed snakes Edgar took charge, activating the lightning on his dagger and dashing through the snakes, slicing everything in his path. His lightning-like speed melted and dissolved everything he passed. When he finally came to a stop, panting and out of breath, Kilan was quick to praise him.

"Not bad, Edgar," he said.

"Thanks, man," Edgar replied, a smile of satisfaction on his face.

But their luck was not to last. As they reached the confusing part of the dungeon, they found themselves facing three tunnels, with no idea which one was the right one. Before they could make a decision, snakes began to fall from the top of the cave, surrounding them on all sides.

KC and the others fought back as best they could, but there were too many snakes. They quickly grew exhausted from the effort of using so much magic. As the snakes closed in on them, KC felt a sinking feeling in his stomach. Were they going to make it out alive?

"Let's go through the middle tunnel!" Kilan shouted as the snakes attacked.

But KC didn't follow them. He went through the left tunnel instead. The snakes chased him, and as he ran, he was shocked to notice that there was a gigantic snake skin around the tunnel.

He could feel something chasing him on the ground. KC ran as fast as he could and he already saw the hole at the end of the tunnel. But suddenly, a gigantic snake came out of the ground and almost ate KC. Thanks to the use of a blinding bomb, the snake was blinded for a second, and the attack just grazed KC's foot. He jumped into the hole at the end of the tunnel.

KC couldn't believe what he was seeing. There was a very wide and deep pit, a nest of snakes. Millions of snakes were coiled around each other.

"KC, we thought we lost you," Kilan said, who was also there because every path led to the same place.

With an earthquake, all the exit paths were blocked. The giant boa resurfaced again inside the pit, ready to attack the three.

Without a second thought, Edgar and Kilan fired all of their magic to kill the boa. While using his bow, KC felt a little weak.

Kilan noticed the bite on KC's foot. "It looks like you've been bitten. We only have one hour to get to the hospital, or you're dead," he reminded KC.

In that moment, they knew they had to be quick. Kilan attacked the gigantic boa with a razor-sharp wind by slicing his fan. But all that was only blocked by the serpent's tail.

"There is no air here. I can't make a strong wind attack," added Kilan.

The snake charged at the group, but Edgar intercepted it with a powerful charge of lightning. Their collision stopped the snake in its tracks, but the impact threw Edgar up to the cave ceiling, leaving a wound on the snake. KC attempted to hit the wound with his arrows, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Edgar was stuck on the ceiling floor.

All of the snakes, including the giant boa, attacked the group at once. Kilan finally used his full-powered magic, "Zero Gravity," and all the snakes floated motionless, unable to breathe for a minute. KC took this opportunity to jump onto the attacking boa's head and stab its left eye with his arrows. The snake thrashed, causing KC to lose his footing and get thrown to the side.

Suddenly, Kilan collapsed, out of magic and unconscious. The boa released a poisonous acid saliva that would have melted KC and Kilan, but Edgar in the last minute effort, after resting on the ceiling, used his lightning reflexes to grab the two and pull them out of harm's way.

The boa chased them relentlessly, and as Edgar dragged KC and Kilan, the boa's massive tail struck them, sending them hurtling towards the pit filled with a sea of snakes.

edgar used ounce of his strength to gain the speed of a flash of lightning tried to recover kc and kilan,

Edgar managed to catch KC before they fell and avoid the boa. However, before he could catch Kilan, he didn't reach in time and kilan was swallowed whole and lay unconscious within the snake's body.

edgar land at the cliff of the pit, and saw the escape route creator on kc pocket."We need to run while we still have the chance. There's nothing we can do for Kilan," Edgar said, knowing they had only 20 minutes before the poison killed KC.

this is there last chance to use the route creator, but kc knew kilan is still alive in the boa's body there's a 20 minute for the boa to fully digest kilan. if there is a miracle he can still save him.

kc realize he would regret his whole life to leave a friend because of his selfishness. he knew it's his fault that's why they are on this situation and he was determined to took responsibility and made things right.

As the boa prepared to attack again, KC handed the route creator to Edgar. "Take it and run if you want, but I'm not leaving Kilan behind. You have kids waiting for you; escape while I'll distract the Boa."

With no time to think, Edgar was forced to take the route creator and run. Meanwhile, KC charged at the Boa with a small pocket knife, planning to poke its eyes and get its attention.

Boa quickly wrapped kc on its massive body, As the boa's tail coiled around him, KC struggled to breathe, his body slowly being crushed by the snake's immense strength he felt himself being squeezed to death. He struggled to move but his efforts were in vain. However, he suddenly noticed that his watch was fully recharged. Unfortunately, he couldn't reach it as he was trapped by the Boa's grasp. The snake's jaws were gaping, ready to devour him whole.

But just as kc was about to meet his demise, Edgar appeared out of nowhere and lunged at the snake with his dagger, stabbing it in the eye, The boa recoiled in agony, releasing its hold on KC, giving him the chance to reach for his watch. He quickly presses it and it transformed into a large lightsaber and he swiftly sliced through the monster's body.

As they watched the beast fall to the ground, Kilan emerged from its innards, alive and unscathed. KC breathed a sigh of relief and turned to Edgar.

"I thought you left," kc exclaimed to Edgar. "Can't leave a friend behind," Edgar replied with a grin.

Together with the unconscious Kilan, they used the route creator to quickly transport themselves to the hospital for treatment. After a few hours of rest, Kilan regained consciousness, jokingly remarking, "I feel like I'm bathing in slime." They spent a day recovering before heading to the guild to collect their reward.

Kilan took 70% of the money and gave them the remaining 30%, along with all the reputation earned. With their reputation boosted by 2800, they were now ranked D. "Okay, see you around you two," Kilan bid them farewell. "Until next time," Edgar replied.

Before leaving, kc bowed and apologized, "I'm sorry for acting like stuck up. Could I make it up to you by treating you to dinner?" Kilan smiled and replied, "Of course, that would be nice."