Chapter 13:

Part 12

Fragile Phantasy

As KC ventured into the fields, he stumbled upon a massive horde of wild boar. These creatures were not to be underestimated - with their large horns and muscular bodies, they were a force to be reckoned with. As he spotted the first boar, he couldn't help but feel a sense of unease. It was bigger than he had anticipated, and its sharp horns looked lethal.

Without hesitation, he crept up behind the boar and thrust his spear into its side. The creature let out a deafening roar and turned to face KC, ready to attack with its menacing horns. KC quickly sidestepped the attack and attempted to mimic the movements of a matador using a huge clothes for lure, then plunging his spear into the boar's flesh.

But no matter how many times he struck the boar, it refused to back down. Its attacks only grew more aggressive, and KC found himself in a precarious situation. He knew he needed to end this quickly, so he aimed for the boar's head. The creature's horn moved quickly to protect its face, almost stabbing KC in the process.

Undeterred, KC stepped back and focused on destroying the horn. After several attempts, he finally succeeded in breaking it. In a fit of rage, the boar charged at KC, but without its horn to block his spear, KC was able to plunge it deep into the creature's skull.

As he caught his breath, KC glanced at his quest requirements. "Ten more boars to go," he muttered, eyeing his dulling blade.

In another part of the field, Edgar was on the hunt for a low-level lizard. With lightning speed, he swiftly cut off the creature's head. "Rest well, my friend," he murmured, showing respect to the life he had taken. Edgar then glanced at his mission log. "It's not enough to feed the children, and my magic is running out," he sighed as he shrugged, resigned to his fate. The small piece of bread he had been living on was his only sustenance for the time being.

"I really need to find a party to increase my rank so we can have a better life," Edgar resolved, gearing himself up to hunt again.

Meanwhile, KC was exhausted and decided to take a break. He had already hunted down nine boars, leaving only one more to complete the mission.

Suddenly, the ground beneath KC's feet began to tremble. He looked around in confusion, thinking there was a mini earthquake. But his confusion quickly turned to fear as he spotted a gigantic wild boar approaching him. KC stood up, his eyes widening in terror.

Just then, he heard someone talking behind him. "The Alpha wild boar! Lets kill it Before Someone else might get it soon!" Three adventurers appeared in the vicinity and attempted to attack the beast. "You're mine! Your price is definitely high!" they exclaimed excitedly. But in a flash, the boar swung its massive horn, splitting their bodies in two, KC trembled at the sight of the gruesome attack as the boar devoured the remains of its victims.

Panic rising within him, KC tried to run but the boar noticed and chased after him. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't outrun the beast. As he looked nervously at his watch, he realized it was still recharging. He was cornered, forced to defend himself with nothing but a rusty spear and shield.

With a burst of adrenaline, KC tried to run sideways, but the boar intercepted him and swung its sharp horn. He had no choice but to use his shield, and as the shield stuck on the boar's horn, KC took the chance to plunge his spear into the monster. But it was no use - the boar's skin was too thick, and the spear bounced off harmlessly. the boar's skin was thicker than that of any other boar KC had faced before.

Infuriated, the boar tried to remove the shield from its horn, giving KC a chance to distance himself. But the spear was about to give way, and the boar was preparing to attack again. KC had no choice but to defend himself with all his might, striking the boar with his spear. But just as he was about to deal a fatal blow, the spear broke in two.

In that moment, it seemed like the boar's horn was about to pierce KC's body. But he quickly grabbed the remaining broken shield, which was stuck on the boar's horn, and used it to shield himself from the attack. KC was thrown from the force of the impact but survived the attack.

KC felt his heart racing as the giant boar charged towards him. He hated how worthless he felt on his own, and the memories of being betrayed while trying to rely on others flooded his mind.

What he's regretting the most is He had let a man die before without turning back to help him, and the guilt still weighed heavily on his conscience. Now, facing the same fate, he could only hope that someone out there would save him.

With nothing left, KC forced himself to stand up, his hand instinctively reaching for the signal in his pocket. As he activated it, a burst of fireworks shot into the sky, illuminating the surrounding area.

The boar was dangerously close now, but KC stood his ground, ready to face his end. Just as he was about to be attacked, Edgar appeared out of nowhere like a bolt of lightning. With his dagger filled with crackling energy, he thrust it into the boar's horn, pushing the beast.

"NO! My magic is running out!" Edgar screamed as he struggled to keep the boar at bay. KC knew he had to act quickly. He rushed over to Edgar's side, pushing his back against his to help force the beast. Together, they broke the boar's horn, and Edgar's dagger became embedded in the creature's face.

"It's a good thing I reached you in time," Edgar said with a smile, but suddenly collapsed to the ground.

KC rushed over to help him, his gratitude and relief overwhelming. but before he could say his thanks.

The air was thick with tension as the men from the guild closed in around the exhausted KC and Edgar. These were the very same ones who had scoffed at KC earlier, "Give us that Alpha boar or you won't be able to get out of here alive," they snarled, their eyes glinting with malice.

"We're the ones who killed it," Edgar protested weakly, barely able to stand.

"You have no choice," they replied, pulling out a knife and pointing it at the children Edgar had adopted, that they just shown "If you don't comply, they're dead."

"Brother, help!" the kids cried out.

"Kids!" screamed Edgar, trembling with worry.

The men sneered at the children, smacking them in the face until they lost consciousness. "You're going to pay!" Edgar shouted, trying to attack despite having no energy left. He was determined to save the children, but with one punch, he was thrown away like a rag doll.

"Ok. I'm going to give the boar to you, so please let them go," Edgar begged, collapsing onto the ground.

"We changed our minds. It's better to kill all of you here," the men replied, laughing.

KC stood up with a serious expression, his watch flashing on his arm. His face was set, his resolve unwavering. "You're crazy, magicless. You won't stand a chance with just five of us," the man sneered, eager to punish KC.

But KC ignored him and pressed a button on his watch, which transformed into an energy blaster. "Let's see if this is enough for you. Energy level 1," he whispered, aiming it to them.

"What kind of weapon is that? The energy is so strong!" the man had seen many different types of guns, but the energy that came out of this weapon was like nothing he had ever encountered.

At the same time, the energy particles in the blaster surged forward with incredible speed, the goons attempted to use the children as a shield but the blast changing direction as if it has its own life following them striking them one by one and preventing their escape. "Everyone join me together for the ultimate elemental shield!" they cried out, gathering their energy to form a magic barrier to defend against the attack.

But it was not enough. All of them were thrown back by the force of the blast, their faces twisted in fear. "Where did that strength come from?" they gasped.

"That was just the weakest attack. This one, no one will survive," KC warned.

"Don't underestimate us!" they replied, quickly forming the elemental shield again.

"Then level 2 energy blaster," KC said, the energy particles right now os much more larger than before, threatining to destroy everything on its wake.

Realizing they couldn't handle the attack, the men quickly fled. Everything in the blast's path was vaporized, including the wide trees that surrounded them. The air was thick with smoke and debris, and for a moment, the only sound that could be heard was the crackling of flames.

With the danger finally gone, KC helped Edgar to the hospital where he was treated for his injuries. After a few hours, Edgar woke up and tried to stand up. "Looks like we all survived," he said with a smile. The children rushed to hug him, relieved to see him okay.

KC stood nearby, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. He was content just to see that Edgar was okay and was about to leave, but the children stopped him. "Hey, bro, that guy fed us with the money for your mission. Is he your friend?" they asked.

Edgar smiled at KC and turned to the children. "If it's okay with you, we could create a party. By the way, what's your name?" he asked KC.

KC's lips curved into a slight smile as he turned around to face them. "KC,".

meanwhile on earth.

As Max stood victorious in the center of the arena, his chest heaving with exertion, the crowd erupted in applause. He had just defeated the greatest opponent in the combat sport, and everyone present knew they had just witnessed a truly remarkable feat, now he conquered the world title for every combat sports known to man.

As the cheers died down, Max turned to face the other fighters who had been watching from the sidelines. He gazed at them with a cold, calculating stare, and they could feel the intensity of his gaze as though it were a physical force.

"That fight bored me," Max said, his voice low and menacing. "Is there anyone out ther that could give me a challenge i'll fight you any sports you want Mma, kickboxing, Boxing, Wrestling and if you win all of my money will be yours but if you lose your life is mine"

The other fighters shrank back, their confidence shattered by Max's words. seeing him in action was something else entirely they don't want a piece of that. He moved like an animal shredding his prey, and his blows landed with the force of a sledgehammer.

"He's not just a fighter, he's a killer," whispered one of the onlookers, awestruck by Max's performance.

Another fighter, a tall, muscular man with a fierce scowl, stepped forward to challenge Max. "I'll take you on," he growled.

Max smiled, a cruel gleam in his eye. "You really think you can beat me?"

The other fighter hesitated for a moment, then shook his head and backed away. "No," he muttered. "No one can beat you."

Then max took out his phone and he show the wife off the scared challenger having intercourse with him.

"YOU WILL PAY!!"and the challenger Attack max with all his strength, but in just seconds max intercepted the attack with the punch of his own in just a moment the guy head twist backwards.

the other fighters watched in awe, knowing that they had just witnessed something truly remarkable. Max was not just a fighter – he was a force of nature, a true villain who instilled fear in all who dared to cross his path.

"I can't believe what I just saw, thats just so brutal" one fighter said to another. "That guy is the devil himself."

The other fighter nodded, a look of fear in his eyes. "We're all in trouble if we ever have to face him."

Max's reputation had preceded him, but now, the other fighters knew they were in the presence of a true legend. He was a force to be reckoned with, and they could only hope to survive long enough to fight another day.

As Max stood victorious in the arena, his eyes scanned the crowd as if daring anyone to challenge him. but as everyone averting their gaze max called out all the beautiful women on the Event, he doesn't care if they have husband or lover, he offered them a huge amount of money they could only dream off just to sleep with him, as he was also very handsome no one could say reject his offer, they follow max who walks of the event, no one can do a thing about it even those watching from home could sense the fear that Max instilled in his opponents.

In living rooms and sports bars across the country, viewers watched in awe and trepidation as Max dominated the combat sport with ease. They saw his legendary strength and ferocity, but to witness it in person, even through a screen, was a terrifying experience.

"Did you see that?" one fan exclaimed, his voice trembling with excitement. "Max is a monster! No one can beat him!"

"He's not just a fighter," another fan whispered. "He's a predator."

At home, viewers couldn't help but feel a shiver run down their spine His raw power and unbridled aggression were unlike anything they had ever seen before. one viewer at the house whispered to their friends. "I wouldn't want to be in the same room as him, let alone the same ring."

"Pretty sure he's the strongest person in the world right now," another chimed in. "Is there anyone could ever beat this guy."

The commentators in the broadcast booth spoke in hushed tones, their voices tinged with awe and fear. "Max is unlike anything we've ever seen before," one of them said. "He's not just a champion, he's a force of nature."

As the camera panned over to the defeated opponent lying on the ground lifeless his head was twisted, the other commentator chimed in. "You have to wonder what goes through the minds of the fighters who step into the ring with Max?"

Max's phone rang, interrupting his post-fight celebrations inside the limo with many beautiful women. He looked down to see the name "Father" flashing on the screen. With a sigh, he answered the call.

"Hello, Father," Max said, his voice cold and curt.

"Max, I need you to come to the site," his father henry replied, cold and unfeeling.

"What site?" Max asked, his brow furrowing in confusion.

"The new development project," henry said. "I have a surprise for you I'm sure you would like."

"Ok, father" after that a lustful grin could be seen in max face as he ordered the driver to change course.

Max had always been hungry for power. It was a craving that drove him to push himself to new limits, to seek out new challenges and conquer them with ruthless efficiency. He was never satisfied with what he had, always striving for more, always hungry for the next big thing.