Chapter 18:

Part 17

Fragile Phantasy

As Cyril made his escape with the unconscious Zeline, KC and Edgar desperately tried to give chase. However, Edgar was weakened from the loss of his magic, and KC's watch was still recharging. With no other options available, the two quickly tended to Zeline's mother who had suddenly fallen ill.

As they tended to her, Edgar noticed something odd. "Hey, KC, didn't Cyril forget to take the jewelry that Zeline had on her?" he asked, confused as they saw zeline stolen things are still in the tent.

But their attention was quickly pulled back to Zeline's mother, who suddenly began vomiting blood and trembling violently. "We need to take her to the hospital now," KC urged, quickly scooping up the woman.

Before they could leave, Zeline's mother managed to open her eyes and weakly asked, "Where is Zeline?" But the two friends couldn't bear to answer her question, instead bowing their heads in shame.

"KC, my son," Zeline's mother said, coughing up blood. "Please take care of my daughter."

KC's heart was filled with a sudden surge of regret"I'm sorry" He stood up"But i'm gonna save her", determined to save Zeline from Cyril's clutches. "Edgar, please take her to the hospital. I'm going after Cyril," he said resolutely.

As Cyril reached his destination, he cast a small floating magic circle in the air, using it to contact the Hyena leader Harper. "Hey, Harper. I'm outside the capital. If you want this girl, come to my location," Cyril said arrogantly.

Before Harper could respond, Cyril hung up on him and called someone else. A shadowy figure appeared in the magic circle, speaking with Cyril in hushed tones.

"Boss, I've completed the plan as discussed. I'm here at the designated spot," Cyril reported respectfully.

"Good work, Cyril. I'll be there soon. Wait for your reward," the shadowy figure replied.

But as Cyril watched over Zeline, he noticed her attempting to escape, even though she was handcuffed and tied up"Help!!"She screamed. With a swift kick, Cyril put an end to her struggle. "There's nowhere to run, so stay still and be quiet!" he ordered harshly.

Cyril turned around to find KC standing there, panting and holding a massive wooden board in his hand that he seems to get to a huge tree's. Zeline had apparently brought him with her noise, much to her delight.

"KC!" she exclaimed, amazed at the unexpected turn of events.

Cyril kicked zeline in the face, causing his nose to bleed. "That's because of you, noisy woman!" he yelled, unsheathing his two bolo swords. "You have irritated the hell out of me." And quickly charged at kc.

Without missing a beat, KC countered Cyril's bolo slice with the thick wooden board. The wood was so dense that the bolo sank into it, unable to slice it in half. and KC saw his chance and kicked Cyril's wounded leg, causing him to wince in pain. KC followed up with a punch to the face, knocking Cyril off balance due to his injury.

Before KC could finish him off, however, Cyril threw sand into his eyes, blinding him in an instant. With a scowl, Cyril infused his bolo with magic, making it impossible for KC's wooden shield to stop it.

"You can't survive this, magicless!" Cyril taunted as he cast the spell. The metal of his bolos merged and grew longer until it became a towering sword, as big as a huge tree in the surrounding area.

The moment Cyril dropped it, as if there is no escape for KC.

But KC had other plans. He threw the wooden board at Cyril's wounded leg, knocking him off balance and causing his giant sword to miss. The surrounding area shook with the weight of the sword, destroying all the trees it collided with.

Before Cyril could recover, KC picked up a broken branch of the fallen trees and hit him in the face repeatedly until he lost consciousness.

As Cyril lay unconscious on the ground, KC swiftly retrieved the key from his pocket to release Zeline from the attached handcuffs. Despite her injuries, Zeline mustered a weak smile and expressed her gratitude to KC.

"Thank you for coming back, KC," she said, her voice barely above a whisper.

"Are you okay?" KC asked while loosening the handcuffs. "Can you still stand?".

"I'm okay," she replied, though it was clear that she was struggling to stand.

"Why did you risk your life to save me?" she asked, still in disbelief that KC would go to such lengths for her. She had always assumed that he didn't care for her.

Before KC could answer her, the leader of the hyena, Harper, appeared before them with his followers, effectively cornering KC and Zeline.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" Harper sneered, a cigarette hanging from his lips. "It turns out that the magicless one is the one who will bring me this damn woman. Your work is done, give her to me."

KC stood his ground and answered Harper with a resounding "No!"

Harper laughs"you know im going to kill you with that answer right? I don't get your motivation to do that?"

"Because she was my friend!!"kc answered full of conviction.

Zeline heart fluttered in disbelief as she whisper "kc".

Angered Harper ordered his men to attack, and they showered KC with explosive magic attacks as he ran for cover. Unfortunately, one of the blasts hit his leg and burned it badly, causing him to dropped Zeline and fall to the ground.

As he struggled to stand up, one of Harper's men delivered a brutal uppercut to KC's jaw, nearly knocking his head off. The others pinned him down and began to pummel him in the stomach, causing him to vomit blood and scream in agony.

Zeline watched in horror as KC fought against the odds. She knew that he was doing all of this for her, and she couldn't bear to see him suffer any longer.

Despite the pain and the odds stacked against him, KC refused to give up. He forced himself to endure the pain and stand up, determined to save Zeline no matter what.

"You won't take her back!" he declared, his voice ringing out loud and clear in determination.

Harper slowly approached KC, taking a sip of his expensive wine from a crystal glass. "You're just talk," he sneered, kicking KC in the face and causing him to roll on the ground. "You know I will spare your life if you cry and beg for mercy while kneeling."

But KC was determined to fight for his promises until the bitter end. "Not interested," he answered firmly, looking directly at Harper, showing that he stood by his decision with his head held high.

"Fool!" Harper immediately picked up his sword and aimed it at KC, ready to strike. But at the last second, Zeline stepped in front of KC and took the fatal blow.

KC was shocked and stunned by what happened. His mind went blank, and he couldn't believe it. "Good, then the two of you will die!" At the same time, Harper forced the sword deeper, intending to reach KC at Zeline's back.

But before he could land the final blow, Harper heard screams coming from his men, and turned to see all of them burned to a crisp, with flames spreading throughout the area. "Who did that? Get out! Who are you?!" Harper turned to the burning surroundings, looking for the culprit.

A large shadow appeared on the other side, with a strong blaze of spreading fire. Kryge's image emerged in the middle of the flames at the same time. "Looks like this is where your reign ends, Harper."

Harper desperately trying to flee, but was tripped and fell, trembling with fear. "Wait just for a moment! You can't kill me! No It's not permitted by the rules of the capital!" he threatened, hoping to save his life.

But Kryge was not one to be swayed by empty threats. He stepped forward, his eyes blazing with fury. "Well no one would know your dead," he said, his voice low and menacing. "im gonna burn you to ashes and erase your existance that no one would know what happen."

As Harper continued to flee, Kryge simply smiled and closed in on the hyena leader. "You can't escape, Harper," Kryge warned.

But Harper's reinforcements arrived and formed a powerful elemental shield around their leader. "Stop that madman!" Harper ordered, and his men created an impenetrable barrier.

However, Kryge was not deterred. With a smile on his face, he let out a deafening roar. "Burst Rage, 1st Mode!" His body erupted in flames, and he formed giant blades of fire that dissolved and evaporated all the sweat in the area. "You're done!" he shouted, launching an attack.

As Harper's men and Kryge's attack collided, the surroundings erupted into a sea of flames, burning everything to ashes.

Before getting burn by the explosive magic KC who was losing consciousness noticed that the watch was fully recharged. With all his strength, he reached out and pressed the button, transforming the watch into a flying carpet with artificial intelligence.

"What is your order, sir?" the carpet asked.

"Get us out of here quickly," KC ordered, and the carpet flew into the air with KC and Zeline on its back.

As they flew away, KC couldn't help but look at Zeline, who was barely hanging on after being stabbed. She Still gazed up at him with adoration in her eyes. "Zeline, we're almost there," KC encouraged her. "Be strong, please." But he could see zeline eyes become dull and could no longer see.

Zeline's eyes began to grow dim and she struggled to breathe. KC felt tears fall down his cheek Onto zeline face that kept her conscious for a second But then, with all her remaining strength, Zeline held KC's tearful eyes. "For the first time, I finally see your genuine side," she whispered a small smile forming on her lips before her eyes closed for the final time.

After what felt like an eternity, KC finally arrived at the hospital where he met Edgar. The two men discussed Zeline's tragic fate, learning that her mother had fallen into a coma with little chance of waking up. It pained him to see zeline's mom lying so still, with no signs of life in her eyes. The doctors gave little hope that she would ever wake up, In a show of respect and gratitude for Zeline's sacrifice, they agreed to pay for all the medical expenses with the jewelry she left behind, hoping that someday her mother would recover and wake up and know that her sacrifice was not in vain.

Later that day, KC found himself standing in front of Zeline's grave, the scent of fresh flowers wafting through the air. He carefully laid a bouquet at the foot of the tombstone and took a moment to reflect on all that had transpired and said his goodbyes. As he turned to leave, Edgar approached him he was surprised by the gesture, and asked "Maybe this time, you will like women," Edgar suggested, hoping to lift KC's spirits.

"Not exactly," KC replied, trying to maintain his stoic demeanor. "But I have found a respect for them." his voice steady and measured.

Edgar nodded, pleased with KC's response. "Well, that's a start," he said Together, the two friends said their final goodbyes to Zeline and began to make their way back home.

Meanwhile, Kryge stood amidst the charred ruins of the battlefield, everything was burnt into ashes, a small smirk forming on his lips. "Not bad, KC," he whispered to himself.

Meanwhile on Earth, When max arrived, he was greeted by a team of scientists and engineers, all working frantically to prepare the weapon. Max's father stood at the center of the room, his eyes cold and calculating.

"Ah, Max," henry said, his voice dripping with fake enthusiasm. "I'm glad you could make it. Are you ready to test your limits?"Max nodded, his jaw set in a determined line.

"Very good," henry said, turning to the scientists. "Activate the weapon."As the weapon was activated, Max felt a surge of excitement wash over him. He had never seen anything like it before, a massive machine bristling with weapons and sensors. He knew that whatever it was, it was designed to test his strength to the limit.

Max began to fight brutally, using all of his strength and skill to dodge the weapon's attacks and strike back with deadly force. The scientists watched in awe and terror as Max tore through the machine, his strength leaving a trail of destruction in his wake while smiling like a psycho.

At the end of the test, Max stood victorious once again, his father watching with a cold, calculating eye. "Excellent," henry said, his voice devoid of emotion. "I knew you wouldn't disappoint me."Max's thirst for power had always burned deep within him. He had always been hungry for more, whether it was fame, fortune, or raw strength. And now, as he stood in his father's laboratory, staring at the sleek, futuristic hammer his father had given him, that hunger burned hotter than ever."What is this?" Max asked, his eyes fixed on the weapon in his hand."It's a new kind of hammer,"henry said, his voice filled with pride. Henry had stolen the formula to doc to create this weapon, "This is a weapon of destruction you haven't seen, It's more powerful than anything on the market today."

Max felt a thrill run through him as he hefted the hammer, feeling its weight and power. He knew that with this weapon in his hand, he could take on anyone, defeat anyone, conquer anyone.Max had craved the feeling of dominance, the rush of adrenaline that came from crushing his opponents beneath his heel. And now, with the weapon his father had given him, he felt unstoppable.

The futuristic hammer was unlike anything Max had ever seen. Its sleek black exterior was adorned with glowing red runes, and the weight of it in his hand felt like a promise of destruction. He could feel the power coursing through it, the energy waiting to be unleashed.The two of them boarded a bullet train, traveling deep underground to an island they owned. When they arrived at the island, Max was stunned by what he saw. A sprawling metropolis of towering skyscrapers and gleaming highways, with no sign of life anywhere. It was like a ghost town, frozen in time.

"This is your playground, Max," henry said, his voice low and sinister. "I want you to test the weapons here, to see what they truly capable of."Max took a deep breath, feeling the hammer's weight in his hand. He raised it above his head, feeling the power surge through him. With one swift swing, he brought the hammer crashing down onto the nearest skyscraper.The building crumbled beneath his blow, the concrete and steel collapsing in a cloud of dust and debris. Max stood there, panting with exertion, feeling the rush of power coursing through his veins.

Max felt a sense of awe wash over him as he realized the full extent of the hammer's power. He could take over the world with this weapon, and his father knew it."Amazing," henry said, his voice filled with a cold sense of satisfaction. "With this weapon, You could crush your enemies and bend them to your will."

Max felt a sense of awe and wonder at the power he held in his hands. He could feel his lust for conquest growing, his hunger for dominance driving him forward. With this weapon, he could be unstoppable.And he knew that he would do whatever it took to seize this power, to claim it for his own. For Max was a man consumed by his own ambition, a man driven to conquer and destroy, no matter the cost. And with the futuristic hammer in his grasp, he knew that nothing could stand in his way.

"This is incredible," Max said, his voice filled with wonder."Yes," henry said, his voice dark and sinister. "And now, we will use it to conquer the other world."Henry watched with a twisted sense of pride as Max unleashed once again the full force of his power upon the city. The buildings crumbled like sandcastles, reduced to piles of rubble and debris in a matter of moments. The sound of destruction echoed across the empty streets, a symphony of chaos and devastation.

As Max took a moment to catch his breath, Henry pulled out his phone and dialed a number. A few moments later, a group of henchmen in lab coats appeared, carrying a large briefcase between them.

"What's the status on the portal?" Henry asked, his voice low and menacing.

One of the scientists stepped forward, nervously adjusting his glasses. "We're at about 80% completion, sir," he said. "We just need a few more components to finish the project."Henry nodded, a sense of anticipation building within him."Good," he said. "Get back to work. I want that portal up and running as soon as possible."The henchmen scurried away, their lab coats flapping in the wind. Henry turned his attention back to Max, who was still basking in the afterglow of his destruction.