Chapter 19:

Part 18

Fragile Phantasy

As the wind whipped through the narrow path, Yunya ran desperately to keep up with her older brother. The sandstorm had slowed her down, but she refused to let him out of her sight. "Brother, please wait for me," she cried out, hoping to catch his attention.

But he kept moving further and further away, his figure slowly disappearing into the haze. "Brother, don't leave me," she pleaded, her voice carrying over the windswept landscape.

Suddenly, her brother turned back and smiled at her, a warm and comforting expression that briefly lit up his face. But just as quickly, he vanished from sight, leaving Yunya alone on the path.

She stumbled forward blindly, her feet taking her to a dark and unfamiliar place. In the distance, she could see a small light, its glow barely illuminating the shadows that surrounded her.

As she drew closer, she realized that she was not alone. People stood all around her, their faces obscured by darkness. She strained to see their features, but could make out nothing but the contempt and disdain they directed her way.

"You will never be your brother, you useless brat," one of them sneered, his voice echoing in the stillness.

Yunya woke with a start, her heart pounding in her chest. It had only been a dream, she realized, but the memory of it lingered on. She knew what she had to do.

Looking at the calendar on her wall, she whispered to herself, "I have one month left before the appointing of the next leader of the clan. When I have achieved the right reputation, I will overthrow everyone and show their twisted beliefs are wrong. I will destroy tradition, I will not stop until I bring you to my knees, father!"

With a steely determination, Yunya rose from her bed and began to dress. She knew the road ahead would not be easy, but she was ready to face whatever challenges lay in her path. For she was not just a girl trying to catch up to her brother, but a woman with a fierce spirit and an unbreakable will to succeed.

Yunya looked at the carefully crafted schedule, feeling a sense of determination welling up inside her. "Stick to the plan, phase one starts now," she murmured to herself, before striding out of the room. As she walked down the hallway, she noticed a row of women holding bows, waiting for her command.

Like a seasoned general, Yunya issued her orders. "Archers, hit your targets. Let's see if your posture is now perfect." The archers all nodded and took aim, their arrows soaring through the air and hitting their marks with precision.

Yunya then turned her attention to the shielders, the defenders of their group. "Now, practice your stance. Silva, make sure they're strong enough to defend against the attacking monsters." The muscular women all began to push their heavy training weights, grunting with effort.

Having studied all the information gathered from their exploration, Yunya had a plan in mind. She checked the quest log and smiled to herself when she saw that it was an A-rank mission. They had to slay the paralyzing salamander, and she knew that completing it would boost their reputation.

Approaching Vica, the newest member of their team and a skilled healer, Yunya spoke with confidence. "Vica, I trust you to make this plan a success. Our reputation is at stake here."

Vica, holding her staff and practicing her healing magic, nodded in agreement. "Yes, sister. I won't let you down."

Turning her attention back to the group, Yunya called the group together. "You need to improve your stats, clear?" All of the women training replied in unison, "Yes, sister!", ready to push themselves to their limits.

An hour of intense training later, the meal arrived, and the hungry women dug in eagerly. Ilkya, however, ate like an animal, prompting Silva to chide her for her lack of manners. "You still haven't really changed your behavior, Ilkya. You're still a street person," Silva scolded.

Ilkya, with her mouth still full, shot back. "Do you have a problem with that? Wanna square off, huh?" But after eating too much too quickly, she suddenly threw up, much to everyone's disgust.

"You're really disgusting no matter what," Silva retorted, slapping Ilkya on the arm.

"Ouch! You meanie," Ilkya whined, while the other women laughed

As Vica watched on, she couldn't help but smile. Each member of the group had a difficult past, mistreated by the capital as courtesans, beggars, or slaves. But now they had found acceptance and family in this group, and a sense of purpose in their lives.

Ilkya and Silva's attention turned to the shy Vica. "What are you laughing at?" they asked, playfully teasing her.

Vica answered, "Nothing," but she was soon caught up in their antics.

In just a few minutes, the party was ready to embark on an exploration of an S class dungeon. They may have come from difficult pasts, but together they were strong, united in their quest for adventure and success.

As the group start their adventure, they descended deeper into the dungeon where more formidable foes awaited them. Yunya and her team were met with a pack of vicious, snarling beasts, but she didn't falter. "Shielders, hold your ground! Mages, prepare your spells! Archers, aim for their weak spots!".

The women fought with all their might, displaying their training and teamwork in the heat of battle. As the last monster fell to the ground, the group took a moment to catch their breaths.

"Good job sisters" yunya said while vica is replenishing the groups mana.

As Yunya's party ventured deeper into the dungeon, the monsters grew stronger and more ferocious. With a flick of her wrist, Yunya commanded her archers to rain down their arrows, and the monsters were quickly vaporized before they could even come close to the group. Yunya's precision and leadership were on full display, and her party followed her every move with utmost trust and confidence.

Meanwhile, in the bustling capital, KC and Edgar sat in the latter's humble abode enjoying a delicious breakfast cooked by Edgar's adopted children. The food was exquisite, and the children beamed with pride as Edgar savored every bite.

"Thank you for taking care of us, bro," said Adeli, one of the children, with a warm smile.

Edgar smiled back and replied, "Thanks kids I love all of you too."

"Brother, this is your favorite dish. We worked hard to make it for you," the children said with beaming smiles.

Edgar happily enjoyed the food, savoring every bite as his heart swelled with warmth and love for his adopted family. "This is great thank you," he said, his voice filled with genuine appreciation.

The children's smiles widened as they heard their beloved brother's words, and they all hugged him tightly, expressing their love and gratitude. "We love you bro," they said in unison.

Edgar's heart overflowed with joy as he hugged each of them back, feeling blessed to have such wonderful children in his life. But as he turned to KC, he noticed he's brooding silently on the side, staring into them in blank face with an air of discontent.

"What's on your mind, KC?" Edgar asked, concerned for his dear friend.

As KC sat in watching the happiness that radiated from his friend and his adopted children, he couldn't help but be reminded of his past mistakes. In that moment, the memory of how he mistreated his little sister came rushing back to him.

He remembered a time when he was depressed and isolated himself in his room, shutting out the world. But his sister, ever concerned, had come to check on him. Frustrated and angry at her intrusion, he lashed out and threw his game console at her. "I don't need you, leave me alone! Get out of here!" he had shouted in a fit of rage.

As he sat there, lost in thought and consumed with regret, the children suddenly touched KC and brought him back to the present. "Brother, are you all right?" Adelie asked, her kind eyes filled with concern.

KC snapped out of his reverie and looked up, meeting the gentle gazes of the children. He smiled faintly and reassured them, "Yes, I'm fine. Edgar, I'll go first." Then walk away to take his side job on the guild.

KC stepped into the guild, and the familiar scent of wood and parchment filled his senses. As he approached the counter, a bright smile welcomed him. "How are you, KC?" It was Kristel, the guild receptionist who always greeted him warmly. Despite his sullen demeanor, Kristel knew how to handle KC and didn't wait for his greeting.

He simply nodded and waited for her to continue.

"Unfortunately, there's been a delay in deliveries, so there won't be any requests for you to deliver just yet. But don't worry, we'll contact you as soon as we have something for you," Kristel explained, still wearing a friendly smile.

KC was a delivery boy in his side job, and his job was to deliver various goods, items, or weapons to adventurers taking missions

As Yunya's group finally reached the boss room of the dungeon, they were met with a large igloo dome-like cave. The adventurers noticed a huge egg at the center of the room.

"Ilkya, please check if the equipment is still suffice," Yunya ordered.

"Yes, big sis. The traps, rations, and delivery spell signals are still here," Ilkya answered.

"Make the rear formation defenders, be patient, and block the monster," Yunya instructed.

"Count on us, big sis," Silva said, and her group tightened their defense.

"Okay, position archers," Ilkya said, and all of her group prepared their arrows.

"Based on the information, there are still ten minutes before the big salamander comes. Set the traps," Yunya ordered, turning to the healer, Vica. "If someone's hurt, you need to heal them immediately."

"Yes, sis," Vica answered determinedly.

The salamander arrived just a few minutes later.

"Now, the traps and snares!" Yunya ordered.

Suddenly, the ground where the monster was standing exploded, and the monster fell into a huge hole.

"Defenders, use earth magic!" Yunya ordered to those in front holding large shields around the hole, and they covered it acting like a magical fortress, preventing the monster from rising up and escaping the pit.

But the monster forced its way up by spinning like a cyclone and destroy the magical fortress.

To evade the wrath Yunya cast a big floating ice that they could stand on to get away from the salamander below. While on the big floating ice, the archers showered the salamander with magical fire arrows.

However, the attack only grazed the monster's skin, and after a huge smoke, the monster disappeared.

"Where is he?" said the group.

Suddenly, the monster was above the ceiling of the cave, crawling, and it changed color to camouflage itself. It quickly opened its mouth to eat them.

Yunya tried to defend her colleagues by using an ice shield wall, but the monster was able to destroy it with the strength of its bite force. It managed to eat Ilkya along with the bags of all their equipment.

"You'll pay for that!" Silva yelled and attacked the monster in anger without hesitation.

"Don't!" Vica said and followed her friend to help.

But the salamander was much stronger, and the combined magical attack of Silva and Vica couldn't handle it. They would be swallowed up.

Yunya charged quickly and saved the two, but she was grazed by the monster's fang in the foot. As she struggled to stand up, Yunya knew that they were in a dire situation. She looked at her companions and saw the determination in their eyes. Yunya knew that they were not going down without a fight.

But she suddenly felt the pain on her wound, Yunya's screams echoed throughout the dark dungeon as she writhed in pain from the searing heat of the monster's saliva. It felt as if her insides were being consumed by the creature's internal burn ability, and she could barely contain the agony.

"Let's heal big sis immediately!" Vica's urgent cry snapped Yunya back to reality, and she saw her younger sister rushing towards her with healing magic at the ready. But as Vica drew closer, the other members of their party scattered in fear, abandoning their carefully planned battle formation.

But in their panic, their group scattered like leaves in the wind, fleeing in terror from the ferocious beast that threatened to devour them all. The battle plan they had so carefully crafted and practiced lay in ruins, shattered by the overwhelming power of their foe.

Yunya stood alone against the salamander, fighting with all her might even as the pain in her feet threatened to consume her. Summoning all her strength, she lunged forward with her strongest blade thrust, determined to strike the creature down. But even as she struck, the searing pain in her feet slowed her attack, causing her to miss her mark and strike the salamander's eggs instead. The monster roared in fury, its rage stoked to new heights by the destruction of its precious brood.

The salamander lunged at Yunya, eager to avenge its offspring and claim her as its next victim. But quick as a flash, she conjured a massive chunk of ice to shield herself from its deadly jaws blocking it. As the creature turned its wrath on her helpless companions whose trying to escape, trapping them within the dungeon's walls, Vica and Silva cried out in horror, watching helplessly as their allies were devoured before their very eyes. with no hope of escape. The salamander had blocked off all the exit routes, leaving Yunya,vica and silva trapped inside with the deadly creature, yunya cast a ice wall that protects his remaining allies.

Yunya knew that she was their only hope, and she will fight with every ounce of strength she had left. But as the minutes wore on and her magic waned that protects the three on the salamander's wrath, she knew that the end was drawing near. The salamander circled them, waiting for her energy to deplete so that it could claim its final victory. But even in the face of certain defeat, Yunya refused to surrender, determined to go down fighting against the monster that had destroyed so much of what she held dear.

Silva's voice trembled with fear as she spoke, "Big sis, it looks like we're going nowhere." Vica, focused on healing Yunya's wounds, asked desperately, "Can we still get out alive?" Yunya's eyes narrowed as she surveyed the scene before her.

They were trapped with no way out, and their ice shield has melted and the monster was closing in fast. But she refused to give up. "Give me the big shield, Silva," Yunya commanded, determination etched on her face.

Silva hesitated for a moment before handing over the massive shield to her sister. "What's your plan, sis?" she asked nervously. Yunya attached the shield to her back and turned to face her allies. "Attack me from behind with your strongest magic," she instructed.

Vica and Silva exchanged a look of confusion but obeyed nonetheless. Vica summoned all her strength and unleashed the most powerful spell she could muster, while Silva punched the shield behind Yunya with all her might.

The force of the attack propelled Yunya forward, and she surged towards the monster with a fierce determination. Summoning the last of her strength, she slashed at the beast with her blade, cutting it clean in half. As the monster's body fell to the ground, Yunya collapsed with exhaustion.

Her vision grew hazy, and she felt herself slipping away. "Please grab the bag inside the stomach of the monster," she urged Vica and Silva, her voice barely a whisper. The two girls frantically scoured the monster's body and eventually found the bag they were looking for. But as they retrieved it, they were horrified to see the bodies of their fallen comrades dissolving before their very eyes.

As they rummaged through the bag, the adventurers realized with disappointment that the only item that remained intact was the delivery tag. With a heavy heart, they began their ascent out of the cavern, digging their way through the holes that the monster had closed behind them.

Suddenly while digging they're way up, they sensed a disturbance in the air. Another creature was approaching. They quickly hid, peering out from their hiding spot to see a second salamander, wailing in agony as it mourned the loss of its mate.

"No! not another one, the situation is getting worse and worst" whispered vica.

Using the salamander keen sense of smell, the creature began to track the scent of the adventurers, and they vica that they couldn't survive another encounter. "This signal is all we can use. We have to ask for help," Silva suggested.

Yunya, however, stubbornly disagreed. "I won't ask for help. That's a sign of weakness," she protested, even though she was on the brink of collapse as her words were cut short as she collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

Vica, with tears streaming down her face, knew that they had to do whatever it took to survive. "I'm sorry, big sis, but we have to make it out of here alive. It's our only chance," she said, as she quickly scribbled a message on the delivery tag, listing all of their needs and the dangers they had faced. With a wave of her hand, the tag disappeared, teleported back to their guild in the hopes that help would come soon.

The signal had been sent, and the guild had received the distress call. As kristel announced the urgent mission"OK to every adventurer's here thier's a rescue mission at a class s dungeon requested by yunya" But despite Kristel's urgent plea for reinforcements, no one had responded. Not a single guild member had stepped forward to aid Yunya and her companions. Why? Because they despised her, Yunya's haughty attitude and overconfidence had made her very unpopular amongst her peers. But little did they know that Yunya was fighting for her life deep in the dungeon, battling against the odds with only her wits and the support of her faithful comrades.

With no adventurers willing to be reinforcement the other request is bring the necessary items. "I'll take the mission"KC wasted no time. He grabbed the package and set off on his delivery, with his watch fully recharged. As he leaves the guild he pressed the watch, and transformed into roller blades. With a powerful leap, he propelled himself even higher using the shoes' magnetic force he stuck to the walls and its wheels continues to dashed.

With every bound KC shot up into the air and attached himself to every post, trees, propelled by the shoes' powerful magnetic force. He quickly navigated through the city, using his parkour skills to jump between buildings and glide along walls.

The wheels on his shoes spun rapidly, allowing him to jump from wall to wall and seamlessly parkour across rooftops. KC deftly navigated out of the city and made his way towards the dungeon forest by leaping from tree to tree.

Meanwhile, inside the dark and treacherous cave, Vica, Silva, and Yunya remained hidden, their hearts pounding as they waited for the salamander to pass. Its sense of smell was razor-sharp, and the slightest noise could give away their location. They had to remain perfectly still and quiet, lest they become the monster's next meal.