Chapter 23:

Part 22

Fragile Phantasy

Henry stood in the middle of the grand dome laboratory, surrounded by a team of diligent workers and skilled scientists who had been toiling tirelessly on a massive portal as they put the final gem. The old man's eyes gleamed with a fierce determination, and his cane rapped against the floor as he shouted, "Finally, the portal is finished!"

Turning to the adjacent scientist, he commanded, "Rodger, explain the plan."

Rodger stepped forward and gestured toward the portal, which hummed with an otherworldly energy. "Ok for final briefing," he explained. "Using it, we can journey to a realm of magic and mystery. And with this watch," he added, holding up a gleaming timepiece, "we can wield unimaginable power in that world. We'll take their resources, claim their lands, By absorbing the orginal energy we will ascend to godhood through the fusion of magic and technology."
the portal would only work once.

The room erupted with cheers and applause as Henry stepped forward, seizing the spotlight. "And the one who has been chosen to wield this watch and lead us to glory in the other world," he declared, turning dramatically toward the assembled crowd. The floor shifted beneath their feet, revealing a moveable cement platform that slowly rolled out a regal red carpet. And at the end of that carpet strode Max, Henry's son, his eyes alight with excitement and ambition.

Max was reveling in his ascension to becoming the messiah of this world. A small smile played on his lips as he donned the watch, relishing in the feeling of its immense strength coursing through his veins.Max's smug smile only grew wider as he tightened the watch on his wrist, "The other world will bow before me," he declared, his voice filled with arrogance.

"Rodger," henry commanded, "begin the plan." And with that, his army of loyal followers sprang into action, racing to their respective stations to send Max on his journey to conquer the other world.

Meanwhile In a sprawling dining room filled with warmth and joy, the festive mood at the dining table was infectious, and Edgar couldn't help but feel grateful for the warmth and camaraderie of his friends. "This party is wonderful, thank you all so much," he expressed with genuine appreciation. "You really went all out for me, and I couldn't be more grateful," he added, settling back in his chair and breathing in the joyous atmosphere around him.

As he watched his adopted playing under the games hosted by Silva and Vica, Edgar reflected on how much his life had changed since meeting his newfound friends. "To think that I would have so many wonderful's truly a blessing."and edgar pat kc at the back"It all started thanks to meeting you kc and your unique watch" he added, his voice brimming with contentment.

But as Edgar's heartfelt words filled the air, KC couldn't help but feel a tinge of self-doubt creeping into his mind. He gazed down at his hands, his mind racing with questions. "If it weren't for the power of that watch," he wondered, "would they still have accepted me?"

Laughter and chatter filled the air, as everyone enjoyed the festivities. But suddenly, a rip appeared in the fabric of space, and the mood shifted in an instant. KC's heart raced as he recognized the portal. Memories of his past came flooding back, and he could hardly believe what he was seeing. "No," he whispered to himself in disbelief, as the portal grew larger.

Max emerged from the portal, looking smug as ever. "How are you, KC?" he greeted, with a hint of malice in his voice. KC felt his stomach churn with anxiety, as he faced his former bully. He remembered all too well the painful experiences he had endured at Max's hands. As Max approached him, KC's legs shook uncontrollably.

"What are you doing here?" KC asked, his confusion and fear palpable.

"I need something from you," Max replied, his gaze fixed on the watch on KC's wrist. "Give it to me, and I may spare your life, unlike your friend, Doc," he threatened.

Edgar, seeing the tension in the air, turned to KC, "Do you know him, KC?" he asked, his brow furrowed with concern. The party had come to a screeching halt, as everyone watched in suspense to see what would happen next.

Hearing what they've done to doc, KC could feel his anger boiling over, his blood pulsing through his veins with each beat of his heart. He clenched his jaw tightly, his eyes fixed on Max, who stood before him with a smirk on his face.

Without a second thought, KC lunged forward, pressing down on his watch and unleashing its power. The device transformed into a mighty sword, with razor-sharp spiky saw at the base of the blades, slicing through the air with incredible speed. glinting in the light.

"You will pay for what you did!" KC shouted, his voice filled with rage.

But Max didn't seem fazed. He simply stood there, a look of amusement on his face.

"Just like before, you're weak," Max boasted, his own watch flashing as he parried KC's attack with ease holding up his own weapon, a massive sword that glowed with an otherworldly energy it emits energy stronger that anything they have saw in their whole life.

KC swung his sword with all his might, but Max deflected the blow with ease, their swords clashing in a shower of sparks.

"How?" KC gasped, unable to believe what he was seeing.

"We copied the power of your watch," Max explained with a grin, his sword descending in a blinding arc. "Don't worry, mine is stronger."

With one swift motion, Max swung his sword making a devastating blow, Max shattered KC's sword, the sound echoing through like thunder. shattering KC's weapon into a million pieces. The force of the blow sent KC flying through the air, tumbling across the ground his feet tangling in the rough terrain, and before he knew what was happening, he felt a sharp pain as his head hit a huge rock. Darkness flooded his vision, the strength of the attack pierce kc watch, The crack of the watch echoed. Pain coursed through KC's body, his vision blurring as he slipped into unconsciousness.

The once joyful celebration turned into a battlefield in an instant, The air was thick with tension as Max stood before the group, his malevolent intent clear on his smirking face. The group was on high alert, their minds racing as they tried to comprehend the situation they found themselves in. Their confusion and fear quickly turned into anger as they demanded answers from the intruder. But Max remained silent, simply smiling with a smug satisfaction.

"Speak, damn you! What is your motive?" Silva demanded, readying a powerful magic attack. But Max's grin only grew wider, as if he was enjoying the chaos he caused.

Silva, quick to action, prepared a spell for a magical attack, determined to protect her friends.

"Why are you doing this? What do you need?" Vica demanded, joining Silva in attacking Max both created a ball of combined wind and earth magic. Edgar and Blake stood ready to assist making an elemental ball of wind, water, electric and earth, their eyes fixed on Max's every move.

Without warning, the group unleashed a barrage of elemental attacks at Max, hoping to overwhelm him.

But Max didn't even flinch to the strong magic. Instead, he simply smiled, a grin that sent chills down their spines, Max's weapon changed shape, becoming a large energy shield that deflected their combined elemental attack.

"I just plan to take over your world," Max announced, his weapon transforming once more, this time into a massive hammer the earth crackled and quake as it grazes the ground, but max holding it like he was holding a piece of paper.

The group was left stunned, unable to comprehend the sheer power of their adversary"how?"as they taught no one could survive that attack. But in that moment they couldn't move for an instance as max shield released a paralyzing energy, leaving them helpless. And then, with a single swing of his hammer, he struck Vica, crushing him under its his weight flattened and her innards spral up leaving the remains twitching.

"Vica!!!" Silva yelled out in anger, launching herself at Max, but she too fell victim to his hammer, sinking deeper into the ground her towering size and hardened armor became flattened like a piece of paper. Max stood there, his face contorted in maniacal glee. The group was left reeling, unsure of what to do next. They had never encountered such a foe before.

The air was thick with the scent of blood and the sound of Max's manic laughter as he stood triumphantly amidst the chaos he had wrought. Edgar and Blake watched in disbelief, their hearts heavy with dread.

As Silva and Vica fell, Edgar's heart sank, the weight of the loss heavy on his chest. Blake too was speechless, unable to comprehend the unfathomable power that Max possessed. "Where did you get that kind of power!?" Blake exclaimed in awe and terror, for he had never witnessed such strength before.

Max's maniacal grin grew wider as he pointed his weapon at the two remaining adventurers, ready to claim their lives. But Edgar refused to cower, despite his fear. He was willing to do whatever it takes to protect those he cared about, even if it meant sacrificing his own life. With steely determination, he unleashed his strongest attack, while Blake conjured a powerful whirlpool of water, laced with crackling electricity.

"To die fighting is an honor for an adventurer," Blake declared, his resolve unwavering. Sharping whirling water whirlpool that can cut any steel circle around the two. Combined with Edgar's lightning, it streamed like lightning and crackled with fierce energy.

Max's eyes widened with delight, relishing the challenge that lay before him. "Then die like an ant!!," he said, before charging towards them with an eagerness that was almost palpable.

The two adventurers and Max clashed, and the resulting explosion was deafening. Smoke filled the air, and for a moment, it seemed as though all was lost. But as the smoke cleared, the bodies of the two adventurers were lying on the ground, their blood splattered around them.

The air was thick with the stench of blood and death. The children were screaming in disbelief and agony as they witnessed their beloved father pass away before their very eyes.As Max approached KC, his eyes glimmered with a maniacal fervor. The children could barely bear to watch as their beloved father lay lifeless, and they continued to screamed in agony, unable to comprehend the brutality that had unfolded before their very eyes.

Max wiped the blood off his body, almost as if it were a nuisance, and stepped closer to KC, who was barely able to crawl away from him. With a malicious glint in his eyes, Max grabbed KC and lifted him up in the air, choking him with a grip of steel. He relished in the power he had, and took pleasure in the brutality of his actions. It was clear that he derived pleasure from torturing others, like a true sadist, even though his face was still smeared with blood.

Max's grip tightened around his victim's throat. "You never have change," he hissed, "Still the old good for nothing loser, the only thing thats important on you is the watch"He rejoice to start his plan "And now to complete its power" With that, he grab KC's hand to absorb the power of his watch flowed through max absorbing its energy into his own. KC struggled weakly, but Max's grip was unyielding. The sadistic gleam in Max's eyes was unmistakable as he continues to absorbed the energy from KC's watch, reveling in the surge of power that it gave him. As the light from KC's watch disappeared, Max felt a surge of power flow through his body. He felt like a god, invincible and all-powerful.

"I have finally completed the power of the watch," he declared triumphantly, before tossing KC aside like a piece of trash. "Without the watch, You are nothing," sneering as kc wasn't even worth killing with that he heads towards the capital.

As Max disappeared into the distance, the children gathered around their father's lifeless body, their tears falling like rain. They knew that they would never forget the horrors that they had, as kc tried to crawl to his bag to get the healing herbs and reached it.

KC gritted his teeth as he slowly consumed the healing herbs that he had gathered earlier. The bitter taste made his stomach churn, but he knew that it was necessary to heal his injuries. He lay there, waiting for the herbs to take effect, feeling the pain slowly recede but not disappear entirely.

Meanwhile, in the heart of the capital, His lazers and missiles rained down on the innocent people, causing chaos and devastation wherever he went. The streets were filled with the screams of the injured and dying, and the air was thick with the acrid smell of smoke and burning debris. Max unleashed a barrage of destruction that left the city in ruins. Buildings crumbled, streets exploded, and people ran for their lives, terrified screams of the innocent filled the air their screams echoing through the chaos. Max's weapons of destruction rained down upon the innocent like judgement, his maniacal laughter ringing out like a siren of death. The streets were littered with rubble and debris, and the once-beautiful city was now nothing but a desolate wasteland.

But then, from the shadows emerged Maximus Magnus, the capital emperor that have a great power and authority. With him was Qougre, his loyal right hand man territorial leader. "How dare you!" Magnus bellowed, his voice ringing out above the chaos. With a fierce determination, he launched himself at Max, ready to do battle. But Max was not so easily defeated. He unleashed a barrage of weapons at them, including lasers, missiles, bullets, and even cannons.

Max's attacks came fast and furious, but they were no match for the dark energy flames that surrounded Magnus and Qougre. The flames shimmered and crackled and became torrent of dark violet flames that consumed Max's onslaught and shielded Magnus and Qougre from harm.

"Let's see if you can handle the complete power of my watch," he taunted, as the dark energy emanating from his watch surged even more Max's watch enveloped the capital, plunging it into a never-ending night. The once magical and lively capital were now silent and empty, save for the occasional cry of a wounded citizen. But Max didn't care. He reveled in the darkness, as if it were his ally, and the people mere pawns in his twisted game. The ultimate power of his completed watch is to drain the life energy from all those unfortunate enough to be trapped within the darkness he had created. The wounded and weak people had aged before his eyes, their flesh withering away until they were nothing but bones. Max watched with a sinister smile as he absorbed their magical energy, growing stronger with each passing moment.

With that the flames protecting magnus and qougre is gone"Insolence!" Magnus and qougre launched another attack, but they were shocked to find that they had lost their magic.

"How did this happen? We lost our magic," Magnus exclaimed, clearly bewildered.

"What did you do?" qougre asked, his voice full of disbelief, as he watched his cestus weapon melt in his hand. The dark aura from Max's watch consuming it.

"Now let's see how you fare without magic," Max said, his eyes glinting with sadistic pleasure. He pulled out a sharp scythe from his watch, and with swift, deadly strokes, he sliced through Magnus and qougre head, killing them as easily as one would squash an insect.

As the bodies of his victims fell to the ground, Max Stretch his body like finishing a long cardio, seemingly uninterested in the destruction he had caused. With a cold, indifferent expression, Max wiped the dirt and blood from his shirt as if he had just finished a mundane task as he continues to walk to the center.

Yet even as Max stood amidst the carnage, he was caught off guard by Magnus's miraculous revival. "You made a mistake poor boy" With the power of the souls he had absorbed from the past, Magnus returned to life his beheaded head float back to his body and all the dead souls around gathered creating maximus strongest weapon a towering dark violet flaming sword and he quickly struck Max using the massive sword. But Max was unimpressed, easily parrying the attack with his watch and absorbing the sword's energy.

"I'm not even surprised, is that it?" Max's thirst for power was insatiable, and he consumed every last bit of energy from Magnus's body and the souls of the children he had killed in the past. Magnus withered away, and Max walked away from the scene with his usual callous disregard for the destruction he had caused. To him, it was just another day in the life of the most powerful being in the land.

As Max reached the center of the capital, he stood tall and proud, his eyes glimmering with excitement and ambition. He had overcome every obstacle in his path, and now, the time had come to complete his grand plan "And now for the final phase" he muttered.

With a small stick in his hand, he threw it into the air, and in an instant, it transformed into a magnificent tower acts like a skybeam it fires its lazer reached high into the sky. The power max had gathered around using the watch was immense, and he channeled it all to the tower into creating a portal that would connect this magical world and Earth.

The portal was still small, like a needle, but Max knew it was only a matter of time before it became big enough for his father's armada and fleet to enter. He could feel the energy coursing through his veins, the excitement building within him as he realized that he was about to conquer this world beyond his wildest dreams.

"Only three more hours," he said, his voice suddenly tinged with boredom. He knew he had to wait patiently for the bridge to be completed, but the anticipation was almost too much to bear. He looked up at the portal, his eyes blazing with determination. This was his moment, his chance to make history and become the most powerful man in the universe.

As KC regained his strength he approached Edgar's lifeless body, surrounded by his weeping children. He reached out to hold it, but Adelie stopped him with a fierce expression on her face. "I thought you were our friend, I thought you would be able to protect my brother. Why did you let this happen to him? Why?" she shouted, her grief and anger palpable.

KC bowed his head and burst into tears. Though he wanted to apologize and explain, he couldn't do it, his brain didn't want to work, its speechless with anger his whole body was wrapped in grief and crushing sadness, his mind was blank as if it was numb from suffering. He had failed to protect his friend and mentor, and the weight of that failure crushed him. "I am sorry," he managed to whisper, his voice breaking.

But Adelie pushed him away. "Leave! Just leave," she cried.

Kc feeling lifeless The weight of his grief on his chest became unbearable threatened to consume him, and he knew he couldn't bear it much longer. he felt his resolve crumbling. He couldn't live with the guilt, the shame, the regret. He had failed his friend, failed his family, failed himself.

He reached for his friend's dagger, planning to end his own life and find release from his pain. he plans to kill himself by standing to a cliff of suicide mountain, it's the mountain where adventurers, knights and people whose lives have nothing left kill themselves, because there is a saying that you won't feel pain for the last time when you end your life there, because of the cold and strong wind blowing, that mountain will make you feel cold and numb at everything.

As he walked through the forest, his steps heavy and slow, KC couldn't help but feel like his life had been a series of unfortunate events. It seemed that no matter what he did, he was always met with failure and disappointment.

KC continued his ascent up the mountain, his mind heavy with despair and self-doubt. The rustling of the leaves and the chirping of the scavenger birds that eats the flesh of the dead sounded distant to his ears as he trudged on, his feet dragging like lead.

His thoughts were consumed by the overwhelming feeling of worthlessness and disappointment that had plagued him for years. He had always felt like an outsider, like he didn't belong anywhere. And now after a glimpse of what he can call friends and family, he was unable to protect them.

He simply wants people to truly accept him and be proud of his abilities to not feel judged by others trough his shortcomings. Deep inside his heart he yearns to have some place that he could feel he belonged and appreciate him for what he truly is, he was happy after having a glimpse of it for a moment.

as he trudged up the mountain, he couldn't help but feel that he would never find such a place again. He had lost too much and failed too many times. First with Doc, and now with Edgar. He was powerless to protect the things he valued most, and they slipped through his fingers like sand.

As he climbed higher, the wind grew stronger, whipping his hair into his face and making his eyes water. He thought of the dagger in his pocket and the abyss that awaited him at the edge of the cliff.

As he reached the top of the mountain, he stopped to catch his breath and looked out at the world below. It was a beautiful sight, but all he could see was his own failure and inadequacy. He accepted the harsh truth, maybe they were right. Maybe he was just a loser, good for nothing, and an unlucky plague.

Max sat on his throne, bored and indifferent to the corpses of those he had killed. He toyed with their lifeless bodies, unaware of the impending danger heading his way. Suddenly, he noticed two figures approaching him - Kryge on the right and Yunya on the left. Both were wrapped in powerful magic, overflowing and pulsing with energy.

Yunya's gaze was sharp as she advanced towards Max, her dress made of diamond ice gradually dissolving into sparkling diamond dust as she came into close with the tower that Max had created that absorbs magic.

Kryge, on the other hand, wore a full-faced grin as he advanced towards Max, his body enveloped in flames that took the form of a mighty phoenix, with searing wings on his back and flaming sharp talons on his hands and feet. As he approached, the flames gradually turned into ash and smoke, absorbed by the tower that Max had built.

Despite their differences, Kryge and Yunya shared a common goal - to kill Max. they will not budge with or without magic, they are determined to dethroned max.

They attacked at the same time, fueled by their overflowing determination and anger. Max knew that this was going to be his toughest battle yet.

"I'm the only one who has the right to sit there!" Kryge shouted, his spear striking out.

Yunya, cold and serious, attacked from the other side, her sharp gaze never leaving Max's face.

Max was thrilled by the challenge. His thirst for blood was palpable as he grinned at his attackers. "This would entertain me for a little bit," he said excitedly, ready for the fight of his life.

And so the battle began, a clash of magic and willpower that would shake the very foundations of the other world.

The tower continued to absorb energy, causing those weaker than Max to fall to the ground, including KC's friend Andok and the young beggars edgar adopted. Adelie, who had already weakened, struggled to remain upright as the tower absorbed more and more of there life energy.

KC stood atop the mountain, his mind consumed by thoughts of ending his life. tears streaming down his face, he couldn't help but feel like he was at his lowest point. He had been ready to end it all, to give up on everything he held dear, he had come to believe that he was nothing but a burden to those around him, that his very existence was cursed. His eyes were filled with tears as he held the watch that had been his only source of power, his only connection to his dear friend Doc.

He held the watch in his shaking hand, his anger boiling over as he screamed into the silence of the mountainside. "Sorry, Doc. Even with the power of the watch, I'm still a loser."

He was about to throw the watch in a fit of anger, but before he could throw it, he heard the voice of his dear friend Doc. The sound was like a ray of light piercing the darkness of his despair. . A voice, faint and distant, whispered in his ear. It was Doc's voice, coming from the watch "Kc if you took the watch off I'm sure you can hear this, even if the watch has no energy this part won't disappear" Overwhelmed by emotion, KC fell to his knees, tears pouring down his face. He couldn't believe that he was hearing Doc's voice once again, after everything that had happened. The watch had stopped working, but Doc's words still managed to reach him.

KC fell to his knees, clutching the watch to his chest as he listened to Doc's words. Doc's soothing words continued to pour from the watch, filling KC's heart with a newfound sense of hope.

"I'm sure at this time your giving up and losing hope," Doc said. KC nodded his head, his tears flowing like a river. "No matter what bad things you think about yourself, remember that it's not true, you have the ability to give hope, Despite all your flaws and failures, you had the power to inspire others, to make a difference in this world. Don't be stopped by the fear of what others will think of you, and dont be discourage if they might treat you a loser, your much more than that"

KC's jaw trembled as if it was broken from crying so much, and he couldn't stop all his sobs from escaping his lips. "Kc remember this, because of you, I was able to create amazing things, you have something great inside you, you just have to,,,"

Before Doc could finish what he was going to say, the watch suddenly cracked, breaking into countless pieces. but it didnt matter kc smile as he understood the message without hearing it whole.

After hearing docs message, a rush of emotions surged within him. At that moment, his eyes fell upon Edgar's dagger, a relic that held the memories of all the children he considered family, and see his name was engraved at the end a symbol he was accepted to the family. A slight smile appeared on his face, his eyes brimming with tears of joy.

KC's heart swelled with a newfound sense of purpose. He straightened up, wiped away his tears, and replaced his sadness with a newfound determination. He knew that he had to return to the capital to make things right.

"You were right, Doc. I was searching for my values on others, and I forgot about the most important thing," KC said to himself as he gathered everything he could use around him, recalling all the teachings and lessons he learned from his dear friend.

Although he didn't have all the answers, KC was certain of what he wanted. He wanted to fix his mistakes and protect the people who were important to him, With renewed vigor, he began collecting everything he could use from the surrounding to journey back to the capital.