Chapter 24:

Part 23

Fragile Phantasy

In the heart of the bustling capital, a fierce battle raged on between Kryge, Yunya, and Max. With no magic to rely on, the two fighters utilized their reflexes and weapons to hold their own against their formidable foe. Max found himself struggling with the agility of his opponents, but remained confident in his own skills.

Undeterred, Kryge distanced himself from the fray and readied his spear, charging forward with lightning speed. In a matter of moments, he struck Max a thousand times in just seconds, his technique flawless and swift. But Max, in a display of overconfidence, removed his shield and evaded Kryge's attacks with sheer skill alone.

Yunya seized the opportunity to strike from behind, thinking she had caught Max off guard but Max's watch proved to be a formidable defense as it instantly released an armor made of metal, wrapping around his body and protecting him from any harm. Its impenetrable to their attacks. The two warriors' weapons and armor were also caught in the magnetic pull of Max's armor, leaving them vulnerable to his next move.

"No one can match my skills," Max boasted, flicking his wrist and using the magnet in his armor to pull in the steel weapons and armor of his opponents. As yunya and kryge forcefully getting pulled after getting dragged, Max swung at the two warriors, with just one swift swing, he sent Kryge and Yunya crashing into the nearby houses.

"It's been a good 30 minutes of entertainment," Max declared triumphantly, pleased with himself for overcoming his opponents.

Max stood there, unfazed and confident, as Kryge and Yunya struggled to stand up after his attack. He couldn't help but admire the beauty of Yunya unmatch on anything he has saw, using the magnet he pulled Yunya again he held her chokingly by the neck. and he lifted the young woman on the air.

"You're beautiful," he said, almost in awe. "I think you can even entertain me in a different way." He plucked at her clothing, but Yunya was not about to let him have his way.

"Not over my dead body!" she spat, blood spraying from her mouth as she landed a headbutt on Max's helmeted head. But it was no use - Max remained unscathed and threw her away in a fit of rage.

Yunya rolled along the pavement, coughing up more blood as Kryge stepped up to face Max. "You won't be able to fulfill your plan," Kryge said, his voice steady even as he struggled to stand.

Max laughed in response. "Well, who's going to stop me? I've killed all the strong people around."

With a swift kick, Max sent Kryge flying, but the young warrior refused to give up. He stood up again, wincing at the pain, but determined to keep fighting. Yunya, too, pulled herself up, and the three continued their battle.

"Good," Max said, stretching his bones. "There's still a fight left in you two, eh?"Bottom of Form

Kc has finished arranging the things he needed.

The sun was just beginning to rise over the horizon as KC stood on the edge of the cliff, holding a glider made of large leaves and twigs found around. He took a deep breath and looked up at the vast expanse of the sky before him. It was a beautiful sight, the kind of view that made one feel both small and powerful at the same time.

With a final burst of courage, KC took off running, his feet pounding against the hard ground beneath him He grits his teeth and slowly ran at the same time As he approached the edge, he leaped into the air, hurtling towards the vast emptiness below.

With a final burst of courage, KC took off running, his feet pounding against the hard ground beneath him. When he reached the edge of the cliff, he leaped into the air, his glider unfurling behind him

He just closed his eyes because he had no idea if the glider could even fly. with that the glider gradually descends.

While falling, he bravely opened his eyes full of determination and hope.

He could feel the strong wind coming and he believed he could keep up with it.

He did everything to lift the glider and follow the gust of wind.

The glider has no mechanical technology, it's just simple twigs and leaves, Kc knows deep in his heart that he doesn't need any technology to fix his destiny.

And gradually the glider flew and carried him up with the wind "Yahoooo!!!" He whooped with joy, the wind rushing past his face as he soared through the air. He felt alive, more alive than he had ever felt before. And as he gained altitude, he could see the capital city in the distance, its spires and towers reaching up towards the sky.

Because of the strength of the wind, he flew faster as if nature had given him wings, KC adjusted the glider's angle, using his body weight to steer it towards the city. As he flew, and he reached the capital quickly with the glider.

Max stood over Kryge's body, his own spear now buried in his enemy's flesh. "Tell me, is there anyone strong enough to give me a challenge?!" He demanded, his voice echoing across the deserted landscape, his confidence soaring. But before anyone could answer, a voice cried out.

"Here!" KC flew straight towards Max, holding a glider made of leaves and twigs. As he approached, he hurled the glider at Max, releasing a thick cloud of smoke made from charcoal and minerals on the mountain as kc learned from doc how to create a ninja smoke bomb.

Yunya cried out in relief as she saw KC emerge from the smoke, The smoke obscured Max's vision, allowing KC and Yunya to escape unnoticed.

Kryge, despite his injuries, managed a weak smile. "I knew there was something special about you," he whispered before slipping into unconsciousness.

Max, caught off guard, could only watch as the smoke enveloped him. When it finally cleared, KC and Yunya were nowhere to be seen. "Show yourself, KC!" Max shouted, searching frantically for his opponent. "Don't hide from me! Guaranteed you're afraid of being beaten again!" With a flick of his wrist, he activated the eagle eye on his watch, scanning the area for any signs of his quarry.

Suddenly, he spotted KC's back as he ran towards the west side of the city. Max wasted no time, quickly charging in using the booster weapon on his back and setting off in pursuit. He smashed through houses and buildings in his wake, following KC's path until he arrived at the gunpowder and bomb factory owned by Kryge.

It was only then that he realized his mistake as he saw all of the explosive was lit up by a huge fire. KC had once worked at the factory and knew how to use its explosives to his advantage. Before Max could react, a massive explosion rocked the area, throwing him clear of the blast.

As the smoke cleared, Max emerged, unscathed but irritated. his annoyance growing as he used the eagle eye once again. But to his dismay, but could find no trace of KC. He had once again slipped away into the shadows,"Stop playing games loser!" The chase was far from over as his eyes scanning the surroundings using the microscopic contact lens frantically as he searched for his prey. His heart was pounding in his chest, adrenaline coursing through his veins. He knew he had to find KC before it was too late.

Suddenly, a voice boomed out in the northern part of the capital. "I'm here Max!!" KC's voice echoed across the landscape, drawing Max's attention. He turned his head towards the direction of the sound and saw KC standing on top of the big water dam owned by Blake, one of the territory leaders.

Max's anger boiled over at the sound of KC's taunts."You!! You'll pay for this coward!!" Max roared as he quickly boosted towards KC's position. But as he got closer, he was met with an unexpected surprise. the dam burst and water gushed out, submerging him.

"If this is your plan, it's not even gonna tickle!!" Max shouted, his voice muffled by the water.

KC knew he had to act fast. He immediately dipped the long electric cables he was holding into the water connected from the power plant made by qougre. The electricity sparked and crackled, creating a powerful current that surged through the water, lighting it up with a bluish glow the bolt of electricity that surging through the water, striking Max with the force of a thunderbolt.

The electric currents just slowed down Max's ascent of the water to catch KC. Max gritted his teeth as the electric current coursed through his body, but he refused to give up. With every ounce of his strength, he pushed forward, his muscles straining against the force of the water and electricity. And as he emerged once again, he could see KC running away, With a feral growl, using a booster to gain more speed Max charged after him, his eyes fixed on his prey. He caught up to KC in no time, He grabbed him by the neck and lifted him upwards, instead of killing him, he wanted to torture him first as he squeezed tighter, reveling in the feel of KC's struggling

"What will your games achieve, loser?" Max snarled, his eyes blazing with fury "Do you think this will work for me? I'm basically a god," Max growled in anger, unable to comprehend the point kc was making.

But KC simply smiled, even as he gasped for breath. "Get your attention long enough," he said, his voice barely above a whisper. At the same time, he turned to the capital center, where Yunya was destroying the tower that connected the two worlds.

Max's heart raced as he realized the magnitude of the situation.

Max's heart was pounding as he watched Yunya, her every strike sending shivers down his spine. He knew the importance of the tower, He couldn't let her destroy it. He had to act quickly. But just as he turned back to look for KC, something unexpected happened.

KC threw sprinkled powder in Max's eyes, blinding him momentarily. It's a makeshift flashbang powder where kc learned from doc made it from the minerals and powder found on the mountain, Max felt a sharp pain in his eyes and let out a loud cry of agony. Despite the invisible head gear that protected his head, the high sensor contact lens made him vulnerable. clutching his two hands at his face. It took a few moments for his vision to clear, and when it did, he saw that KC had disappeared.

Frustrated and confused, Max focused on Yunya, who was about to strike the final blow. But he wouldn't let her. With a sudden burst of energy, he boosted towards her, his sword at the ready. As he approached her, he roared, "That can't happen!!" He clashed against her blade, their swords ringing out like a chorus of steel.

With a swift and powerful strike, Max stopped Yunya's attack and knocked her out. He let out a deep breath, relieved that he had saved the tower from destruction. "Haha, KC. You thought your plan would succeed," Max said triumphantly, still reeling from the effects of the flash powder.

KC emerged from the distance, his face adorned with a confident expression. "Don't worry, that's not the plan," he announced, while holding something small in his palm. Max looked on in confusion, trying to make sense of the situation.

"What's that?" he asked, bewildered by his opponent's confidence.

With a smile, KC muttered to himself, "Thank you for teaching me how to pickpocket, Edgar." He then explained, "Remember when you said you copied the design of Doc's watch right?"

Max's eyes widened with shock and disbelief. "You Don't say," he murmured, realizing the gravity of the situation. "You snatched that earlier?" He hadn't even noticed that KC had taken the object while he was blinded by the flash.

KC nodded, holding the tiny item up to the light. " You're right, This part is the storage of the watch's power," he explained. "Now you have a time limit," he added, his complacency infuriating Max.

As he watched, Max's weapons began to gradually disappear, leaving him defenseless. "No! It can't be done! This isn't happening!" he shouted, the panic setting in.

"Now it's fair," KC sneered, before lunging forward with Edgar's dagger in hand.

Without hesitation, Max picked up Magnus's sword whose lying around and charged towards KC. "You will pay, KC!" he roared, determined to settle this once and for all.

KC stood tall, his hand gripping the dagger tightly as he dashed against his opponent. he remembered Edgar's favorite attack he moved with ease as someone who had already seen it a hundred times before. In that moment his movement became almost identical to Edgar, as if they became one in using the dagger replicating it flawlessly.

As max have the weapon reach advantage In a moment of desperation, Max swung his weapon wild and uncontrolled, hoping to catch KC off-guard. But his attack was too predictable, too telegraphed. KC sidestepped fluidly to evade the attack and slashed his dagger, max countered once again.

As the two clashed Their weapons collided with a metallic clang, sparks flying as the force of the impact reverberated through their bodies, KC's movements were fluid and precise, like an extension of his very being. Max, on the other hand, struggled to keep up He had hastily picked up a weapon he didn't know how to use, Kc flow like movement effortlessly dodged Max's untrained slash,Then Swiftly followed an attack of his own, Max's right cheek was slashed open, leaving a deep, jagged scar that drew up to his eyebrow He could see the anger and frustration boiling within Max, his face twisted into a sadistic snarl.

Blood gushed from the wound, painting Max's left cheek red staining his clothes. He stumbled backwards, clutching his face in agony twisted in pain and anger. But despite the pain, Max couldn't help but laugh hysterically. His eyes blazed with a manic intensity as he gazed up at KC.

"Give up, Max," KC pointed the blade at him, but the man just continued laughing hysterically, his eyes wild and manic.

"Why would I give up? Now that the plan is in motion," Max sneered, his pride evident despite his anger. KC could see the gritting of his teeth as he spoke.

And then, in a moment of clarity, KC noticed it - the bridge connecting the two worlds had been formed. He couldn't believe it. Finally, after all this time, they had a way to cross over.

"At last we could conquer this world!" Max burst out laughing, as if he had just won a grand prize.

But KC had no time to waste. He knew what had to be done, and he had to do it quickly. He rushed towards the tower, determined to destroy it before it was too late, this time he won't prioritize himself over others.

As KC raised his dagger, Max panicked and screamed, "That's the last chance to return to our world! My father used up all the resources just so I could come here. If you destroy it, there's no going back to your family!!"

KC hesitated for a moment, but then he realized that he couldn't let Max's selfishness dictate the fate of the two worlds. He knew that he and Doc had brought Max to this world, and that they were responsible for the deaths that had occurred. This time, he would take responsibility for his actions.

Without another thought, KC plunged his dagger into the tower with all his might. As the tower fell, Max screamed in disbelief, "You're really crazy! That was mankind's chance to advance, but you ruined it. You're always a thorn in my throat!" Max's words echoed through as the the tower fell to the ground with a deafening crash. The bridge between the two worlds had been destroyed, and with it, any hope of Max returning to his own world. KC stood amidst the rubble, his chest heaving with exhaustion.

But Max's watch glinted as it vibrated with energy, fully charged and ready to unleash its power "Now you will definitely pay for what you did!!". But before he could act on his threat, he found himself surrounded by a group of adventurers, their weapons glinting with different elements. Max's fury simmered beneath the surface as he realized that the tower, which had been responsible for absorbing people's magic, had been destroyed, and the adventurers had regained their strength.

As he fumed, Max's eyes darted to his watch, his prized possession that can absorbed the magic of those around him. But he soon realized that it was now useless, as KC had stolen the crucial part. Max's irritation grew as he clicked his mouth in frustration, unwilling to accept defeat. "We're not done yet," he threatened, as he pressed the watch, causing it to transform into a sleek jet wing that attached itself to his back. "Remember, we'll meet again. I'm making sure of that." And with that, he plunged into the air, leaving the adventurers behind.

The adventurers all converged at the center, where Yunya, Kryge, and KC were gathered. Kryge struggled to stand, his body still weak from the ordeal, but his voice was strong as he spoke. "Now that almost all the high-ranking adventurers have disappeared, I am the one with the highest rank and the right to be the capital emperor," he declared.

All around him, the adventurers knelt, bowing their heads in submission. "Yes, my lord," they murmured in unison, acknowledging Kryge's authority.

Max's arrival had caused quite a stir among the townspeople. They had lost loved ones and suffered greatly under the hand of an evil person, and they were quick to point fingers at KC. The townspeople gathered around him, their eyes full of fear and anger. "He is the one who brought that disaster," one of them accused, pointing an accusing finger at KC. "Because of him, that person came here and brought death to everyone."

Kryge, the capital emperor, looked upon the scene with a heavy heart. He knew that KC had done everything in his power to help the people, but their anger was too great to be ignored. "We are asking you, my lord, to expel him from the city," they said. And so, Kryge made his decision, albeit with a heavy heart. "KC, leave the capital at once!" he commanded his voice heavy with regret.

As the crowd grew more agitated, hurling stones at KC and shouting "Get rid of the plague!", but kc held his head up high he did not cower or beg for mercy and walked away with an air of confidence. He had finally accepted himself and didn't care about the harsh judgment of others.

Despite the stones raining down on him, he stood tall and proud, his face betraying not a hint of fear or self-doubt. He knew that he had done everything in his power to help these people, and he would not let their misguided anger bring him down. Despite the barrage of stones that rained down upon him, KC stood tall and content as he walked out of the city. He possessed an unwavering sense of self-confidence that could not be shaken by the people's hatred.

With a confident gait, he walked out of the city and headed towards Andok's home.

The sun was setting over as KC trudged through the the farmlands. The weight of guilt hung heavily on his shoulders, as he made his way towards Andok's house. He had come to apologize for what he knew was his fault - Edgar's death. But as soon as he approached, Adelie scolded him, her voice filled with venom. "Leave, we don't want to see your face here anymore."

KC bowed his head in shame, accepting her words. He knelt down, his eyes fixed on the ground, and spoke softly, "I'm here to apologize for everything that happened. I know I'm the reason for all of this, I accept the punishment you give me. I can understand if you want me dead." He felt a pang of sadness in his heart as he handed Edgar's dagger to Adelie, leaving his fate to her.

But Adelie didn't accept it. She continued walking, leaving KC behind. "That's now yours," she called out over her shoulder. "He would rather you use it," she added, as she walked away.

As the young girl walked away, the old man Andok bid farewell to KC, warning him to be careful. KC nodded his head in agreement, "Yes doc, you take care of them," he answered, before saying his final goodbyes.

Before he left completely, KC looked back at Andok's hut. He longed to say goodbye to Edgar at his burial site, but he knew that the children would not allow him near it. So he said his goodbyes from afar, kneeling down and staring at Edgar's weapon. "You memories will always be with me. I will never forget you, my friend," he said, his voice filled with emotion. At that moment, a strong wind blew in his place, as if urging him to continue his journey. KC closed his eyes and felt like his friend urging pushing on to his back. He knew he had to move on with self-confidence, Slowly and steadily, he complacently opened the eyes, because he knows his friend is always by his side and would prefer that he move on with self-confidence ready to face the next chapter of his journey.

After saying his farewell kc went again to the mountain where the watch was broken into pieces and he picked it up then tried to fix it.

KC's fingers worked diligently to patch up the watch, meticulously placing each broken piece in its rightful place. The once-broken timepiece was slowly but surely coming back to life. In the midst of his concentration, he heard a woman's voice behind him.

He turned around to see Yunya leaning against a tree, arms crossed casually. KC's heart skipped a beat at the sight of her. Her beauty was a stark contrast to the rugged landscape that surrounded them.

"Where do you plan to go?" she asked, her voice low and smooth.

KC continued to work on the watch, his hands moving deftly. "Maybe I'll find a way to get back to my world," he answered calmly.

Yunya stepped closer, her eyes focused on the watch. She touch it from KC's hands and held it up to inspect it closely. And then, something extraordinary happened. She used her magic to mend the watch reassembling it into a whole. The watch glimmered in the light, its metal polished to a high shine, combining all of its broken pieces back together with ease.

"The ice I used there is stronger than any steel and it doesn't melt," she explained, handing the watch back to KC.

He examined the watch, grateful for Yunya's help. "Thank you," kc said, a hint of relief in his voice.

"By the way, Kryge wanted you to have this," Yunya left something beside kc "You are more worthy for that, He knows that you are the right person to protect this stone" Yunya added while entrusting the capital gem to kc entrusting him with this precious artifact, and KC felt a weight on his shoulders. He knew that he had to protect it at all costs, for it was not just a gem its his only way back on earth, for that to happen he must collect the other remaining four.

Yunya gave him one last wave before turning and disappearing into the distance.

With deft hands, kc attached the part he had gotten from Max, and the watch sprang back to life. He felt a surge of satisfaction as he put it on, feeling the weight of it on his wrist.

Without hesitation, he took off running towards the cliff. As he reached the edge, he leapt into the air and with a strong press on the watch, it transformed into a sleek and futuristic hoverboard.

As he soared into the sky, "Let's do this!" KC shouted, The capital magical gem glowed in his pocket, reminding him of the immense responsibility he had undertaken "Start of a new adventure!" he cried out, the hoverboard responding to his command with a burst of speed. And with a smile on his face and fire in his heart, KC continued his journey into the unknown. He had no idea where this new adventure would take him, but he was excited. The wind whipped past him, and he felt a sense of freedom that he hadn't felt in a long time.

Fragile Phantasy

Fragile Phantasy