Chapter 11:

War arc part 1

My Master And I

"Captain, you called us?!" Gandar said after suddenly opening the door to the meeting room located in the mansion

"Oh, it's you gandar and rua. Yes I called you to discuss the actions we will take in the coming war" Scarlett said while sitting

"Umm.. why am I here too captain?, I just joined in your knight! " I said while standing at the door next to Gandar

"You're the one who said that it's only natural that you'll help me, right?" Scarlett said

After hearing Scarlett's words, I just kept quiet and i started to go inside with gandar. Scarlett spoke and told us the plan she told to counselors in the conference room.

"Hire an adventurer?? Do you think the guild master will agree?" Said knight 1

"Of course he will agree to that, the empire in a dangerous situation, it's hard to think he will refuse!!" Scarlett said

"Are you sure captain? He always hates us for some reason, every time we pass by his guild house he always stares at us as if he wants to kill us!" Said knight 1

"Don't worry I already have a plan and we will go there and talk to him properly!" Scarlett said

"Yes captain!!" Said knight 1

"Captain! What do you intend to do with our archers, lancers and mages? Do you intend to separate them from the north, south, east and west gates??" Knight 2 said

"We don't know yet if they are using a strategy or if they are just rushing in randomly. Now I will put all the archers, lancers and mages at the east gate because they were last seen in the sudiq empire" Scarlett said

"I see" Said knight 2

"What about the knights and adventurers within the empire?!" Said knight 3

"I will divide them into two teams. One inside the empire and the other in the evacuation area so that we can protect our properties and our citizens. I already ordered the other knights to make an evacuation outside the mansion, it is big and they are safe here!" Scarlett

"Ohhh” Said knight 3

"Do you think we can defeat them captain? I heard that the demon is 10x stronger than the average human" Said knight 4

"I can't answer that question. I don't have the power to know the future but if we fight with all our strength, mind and courage we can win!!" Scarlett said and gandar suddenly spoke

"Don't be scared because they are stronger. Turn your fear into excitement so that you become even stronger! And the captain, the prince, and I are here so don't be afraid!, think that you have turned your back on us, that will help to reduce your fear" Gandar said

"We cannot be defeated, we have to protect the empire and our citizens because that is our job as knights in this empire," Dules said

“Yes!!” said all knights expect for gandar, Scarlett and dules

"I didn't know gandar was reliable when it came to tough situations, he was truly a commander," I said to myself

"The first thing we will do is talk to the guild master and send all the citizens to the evacuation area after finishing it!" Scarlett said

"Yes!!" We all said

'At sudiq empire'

"Stopp!!! I will do anything, what do you want money? Fame? Ahh ,do you want a woman? I can give you all of that so don't kill me!" Said the old man with gray hair and a beard that was still wearing royal clothes and wearing a crown

“Give me your anger in this world and I will implement it for you, give me strength that will give me strength enough to divide heaven and hell, your 6 arms will be my support and will be my protector" Ryou enchant and one by one came out from behind him like a mana sword on and it was red. The one mana sword approached the king begging him and the sword took off his right foot. The king screamed in pain the second sword took off the left foot of the king. The king still screaming in pain. The third and fourth swords split both of the old man's hands at the same time. The king still screaming. The fifth sword cut the old man's head. The king died after the fifth sword attach but ryou did not stop. The sixth pierced the king's heart”

"I don't need the things you offer. The only thing I need is hina!" Ryou said after killing the king of sudiq empire

"Pheww.. your hobbies of torture are really weird, I can see how much you hate royalty HAHAAHA" Harlq

"Mind your own business harlq!" Ryou said and he looked at Harlq with anger in his eyes

"Oh scary. im joking ryou don't take it seriously!" Harlq said

"Your joke isn't funny, is your job done?! " Ryou said

"Yes, look" Harlq said and pointed to the many corpses. The corpses had no wounds but their appearances were as if they had absorbed all their strength to death

"Is it enough? The mana you got?" Ryou said

"No, but I'm close to getting enough mana for our plans!, in the Aklan empire I'm sure it will be full because that's where we'll see the god child" Harlq said

"God child?!" Ryou said

"Yeah a god child, they possess a lot of mana and abilities that only a god can use. If I absorb the god child's mana, I'm sure the.......... DEVIL GOD will come to life and he will bring a disaster again in this world. Just thinking about it makes me excited. How about you ryou it is make you excited? ” Harlq said

"I do not care. All I want is for him to use his power to hina!” Ryou said and he started to walk out from the castle and he got out

"Another worlder warrior is easy to control hehehe, he just a human after all, he has things he wants to get even if they sell their soul to demons they will do it just to get the things they want...... Human are to greedy” Harlq said and he smiled like a evil 

My Master And I