Chapter 10:


My Master And I

'Inside the conference room at Aklan Empire Castle'

Scarlett entered the conference room and when she entered she was greeted by eyes filled with anger and fear.

"It's princess Scarlett!" "How dare She shows up here again!!" "Isn't she ashamed?" "because of her the Aklan empire is in trouble!" these words greeted her but she continued to walk forward as if nothing happened and speak.

"Thank you for coming here!" Scarlett while looking at the counselors sitting in front of her

"Today I will tell you what we should do and about the organization that destroys the different empires!" Scarlett said

"About the empire destroyer?!" Said Counselors 1

"Yeah, we already found information about them!!" Scarlett said

"Ohhhhhh!! " All counselors said

"I'm going to start speaking. The first one is our enemy is a demon!" Scarlett said

"Demon???!!, it's impossible I haven't heard any news that the underground realm gate has opened again!!" Said counselor 2

"That's what I thought too. That is impossible but, it's possible that someone opened the gate because it was said in the paper that there are two people leading the demon’s army!" Scarlett said

"Demon army do you say?!, how many are they?" Said counselor 2

"We don't know the exact number but the paper says they will reach 30,000!!" Scarlett said

"30,000??!, Are you sure about that??" Said counselor 2

"Yes!" Scarlett said and she took the paper that contained information about them that Rua had found. She gave it to the counselors because she knew they wouldn't trust her right away.

The counselors read the article.

After they read the contents of the paper Scarlett saw the fear and hopelessness on their faces.

"30,000?! How can we defeat that army!!, our empire only has 10,000 knights and all of them are human." Said Counselor 3

"We're going to lose!" Said Counselor 4

"This is the end we will all die" Said Counselor 5

"Don't lose hope like that, we still have a chance to win" Scarlett said

"Shut up. What can you do?!!, even if you have godlike power it’s not enough to defeat the demons army!!" Said Counselor 6

"It-" Scarlett wanted to say but a counselor spoke again

"You can't still do anything primcess. Just go to your knight playground!!" Counselor 7

After Scarlett heard what they were saying, she was speechless and suddenly someone spoke behind her.

"Shut up counselors, what do you mean Scarlett can't do anything, you don't know how hard she worked to resolve the upcoming war and am I surprised that you guys still dare to say bad things to her even though y’all are the ones who are worthless here, All of you did just complain and lay in your houses as if you didn't care about what was happening!! " Said a guy

Scarlett turned behind her and saw a man who was taller than her, with blue hair and eyes, wearing beautiful clothes that looked like armor and a sword hanging from his waist.

"Brother Cya!" Scarlett said

"It's okay now Scarlett, Speak what you need to say" Cya said with a smile

"Yes” Scarlett said and she turned back to the counselors who were sitting in front of her

"We are gonna lose if we fight against their numbers but, if we fight with our brains and strength we have a chance to win! " Scarlett said

"What do you mean?!!" Said Counselor 1

"It's weeks or months before they get here. We will use that time to make a strategy that will defeat them" Scarlett said

"What kind of strategy??" Said Counselor 1

"We are gonna make a defensive empire!!. We will put weapons that can be used at a distance like bows, spears, magic catapults, and a mage in my knights and I will hire a mage from the adventure guild for extra power. Outside, I will ask for help from my brother to make an icicle fences to slow their movements and attack them with our mages, archer, lancer, and the magic catapults. And I’m sure they can get inside so I will assign my knights and guild adventures that I can hire to protect the citizens. Me and gandar will go to their leader to make them stop the war" Scarlett said

"Sounds simple, but I think this is a good plan," Cya said

While they were talking inside the conference, someone suddenly opened the door and spoke.

"We received a report in teleportation messenger. The organization we called empire destroyer are attacking the Sudiq Empire and they're requesting for reinforcement from in our kingdom!!" Said messenger

"Huh they're in sudiq already!!?, It's just 1 week away in our kingdom!!" Said counselor 1

"This is bad what should we do majesty?!" Counselor 2 said

"Do not accept their request!! " Majesty said

"What are you saying fat-. Majesty we need to help the sudiq empire!!" Scarlett said

"It's useless. They can't handle the demons for a week and we need more our knights right now to protect this empire!! And to carry out your plan you need a lot of people right!! So leave them alone. We need to sacrifice for our safety!!" Majesty said

"But" Scarlett said with a sad tone

"Just accept it Scarlett you don't need to be a hero like in fairy tales” Majest said

"The war will start soon so get ready!!" Majesty said

“Yes” Everysay except scarlett and cya

'At outside in porqu blacksmith shop’

"Thank you porqu old man" I said

We started walking back to the mansion because it was getting late and while we were walking curiosity entered my mind.

"By the way, you know who that is, The Flame knight, The Iceblade Prince, And The Berserker?" I said while we were walking

"You do not know?!, They’re famous!" Gandar said

"You think I'm going to ask you if I know them?" I said

"Oh then let me tell you first about The flame knight, She is a good fighter, she burns into ash all her opponents with her powerful flames. You know her because she’s the one who brought you here!" Gandar said

"She brought me here?, ahh it's captain?!" I said

"Yeah. Scarlett Afina is also known as The Flame knight" Gandar said

"So captain is a scary person too. It's not just obvious from his appearance!" I said to myself

"And The Iceblade Prince is Cya Afina, He is a strong too, he is the only one who can keep up with me in the sword fight in this empire!" Gandar said

"Cya Afina??, He’s relative to captain?" I said

"Yes. He is scarlets's older brother" Gandar said

"So captain have a brother!" I said to myself

"who's the berserker?! Don't say it's you?!" I said

"How did you know?!, I was planning to introduce myself to you in a cool way" Gandar said

"HAHAHA so my guessed was right, you're the only one I can think who fits in the berserker title" I said

While we were walking on the road with beautiful night sky, suddenly someone called Gandar from far away.

"Commander Gandar!!!!" Said a guy with armor and he run toward to us and gandar spoke

"What is it?!" Gandar said

"Captain Scarlett are calling you and the man with the name rua!" Said a guy with armor

"Why are we being called?!" Gandar said

"She said it's about the upcoming war plan" Said a guy with armor

After hearing the man's words, We hurried to the mansion with the man who reported the message.