Chapter 14:

Une Fille de la Terre Rejoint l'équipe ~ A Girl from Earth Joins the Team

Cheesing Through My New World

The three of them teleports back to the inn they were staying in. The girl had already fallen asleep.

(Jerik) “Good job hanging in there! You must have felt like all hope is gone but you still never gave up!!”

Jerik smiled and princess carried her into his room.

(Leviathan) “You sure, you don’t know her! This all looks pretty romantic to me.”

(Jerik) <shocked and blushing> “No! it’s not like that!! <he lays her down on the bed, smiles and turns around to see Leviathan> Listen, actually I am not from another country, I am from another world.”


“I then explained everything to Leviathan like me having died and being reincarnated and all that. He had heard about people being reincarnated into this world but had never that happening in real life before. So, he naturally assumed it being unrealistic. Except for the hero who is teleported directed directly from another world into this one rather than coming back to life.”

(Leviathan) “So, I assume she is from your world too…”

“Yeah! She is from a country called Japan.”

“And what about your power?! You said were not given the ability to use magic, so what exactly is your power?”

Jerik activated Pantomath and showed it to Leviathan.

(Leviathan) “So, you can create any skill and spell you want?!”

“No, not really! It certainly has the potential to do so, but as long as don’t fully understand what I am trying to make I can’t create it.”

“Huh! Interesting!!”

(Girl) “Ummm!!!”

The girl wakes up and sits up on the bed. She tried to say something, but then stopped.

“She probably thinks that its no use as no one can understand her”

Jerik smiles, activates Pantomath and turns off Translate. Comes close to the bed and sits down in front of the bed.

(Jerik) “You are up. So, how are you feeling now?”

The girl got startled hearing English and stared at Jerik in disbelief and bafflement.

(Girl) “You, you know English?!” <crambled voice>

“Yeah! You see I am from as earth as well just like you!”

The girl started sobbing and hugged Jerik.

“You don’t have to get physical every time you know.”

She immediately stops hugging him and turns her head to side blushing.

(Girl) “It’s not like that!.... Anyway, Thank you for saving me” <she bowed her head>

Jerik smiles and activates Pantomath. He swipes on the translucent screen in front and the stats of the girl immediately opens. The girl was startled. Jerik turns on translate again.

“There! Now should be able to speak the language of this world.”

“What did you do?!”

“I sent you the file I was using to translate this world’s language.”


“It’s a skill of mine. I will explain later. Anyway, let me introduce myself. I am Jerik Harbenstien, but just call me Jerik. And this here is Leviathan. He is the Demon Lord.”

“The..the DEMON-Lord!”

She almost fainted.

(Jerik) “No need to be afraid!! He is a friend of mine!”

“Friend!” <she is still stuttering>

“I explained to her about Leviathan and why we are here. That seemed to calm her down!!”

(Jerik) “Anyway, let’s get your clothes changed!”


“Well, your school unform looks pretty suspicious around here.”

“Yeah, you are right.”

Jerik moves closer to her and activates Pantomath. He clicked ‘Dreesing’. His skill activated and changed her cloth to something that looks more like medieval European cloth.

(Girl) “Wow! How did you do that?!”

“It’s another one of my powers you can say….But what are we gonna do about her being a criminal and all??”

(Leviathan) “Just leave that to me!”

He used a spell to summon a magic item that looked like an hair ornament, like a hair clip.

(Leviathan) “This will conceal her from being detected. It’s the perfect disguise.”

(Jerik) “So it’s a magic item then. But she has short hair. Can you clip it?”

(Girl) “Yeah, I can” she attaches the clip to her hair.

(Jerik) “Okay then let’s go eat something, I am super hungry.”

(Girl) “Wait! <both of them turns around> my name is Kanmuri Akami. Can I join your Team!?”

(Jerik) “Yeah, why not! Akami san, happy to have you on board.”

Akami was so happy so had a big smile on her face. Her eyes shined bright. She looked super pretty.