Chapter 13:

Sauvetage ~ Rescue

Cheesing Through My New World

It was a dark night. Though the sky is full of stars, not even a single moon is present to light up the night even a little bit. The enemy’s base camp was not very big but was heavily guarded.

They both entered the enemy’s base tip-toeing without letting them notice, using the darkness of the night as cover. Jerik sent a few small drones to sought the area. Leviathan was amazed but he didn’t say anything.

A drone sent him notification that an enemy is approaching them from the other side of the passage. Without wasting a single moment, he activated pantomath and clicked ‘Deprive Oxygen’.

“Just like the name suggests, it deprives a place, within me and my drone’s field of vision, of oxygen making the enemies collapse. I created oxygen masks and tanks and filled them with Oxygen.”

He clicks ‘Item-Box’ and pulls out two oxygen masks and tanks from a patterned translucent rectangle. He gave one of them to Leviathan. He looks at Jerik in bafflement. Jerik wears his mask and puts his oxygen tank on his back. Leviathan follows his lead. Then they ran to through the passage made took a turn and crossed an unconscious enemy laying on the floor. He encountered any few more enemies and knocked them out the same way without them noticing. They finally arrived at the place where they were keeping the prisoner.

“I couldn’t get this location directly because my drones couldn’t accurately locate this place from outside, and if lowered their altitude anymore then they would have been discovered.”

(Jerik) <lowering his voice> “Let’s go!”

Leviathan nodded.

They entered the room and in the middle of the room, inside a prison cell, there she was, the person they came to rescue. All the soldiers in the room were unconscious on the floor.

“I used ‘Drive Oxygen’ and adjusted it so that it wouldn’t affect her. They will be regaining consciousness after I turn ‘Deprive Oxygen’ off”

Jerik went towards the cage, while Leviathan stayed at the entrance to keep watch.

(Girl)<emotionless low soft voice> “私を傷つけないでください! {washi o kizu tsu ke naide ku dasai!} [Please Don’t Hurt Me!]”

Jerik looked at her face. Even in the dark he could tell how lifeless her eyes looked.

“I should have been here sooner. I can’t even imagine what she had to suffer through. WAIT!! Did she speak Japanese! Well, I can’t understand her coz my translator only translates this world’s language, but I am sure she spoke Japanese. She is Japanese then. Well, no matter recuing her is top priority now!”

(Girl)<emotionless low soft voice> “私を傷つけないでください! {washi o kizu tsu ke naide ku dasai!} [Please Don’t Hurt Me!]”

Jerik used pantomath and clicked “Melt” which melted the door away. He then stretched his hand out for her. Jerik could see life coming back to her eyes. Jerik smiled. She almost broke into tears. Jerik hugged her.

“It will be alright now!”

She started sobbing.

(Girl)<sobby voice> “ありがとうございました! {arigato gosaima suta!} [Thank You!]“

Leviathan came near them. Jerik nodded looking at him.

(Jerik) <lowering his voice> “The rescue was a success!”

Leviathan smiled and used teleport to escaped back to the inn.