Chapter 15:


Power of Fear

Y-You can't be serious..." Kumojoshi said with tears in her eyes.

After being teleported away by Aina, everyone made haste and ran towards the mansion, which was... oddly, completely fine with no damages, but no one cared about it at that moment, as a headless dead body and also an unusual blade that had water spiraling around it was in front of them... just in front of the mansion. Luckily, they found the dead individual before anyone else could catch sight of it and call the police.

"I WIV KWILL EM... I WIV FWUKIN MWUDER EM!" Shika cried as she hugged Aina's body.

Many cried except Kajra, Ken, Kiara, Akashi, Akane(who was in bandages cause of her injuries), Jin, and Yowa... who were silent.

"Wait... where is Ketsuki?!" Emi shouted while crying.

Jin opened his newspaper and had a concerned look on his face. "That... is a matter we will have to address later."


Somewhere in a building, on a balcony with wooden tiles was an individual who was wearing a black suit and a red tie while drinking a cup of tea. He had an odd white cloth mask on his face with a weird black symbol that looked like a triangular magic symbol like you see in movies. He also had big white hair coming out over the left half of his mask and nothing on the right half.

"May I come in President?" Asked a woman in a purple suit with long beautiful orange hair and with thin rectangular black glasses.

"Don't you think this view is extraordinary? With a single word, I can have all these people killed... enslaved... yet without them, I am powerless. So one could say I am the slave of the people." The individual spoke.

"Sir..." The woman glared at him with an angry expression.

"I apologize... you may enter."

"This report is of top urgency... I was informed to hand it over to you directly."

The woman gave the individual a red file she was carrying.

After reading the contents, the individual was stunned.

"Would you mind leaving me for a bit?" Ordered the individual.

"..." Without saying a word, she left.

Just after she left, he stood up and threw the file on the ground in anger.


Noticing that he was going out of control, he sat down and calmly drank his tea.

"Anger will get me nowhere... I must get my revenge... I must kill Julius and Arthur with my bare hands..." As he said that, the tea cup crumbled into pieces.


The mansion, two hours later.

In Jin's room.

Jin was sitting on his brown bed, and Akane, who was also in his room, sat on a rocking chair.

"It doesn't make any sense..." muttered Jin.

"What doesn't?"

"Aina... how could she... lose?

"Jin... she was fighting all the Cycle of Months together, including Lancelot... I don't think anyone could fight that... she was not Zeltachriz." Akane explained.

"You never noticed, did you?"


"Yes... she was no Zeltachriz... she was stronger than that." Jin said with a small frown.

"Are you hearing yourself right now?"

"I do not know where she came from and what she was... but after spending so much time with her, I can say without a doubt... that even if Ketsuki was taken hostage in that fight... she could have easily won and saved her child in the process."

"Even if... even if what you are saying is true... why would she lose on purpose?!"

Jin was silent for a few seconds.

"Why indeed..."


In Kumojoshi's room.

"May I come in?" Akashi asked while standing in front of the door.


"(No response... I can't bear this)"

Akashi opened the door and looked at Kumojoshi, who was silently looking outside the window of her room while sitting on a pink bed.


"Uh... woah! Didn't see you there Akashi!" Kumojoshi said with an empty smile.

"This... is for you..." Akashi looked away and handed over his sword, which had a red rose on its tip.

Kumojoshi was surprised but plucked the rose from the tip of the sword


"W-Whats wrong? You don't like it?" Akashi asked with concern.

"Giving me a red rose... do you... love me, Akashi?" Kumojoshi asked with a playful smile.

"W-Wha- I..."

Kumojoshi laughed loudly while holding her stomach.

"I'm kidding! I really appreciate it... How many draws did it take for you to get that rose?"

"Ahhhh... not much(7048 tries)."

"Liar!" Kumojoshi pulled out her tongue and winked.

"Do you... feel better?" Akashi asked.

"Hmmm... not really. How about we talk for a bit? Come sit here!" Kumojoshi tapped on her bed.

"Y-Yeah." Akashi blushed and sat down on her bed.

There was silence for a moment.

"You know... I have always wanted to ask... why is your room full of well... stuff?" Kumojoshi asked.


"I have also seen that maid outfit of yours. Its quality is really good! Where did you get it from?"

"I don't know..."


"It's always been with me... I don't remember who gave it to me... but it's special." Akashi said with a slight sadness in his eyes.

There was more silence.



"Wanna do it?"

"W-WHAT????" Akashi shouted from the top of his lungs.

Kumojoshi laughed.

"Sorry, I'm just kidding again! You and Ketsuki are totally the same. You both will definitely get along!"

"But is he..." Akashi stopped himself and realized what he was about to say.

"No... he is not!" Emi barged into the room.

"Emi, are you doing alright?" Kumojoshi asked in a comforting voice.

"I'm great!" Emi left the room as fast as she came.

"Everyone's confused and scared... first, Aina's dead, and then Ketsuki's disappearance... it's all... a bit much, don't you think?" Kumojoshi said.

"That's true... we have to find Ketsuki... but what if... the Months kidnapped him?" Akashi guessed.

"Ohh~ quite a good guess... Ketsuki is the one who comes up with these guesses most of the time." Kumojoshi complimented.

"T-Thank you..."

Suddenly, the door opened again.

"He is safe... but the situation is complicated." Kajra entered the room with a sword near his waist.


"Come quickly... we must discuss the whereabouts of Mr. Ketsuki immediately." Kajra left the room with a serious expression.

"That's not all that we are discussing... right, Kajra." Kumojoshi guessed.

"You are right, Mrs. Kumojoshi! It seems that the Vatican city is also making its move."


Just outside the mansion.

Yowa was sitting in his wheelchair in front of a grave.

"How long are you going to stay here? It's already been an hour." Ken said.

There were many graves in the area, but the one Yowa was near... was of Aina Douji.

"Let me be..." Yowa answered in a broken voice.

"Is he... always like that?" Asked Shika, who was now feeling a bit better.

"No, he isn't shouting like always." Answered Kiara who was reading a 'magazine' to distract herself.

"Get out of here already... please."

"Yup, he is definitely not alright." Kiara declared.


"Yowa. We are going to start a discussion soon... come to the mansion quickly." Ken left after saying those words.

"I know... the Vatican... now that Aina is gone... they will take their revenge on us for killing Gilgamesh." Yowa muttered to himself.

Yowa looked at the sky.

"I couldn't tell her in the end... just how much... I... just how much... I... tch."


Some hours before.

A boy with black hair was walking on the street with his eyes fixated on the ground.

In this town, many people preferred to stay in their houses, but the ones who were wandering outside did look at that boy and were terrified. His eyes were empty and filled with blood lust.

After walking for an hour, that boy reached a dead end. A white wall was in front of him.

When he turned around he saw he was in a small garden with lush green grass and two or three benches to sit on, and a short man with a golden coat and a black hat was in front of him along with three other individuals who were wearing a golden cloak.

"Looks like we struck gold gentlemen!" Said the short man to the cloaked individuals who seemed to be his subordinates.

The boy looked blankly into the eyes of the man.

"You are the killer's son, I assume! Ketsuki Douji, son of Aina Douji!"

"Shut up, shorty..." Ketsuki said in a low voice.

"Shorty?... SHORTY?!" The short man's eyes filled up with rage.


As he said that, his right arm grew giant.

Ketsuki had no emotion in his eyes.


Napoleon raised his giant arm and smashed Ketsuki into the wall.

Blood was everywhere, and Ketsuki was smashed brutally with his arms and legs twisted.

"Is he... dead, sir?" Asked one of Napoleon's subordinates.

"Of course! Are you doubting me?"

"No sir..."

Napoleon laughed.

"How sad! Your son died on the same day! How pathetic... Aina... if you were this weak... I COULD HAVE KILLED YOU MYSELF!"

As he said that, all the blood around Ketsuki vanished and all his injuries healed.


Napoleon looked back.

Ketsuki was flying in the air with blood surrounding him.


Slowly the blood formed into something resembling a halberd.

"AAAHFGAG" Ketsuki started to make unintelligible noises.

A mask formed on his face. A crimson mask that had various black lines running across it.

"W-W-WHAT THE FUCK?!" Napoleon screamed.

Ketsuki raised his blood halberd and slashed down, cutting Napoleon's right arm and leg and two of his three hooded subordinates in half.

"M-Mom." Muttered Ketsuki.

"No way... I have never seen this before... a transformation of a person into a true infected this strong... THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE-"

Ketsuki waved his hand and a golden spear pierced the last subordinate.


With his dying breath, Napoleon only said one word.


Clearly, this person was not Ketsuki, but at the same time, it was. That is because Ketsuki transformed into a true infected. A being of madness... the number one reason... why everyone wants to get rid of this power.