Chapter 16:


Power of Fear

Somewhere on a mountaintop, where there was a large golden palace.

If one would view it directly, it would look like God's home in heaven.

Inside it were many angels, not like the ones we have seen till now. They were humongous! They had just a giant bald white head the size of a three-story building and had six wings, three on each side.

In the middle of the palace was a staircase with an absurd amount of steps leading to a golden throne on which an ordinary-looking individual was sitting.

There were also four angels bowing down near the start of the staircase and facing the throne.

"We have returned, King Julius." June said with pride.

"Where were all of you? After you all left, the demons suddenly stopped attacking." Julius asked with a smile, though he already knew the answer to his question.

"Aina Douji... is no more. Lancelot suggested a plan to work together and kill our common enemy... he even promised to temporarily cease all attacks until we kill her." March said proudly.

"Oh! And why was I not informed about this little plan?" Julius asked with a hint of anger in his voice.

"YoUR mAjESty... wE wERe suRE YOu WoULd UndERstAnD." April stood on his feet which immediately disappeared and he fell to the ground.

"I do not remember giving you permission to stand!"

The palace went silent.

"I have been too lenient..." Julius mumbled to himself.

"I had told you guys ... it was a bad idea to not tell him about the plan." Augustus said in a low voice.

"I'm disappointed in you... June. Not only did you not inform me about this plan of yours... you worked with Lancelot... DID YOU NOT THINK ONCE THAT THIS MIGHT HAVE BEEN A TRAP SET BY ARTHUR... DID YOU NOT THINK ABOUT WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IF YOU HAD FAILED TO KILL AINA... Actually, that's not it... it was impossible to kill her... did you REALLY attack Aina?" Julius was furious, he was not as nice and chill as he was before.

"I... I... we did kill her... we have her head..." June wavered as if she was about to cry.

A brown bag was tossed at Julius who opened it and saw a familiar person's decapitated head.

"Hmmm... it seems... you really did kill her." Julius said after closely inspecting the head.

"We are really sorry for not informing you about this plan... we didn't have enough time... we had got the perfect opportunity to strike. I thought this would make you happy... I am... really sorry... your majesty..." June said while lowering her head.

Suddenly, as if he had teleported, Julius was standing beside June and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Sorry, June... I was a bit harsh on you... please don't be upset... it's not like you are used to being the leader in such a short amount of time... I am just... worried about all of you... you know..." Julius apologized with a smile.

"Y-Your majesty..."

"If January... the last of the first generation of angels... along with February, the first of the Cycle of Months... were still alive... you wouldn't be burdened with this much responsibility."

June broke down and cried.

"Alright, everyone! You made some mistakes but you succeeded in killing an important enemy! So you can take a rest for a week or so!" Julius clapped his hands happily, breaking the serious tension and soon celebrations began in the palace.

"CaN SOmEoNe FIx mY LeGS?..."


"It seems everyone is here." Jin said.

They were all in the meeting room again, with everyone sitting on a chair around a huge table. 

There was silence for a minute.

"Umm... well so as we know..."

No one was paying any attention to Jin. Seeing this Emi got up from her chair and shouted.

"Pull yourselves together! We may have lost Aina, but right now... Ketsu's life is in danger."

Kumojoshi looked at Emi and smiled smugly.

"Got something to say?" Emi asked.

"When did YOU start calling him Ketsu?~"


"Every girlfriend keeps a cute nickname for her boyfriend... it's only natural." Ken said.

"They only progressed till that stage? I thought they had already done the deed.." Kiara teased.

"H-He... is NOT... my BOYFRIEND!... and... I am still a virgin..." Emi blushed like a red tomato.

"That lightened up the mood a bit... thank you Miss Emi." Kajra said.

"W-Whatever." Emi looked away.

"Everyone listen to Jin quietly... this is very important." Akane said with a serious expression.

"Yeah... cause your friend might be going on a killing spree." Shika said.

Jin clapped his hands.

"Now... let me begin." Jin opened up his newspaper.

"I'll jump straight into the problem here... Ketsuki has turned into a true infected."

"W-What?!" Emi screamed.

"That's not all... It seems like the Vatican has attempted to attack Ketsuki by sending many of their bishops."

"Attempted... does that mean he-"

"Yes, Miss Kumojoshi... he killed all of them." Kajra said in a pained voice.

"He killed ten bishops already. They have given him the nickname of Demon of God's Blood. If this goes on... the cardinals might get involved too." Jin explained.

"Why the hell are the Vatican and shit getting involved anyways?!" Shika shouted.

"Revenge..." Yowa said.


"They hold us responsible, for well... killing Gilgamesh."

"Aina killed him, right? None of us would be capable of killing a legend like him." Ken said.

"Honestly... He is not really that impressive." Yowa said while sighing.

"B-But how did Ketsu turn into something like that?!" Emi's voice had a hint of desperation.

"His mother got fucking decapitated in front of him... how could he NOT turn into THAT?" Shika said angrily.

"How and why doesn't matter... the main problem is that we cannot even safely search for him... If we do that then the Vatican might take this opportunity to take us out one by one." Ken explained.

"No... I feel like we should split up." Jin said.

"That sounds stupid." Said Kiara.

"I indeed know that... but this is a brilliant opportunity to raise our skills because as we are now... we are no match for even a single Cycle of Month or Knights Of The Round Table."

"But still... that sounds too risky." Akashi said.

"No... we will go." Emi said while looking down.

"I don't agree with that." Kiara said.

"Jin... tell me Ketsu's location."

"The garden on the eastern side with a pile of rocks at the entrance."

"Ok... thank you." Emi burst out of the room and ran towards the location.

"Hey wait!" Shika shouted and ran behind her.

"(Sigh)... Kumojoshi." Ken called out.

"I know... I know... I am the only one who can guess the true infected percentages."

"I still don't understand... how do you know how to do that?" Kajra asked.

"Hmm... Women's intuition I suppose~" Kumojoshi got up and went after Emi and Shika.

"We will split up too... we have to let the Vatican spread their focus. Otherwise, they will get in Kumojoshi's way." Akane explained.

"This is seriously stupid..." Yowa cried.

Shortly, everyone left, and the only remaining people in the mansion were Ken and Yowa.

"A true infected huh?... Considering how strong he is... the chances for saving him might be very low." Ken said.

"Yeah... This could either get us back in our good spirits... or it could completely destroy our morale permanently." Yowa said while looking at a grave with flowers through a window.


Somewhere in a dark place. It had a rocky terrain with lava flowing through the cracks.

"You did WHAT?" Arthur, who was seated on a throne on an elevated level was speaking to Lancelot.

"Yes, My Queen! Aina is no more... I had to take the help of those angels as well, because if things went wrong... ALL the Cycle of Months would die!"

Arthur was completely silent.

"Are you not pleased? Is this not what you wanted?" Lancelot panicked.

"No... Good job... You may leave now." Arthur ordered in a low voice.

"Your Highness..."

"You heard the Queen! Go on, leave. Shoo Shoo!" Merlin said while waving his hand.

"Wait... Did you see HIM?" Arthur asked with a desperate voice.

"Yes... Bedivere is still alive and has joined with those weak humans." Lancelot answered.

"I am still surprised by how he has managed to survive for so long. Even though he is part of the First Generation of the Knights Of The Round Table, he is incredibly weak." Merlin said while shrugging his shoulders.

"It's fine... he must have his reasons... yes there must be." Arthur mumbled to herself.

"Oh! I almost forgot... Mordred told me to send you a message."

"Hmm? He doesn't usually do that... What is it?"

"He said, Things are about to get heated up in Vatican city."