Chapter 1:

Introduction (Part 1)

If I Had To Find One Girl From Quadruplets, Should I Be Worried?

What would you do if you find yourself being surrounded, well not exactly surrounded, let’s just say acquainted with four identical siblings? Well, you might be confused right now. I mean, four identical siblings. What are the chances, eh? Twins, triplets, I can comprehend, but quadruplets? We will delve into this topic later.

“Four identical siblings, huh?” I muttered as I turn off the TV. “I might be some kind of protagonist, if I were to meet them.”

It’s Sunday afternoon, but my father and sister are out doing their own stuff. I looked around, but nothing seems out of the ordinary. Well of course nothing is weird. I’ve been cleaning this place since I wake up. I say wake up, but it’s only 2 hours since that. I’m not exactly a morning person, you know.

“Haaaah….” I let out a big sigh. “What should I do now? Ugh, I’ll just hole up in my room until dinner then. I’m not hungry right now.”

When I’m about to enter my bedroom, the front door is opened, and someone is shouting from there.


It’s my father. If he were shouting like that, I can safely assume that he got into trouble.

I approached him on the front door and asked, “What is it now, dad?”

Still panting, he answered exactly what I was thinking, “Trouble!” See? Told you so.

I let out a big sigh, “I know you’re in trouble, but what exactly is the trouble?”

“I lost a bet with a friend, and he told me that YOU should go on a date with his daughter!”

Hearing that I somehow got involved with his idiocy, I let out a big sigh for the second time, “And? Why should I comply? It’s your bet and not mine, yes?”

My father put his hands together and begs me to take the fall together, “Come on, kid. Do your father a favor this once, yeah?”

Again, I sighed, “Haaa…. Normally I’ll ignore that. But since I’m bored, I’ll go. Consider yourself lucky.”

When my father heard that I’ll go, he thanked me, “Thanks kid, I owe you one.”

“Hah? You owe me one? You owe me many times, dad.”

“Sure, kid, sure. Now get lost.”

“Is that how you treat your savior?”

“I’ll double your allowance, then.”


Well, I just have to go there and then we’re done right? I’m sure she’ll run away as soon as she saw me. Then again, it’s probably a good change of pace for me. Let’s endure this for today. Before heading out, I glanced at Mom’s photo and whispers, “I’ll go for a while, Mom.”

I took a train to go to the meeting spot. I’m lucky that the train wasn’t so crowded. Well, it’s afternoon. Some people would be at home and not running around like me. After riding for a while, I noticed that I’m nearing my destination for the date, “This is it, eh?”

As soon as I left the train station, I started to walk to the meeting spot. But after walking for a while, I spotted some punks bothering a girl.

“Ugh, I see that delinquency are still common these days. Come on, man, grow up…” I muttered.

But when I try to leave them alone, a punk with a mohawk—probably the leader, creepily asked the girl, “C’mon, gal… We gonna show ya a great time… Just follow us already!”

The girl, who clearly doesn’t want to go with them, shakes her head and tries to escape. But the other punks grabbed both of her arms, stopping her from escaping.

“Don’t you trust us? Can’t ya see that we’re the upstanding members of society? Come on now!” The mohawk punk grabs the girl’s neck and tries to make her pass out.

Irritated, I approached them and grabbed the mohawk punk’s arm, “Okay, that’s enough guys. Can’t you see that the girl is bothered with all of you?”

Surprised with the interference, the mohawk punk angrily said, “We’re grown-ups! It’s should be the norm for a girl to be educated by us! Now get lost!”

I clicked my tongue, “Grown-ups? While you’re obviously bothering a girl? Heh, give me a break.”

Getting angry with my comment, the mohawk punk raised his hands, starting to get violent, “WHAT WAS THAT, YOU PUNK!?” When his punch is about to hit me, I dodged to the side and easily countered him with a sucker punch to his face, “Well, I guess you’re not that great at all.”

His minions started to panic and one of them tries to rouse them, “T—there’s 8 of us! Get ‘im!” I sighed, then waves my palm at them, taunting them.

After a short fight, all the punks were knocked out and everyone who can still move picked up their boss, “We gonna remember this, ya know!?” I replied, “Don’t go bothering any girl now, yeah!? Or you’ll get this.” I showed them my fist. As soon as the punks saw the fist, they immediately run away.

Seeing that the punks are gone, I immediately turned to check on the girl. After a close look at the girl, now I can see why the punks are trying to hit on her. Cherry blossom pink hair with lavender eyes. She’s quite beautiful and has this cute aura, I might add. Too bad I can’t see her whole face since she covered most of her face with a scarf.

I shake my head to break my delusion, and immediately asked her, “Are you okay? You’re not hurt anywhere, right?”

“I’m not hurt anywhere, thanks for saving me.”

That was something the girl wrote on her notebook.

“Oh, you couldn’t speak? I’m sorry, that was very rude of me.”

The girl flipped her notebook page and started to write. After she’s done, she turned the notebook to me, showing what she wrote, “No no no, it’s okay. It’s me who should apologize for speaking like this.”

“Well, I don’t really mind but I need to go. Don’t go around with strangers now, yeah?”

The girl nodded, then started to leave. I started to walk too, but then my phone rings. It’s a message from Dad.

Yo, kid! Are you there yet? I forgot to say on how to identify the girl. But then again, that girl is really beautiful, so I think you don’t really need this. According to what my friend said, his daughter had a long cherry blossom pink hair and lavender eyes. He also told me that she’ll be wearing a checkered scarf and brown beret for identification. Well, that’s about it! Tell me about your date tonight, eh kid? -Dad

Reading the message, my mind went blank for a while then proceeded to find the girl. After looking for a while, I found the girl and grabbed her, “Oi! You’re the one I’m supposed to go with!?”

Panicked with some random guy saying that he’s her supposed date, the girl opened her flip phone and started to read her messages. After she read her message, she turned to me and nodded.

I facepalmed and sighed, “I’m sorry you had to see me fight. Are you scared of me now?”

The girl shakes her head, I guess that’s a no.

“You sure? I’m not exactly a good guy, you know?”

The girl starts writing on her notebook. After she finished writing, she showed it to me, “I know that you’re a good guy. Well, not at first, since you tried to leave when you first saw me. But when you saved me, that convinces me that you’re a good guy.”

I never thought that I’d be recognized as a good guy, that made my eyes tear up a bit.

Seeing that my tears are falling down, the girl asked me with her notebook, “Are you crying? Did you hate it that it was me who is supposed to be your date?”

“No no no, it’s nothing really. And why would you think of that? I mean, you’re a real cutie. Who doesn’t want to get acquainted with you?”

The girl raised her scarf to cover more of her face, then showed her notebook, “Did you say I’m cute?”

I smiled a little, “Yeah, I did. But you didn’t want to hear that from a guy like me, eh?”

The girl shakes her head and raised her scarf even higher that her face can’t be seen anymore, then showed her notebook, “Well then, shall we go?”

I brought the girl to the amusement park, which she really enjoys. I also won her a crane game prize—a big panda doll. She said that it’s cute and she’s going to treasure it forever. I don’t know what to say about this, but I really like it when she smiled.

I was so immersed with her smile that I forgot to check the time. After realizing the time, I asked her, “Oh, it’s almost night. Shall we call it quits?”

The girl, who just realized the time too, shakes her head and said with her notebook, “I want to see the moon with you.”

Surprised with her sudden request, I asked her, “Are you sure?”

The girl nodded.

I sighed, then I asked her, “You want to see the moon, eh… Do you want to go my secret spot?”

The girl asked back, “Secret spot?” I nodded then extends my hand to her. The girl hesitated for a moment then accepted my invitation.

After walking for a while, we’ve arrived at my secret spot—a hill near the amusement park. From there we can see the amusement park along with its surroundings. Since it’s nighttime, the town is turning on their lights and shows many kinds of lighting.

When the girl saw the beautiful scenery, she can’t help but be immersed with that and said, “It’s so beautiful! Thank you for bringing me here!”

I chuckled, “I’m glad that you like it, I was afraid that you won’t like it.”

“How do you know this place?”

“Uh, my parents brought me to the amusement park once. I found this place by chance and it’s been my secret spot ever since.”

The girl stared at me for a while, looked back at the full moon, then said, “The moon is beautiful…”

I can only reply, “Yeah…”

After watching the moon for a while, the girl gave me something then quickly runs away.

Shocked with her sudden escape, I immediately checked what did she gave me, it’s a note—written with computer.

If you are reading this, that means I chickened out and left you all alone. You might think that I didn’t like our time together. Rest assured; I really enjoy our time together. Thank you for accepting my parents’ selfish request and took me on a date. I’m going to treasure this memory forever. If we ever meet again, can we go on a date without our parents have to lose a bet first? -Sincerely, XXXX

Her name was torn out. Oh yeah, I guess I never asked for her name. Well, that was insensitive of me. Come to think of it, did I even introduce myself to her? Did she even know my name? I look again at the moon then thought, “Do you think we can meet again?”

The night breeze then hit me, “Oof, you think I should go home now? Well then, see ya later,” I left the place as I waved my hand to the moon.