If I Had To Find One Girl From Quadruplets, Should I Be Worried?

Kazuki Shikishima, a high school student with no experience in love, is suddenly told by his father to go on a date with his friend's daughter. While on his way to the date, Kazuki encountered a girl who was being harassed by some punks. After some fighting, it turns out that the harassed girl is Kazuki's date! At the end of the day, after giving Kazuki a note, the girl hurriedly left Kazuki.

The next day at school, Kazuki spotted another girl who had the same features with the girl from yesterday. Kazuki, who wanted to ask about the note, followed the girl, only to get caught by another 3 girls with the same features! With this discovery, Kazuki has to find the correct girl, then reply to her feelings!

GenreComedyRomanceSchoolSlice of Life
UpdatedAug 06, 2020
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count15,983
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