Chapter 1:

Chapter I : Saviors of Earth

The End of Earth : Saviors

Location : Grand Feast Mall [26/09/2067]

“Just stay put, we’ll get you back to the base, Connor is coming to save you.” Sylvester said in the comms. “I’m hiding at the food court, The Xenotops won’t leave me alone.” Dr Scarlett said, before a Table was thrown over her. “Hurry Come quick, they’re getting pretty mad.” Dr Scarlett said over the comms. Getting ready to brace for impact, and then a sudden BOOM! a nearby wall just exploded. Bricks caused from explosion launched to the Xenotops making it Rage. Then Suddenly a man with a Black shirt, Brown Jeans, a Metal stick at his back and a beanie appeared, Throwing a Flash Grenade at the Xenotops face. “Connor!, You're Finally here.” Dr Scarlett said. “Was my entrance cool?” Connor replied. Before the Xenotops jump at Connor. Luckily He pulled out a pocket knife and stabbed the Xenotop in the face. The Xenotops would use his claw hands and slice Connors chest and leave a giant scar on him. Scarlett, seeing all this commotion, would grab her gun and shoot the Xenotops. Connor would grab his trusty metal stick and smash the Xenotop with it. The Xenotop would Scream, as Connor and Scarlett tried to make it out through the hole. The Xenotop tried to chase them, but the hole was too small and the walls were too thick to smash through. As Scarlett and Connor Crawl down the Hole, they eventually arrive at the destroyed Clothing shop. “Didn’t know the walls were that thick,” Scarlett said. “Honestly same” Connor replied. “Lets just Hide here for the Moment, and call Sylvester to pick us up” Scarlett said. “Alright then” Connor replied.

As the two hideout in the shop trying to call Sylvester. The Two hear footsteps going towards the store, and before they knew it. It was a DenoJarpovacus, a wild alien able to shoot toxic liquid out of its mouth. With the added benefit of being bulletproof. Scarlett and Connor hide in the counter. Whilst waiting for Sylvester to pick up the call. The DenoJarpovacus walks into the store and tries to scout them out. As he starts to scout out the area, Sylvester Finally Calls and informs them to go to the Back Corner of the mall where he will be waiting for them. Connor tries to tell Sylvester that there’s a DenoJarpovacus. But it was too late as the DenoJarpovacus already found them and Threw a rack at them. Scarlett shoots at the creature but with no avail. Connor then starts running out of the store, holding Scarlett’s Hand. “We need to go quick before he calls in his Jarpovacus.” Connor said whilst running. “Yea we got everything we need from this mission, Hopefully Sylvester has something big to counter this.” Scarlett replies. As they make it to the Corner of the Mall. They were met with a dead end and The Denojarpovacus getting closer to them each second. Scarlett Started to call Sylvester but the DenoJarpovacus got to them and Grabbed Connor. Connor would grab his Metal Stick and start bashing the Denojarpovacus. But as the creature opens his mouth to eat him. Car Honking Noises a weaponized jeep would crash through the walls shooting all sorts of Stuff at the DenoJarpovacus. The Creature would drop Connor and start to call in his minions. Connor Fears for the worst, But then Sylvester comes out of the jeep with his Weaponized Military suit ready to kill some Aliens. As the Jarpovacus starts to come. Sylvester would shoot some trip mines. Surrounding them. Scarlett would get into the back seat of the Jeep where she would control the guns on the jeep. As the Jarpovacus gets closer to them the trip mines would activate shooting out fire at them. Burning they're skin and killing some of them. Connor then used his Metal Stick and slammed it into one of the aliens' heads and jumped on top of the Jeep and started to shoot at the Jarpovacus with a handgun. Sylvester would pull out a flamethrower from the back of the trunk and start shooting flames at the DenoJarpovacus. The Creature would attack Sylvester and Kick him to a Random store. Sylvester would Scream at Scarlett. "PRESS THE BLUE BUTTON!". Scarlett would Search for it whilst Connor shoots at the DenoJarpovacus. Scarlett would eventually find it and when she pressed it, Rockets would start firing from the Jeep at the DenoJarpovacus. Sylvester would get up and run at the DenoJarpovacus, He would pull out a sword and try to go for its head. But he then gets Hit by the DenoJarpovacus and throws his sword at connor. In a desperate attempt, Connor Grabbed the sword and jumped at the DenoJarpovacus and sliced it's Chest. As The DenoJarpovacus Falls, Blood Squirts everywhere. Sylvester would get back up with a destroyed armor and walk to Connor. “Get Back up Let's Go home” Sylvester said.

As they all went back to the Jeep, Scarlett and Sylvester would be in the front seat, whilst Connor is In the Backseat “So Scarlett was the Vile of Alien Blood worth it for that…” Connor would say. “Let's say for sure it is, We needed more so we can study these creatures”. Scarlett replied. “Next time let me do the mission” Sylvester replies.