The End of Earth : Saviors

“Where exactly are we?” We live in a universe where aliens exist. These aliens have been ruling the universe since the dawn of humanity, until now they decided to attack Earth. In The Year 2052, The Alien empire known as “The Royalty” would attack earth, They sent out meteors and asteroids to earth, in them would be hungry aliens. This would inevitably impact the lives of many.. For the worst, maybe for the better.

14 years have passed since the takeover happened, and now earth is a wasteland. The Government has funded a New project called “The Saviors of Earth”a Group derived from Soldiers to common people trying to stop the aliens from killing Humans.

They’re main base is in Germany, But recently they’ve started to conduct research in North America, Mostly New York. Now the band of Rebels have expanded and will find a way to Save Earth

UpdatedJun 16, 2024
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count15,659
Featured fan art of this novel.