Chapter 2:

Going Viral

From Zero to Viral [Japanese Web Novel]

Sakura woke up the next morning to the sound of the bed alarm beeping; it was 4 AM in the morning. Sakura stretched as she got up from her bed; her day started by relieving herself in the bathroom, washing her hands, changing her bedding by replacing them with fresh sheets, pillowcases, and accompanying comforters.

Sakura strolled into the bathroom, she took her toothbrush from the cup by the washbasin, she applied a mint toothpaste on her toothbrush to brush her teeth. When she was done rinsing her mouth and brush, she placed the moist brush back to the cup.

Sakura took off her clothing and underwear one at a time, when she was completely naked; Sakura reached for the showerhead to turn the water on, its coldness sent goosebumps all over her pale smooth skin. Sakura leaned over to press the pump of the liquid soap by the stand of the showerhead; she rubbed the thick opaque liquid, starting with her hair then from her face to the rest of her body.

Sakura rinsed off the soap suds with running water from the showerhead. Sakura stepped away from the shower space to walk towards the bathtub; she turned the faucets that were marked 'cold' and 'hot' letting the water run from them while she blocked the drain with a stopper.

Sakura stepped into the bathtub that was filled with warm water; letting her body soak in their warmth while leaning her head against the bathtub tiles.

After a while, Sakura left the bathtub to dry her body with a towel and blow dry her hair. Sakura wrapped a bath towel around her as she ventured into her bedroom to dress up for the day.

Once finished, Sakura walked into the kitchen to take out the prepackaged white rice, seaweed, miso soup with tofu, four eggs, and salmon. Sakura began the preparation of the omelette, she set a bowl out and cracked the eggs open into the bowl. Sakura beat the eggs with a chopstick, and she added some omelette seasoning. Sakura turned the knob of the gas stove, she took out a non-stick frying pan from one of the kitchen drawers and placed it on the stove adding butter to the frying pan. Sakura poured the eggs into hot butter, spreading the eggs, turning, and rolling them at the appropriate time using a spatula.

Sakura turned the gas stove off and transferred the omelette from the frying pan to a wooden board; she cut the omelette into several square pieces.

Sakura washed and dried her hands, she took out some plates, bowls and a cup. Sakura put the omelette cubes in a plate; one after the other Sakura heated the prepackaged food that she brought out earlier from her fridge in a microwave. Sakura went to boil green tea in the electric kettle.

Taking out a tray from a drawer; Sakura served the steamy hot rice into a bowl, the miso soup with tofu went into another bowl, and salmon, seaweed were in separate bowls. Sakura put each of the bowls and plate of omelette on the tray, she poured green tea into a cup, placing it along with the rest and a chopstick. Sakura cleaned up the kitchen before leaving with her tray of food and drink.

Sakura walked to her dining table in her living area and set the tray down; she then sat down to eat her breakfast.

After Sakura ended her meal; she cleared the table to wash the dishes. Sakura lives in a two bedroom apartment; one served as her bedroom while the other was used as a studio for her art.

Sakura entered her studio, the inside displayed many artworks, gadgets, paintings, supplies, and other furnishings.

Sakura had not checked her phone, she sometimes forgot to charge it. Sakura saw the phone was on her work table along with her computer.

Sakura turned her computer on to check her emails and what she saw sent her into a state of near panic. Sakura's eyes widened in shocked disbelief, she saw the flood of messages and alerts coming from people she's never met a day in her life.

It took one day, one morning for Sakura to wake into a completely different reality. Overnight, the video had blown up, reaching millions of views, shares, and comments.

Stunned by the outpouring posts; Sakura faintly said, "What the... how did this happen? I can't believe it. This is crazy!"

Sakura blindly reached for her phone to call her family and friends; they soon quickly became aware of her overnight success, resulting in congratulatory messages over the phone and on social media.

Sakura replayed the words of her mother in her head, "Sakura-chan, your video is all over the internet! You're amazing! I couldn't be more proud of you! Your relentless hard working spirit finally paid off"

Sakura felt the pride and joy in her mother's voice; there was no denying that she wanted the best for her daughter and she was genuinely happy for Sakura's success.

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