Chapter 3:

Dark Side of Fame

From Zero to Viral [Japanese Web Novel]

As Sakura's popularity began to increase, she soon realized that it came with significantly more negativity. She began to receive a whole host of online hate in comments and messages.

Can someone pls tell me what this piece of garbage is?

This talentless b*tch should stop wasting our time

Here we go again, another wannabe with some sh*itty clown act

Sakura felt her heart starting to squeeze, a dark cloud of dread overshadowed her world; telltale signs of anxiety crept into her very mind as she questioned the vile actions of those who attacked her relentlessly, "Why do people have to be so cruel? I don't understand it. I never for once expected that things would turn out this way at all."

Sakura became more and more aware of the abuse directed towards her and without meaning to; she began to sense paranoia taking over her life, the never ending feeling of insecurity made what she loved doing to become worthless and all of these were because of the online abuse that she was receiving on a daily basis.

"It would have been better if that video never went viral, at least I wouldn't have to face this much hate," Sakura sadly thought.

Sakura could no longer eat well nor sleep as she used to. She started to avoid uploading videos and painting completely; instead she buried herself in online gaming apps while she wasted away.

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