Chapter 1:



In a faraway world, there's a war between humans and demons. They have been in war for years and it seems it wont show a sign of stopping. Hero, a status given to one who can use holy power of an angel. That person with such title will fight with more darker being called a demon lord. Bookmark here

The fights still continues even now. However, 20 years ago, both Hero and Demon lord has disappeared! Not a single trace to be found. This incident has panicked both sides and they decided to put their war on hold until they found a new replacement.Bookmark here

Though, its not a concern to our protagonist, May Wilheim. He rather think of those stories as a fairy tales or some sort. The one who told him this story is his big sister, Maryana Wilheim.Bookmark here

May's hometown is in this bleak, run down village. Here, you can almost heard nothing from the palace. This village is placed between border of Fitoria country and forest. It is practically abandoned by the palace. Although its a place that is abandoned, most villagers loves living here. Its nature resources is the only reason they can to survive in this harsh condition. They were doing agriculture things like farming, fishing and such. Bookmark here

Not only that, they will always have new foreigners from other countries and merchants from around the world visiting the village. It might be unknown to the palace, but its regard a famous place in Fitoria.Bookmark here

May just came back from Yurie town, a merchant city. He was selling the vegetables and fruits that they were planting up around the house. May's parent is a farmer. They always eat their own vegetables and fruits rather than buying dishes. Even though May likes it, his sister, Maryana, sick of it. She always sneaked up some money to buy meats from their neighbor. She will ended up getting angry by his father, though. Bookmark here

After he put those copper coins on the piggybank, he decided to go to the forest to search for Maryana. She might have been around that area, he thoughts.Bookmark here

Arrived, he shouted her name, hoping for a response from her. But it seems it has no answer. He was wondering where did she goes. She usually walks around the forest to hunt some wild animals. Such a wild girl, he thinks back. After that, he found her sleeping near a tree who was almost wilted. Bookmark here

"There you are."Bookmark here

He goes toward to where she is. He take a look at her a little bit closely. She seems beautiful up close. Born with no parent, both of them were adopted by his parent out of pity. He knows how painful it is to not know their own parent. While reminiscing about that, Maryana wake up, only to get surprised by May's presence.Bookmark here

"Whoa! Since when did you get here?"Bookmark here

May just smile at Maryana's shocked face. He thanks her for snapping him into the reality, inside the bottom of his heart.Bookmark here

"Just now. You were sleeping so soundly, so i was thinking if i should carry you."Bookmark here

"Stop! Don't even do that. I'm a woman who needs no man."Bookmark here

"And a woman who is as flat as a chopping board."Bookmark here

Maryana was surprised with May's sudden comment. Bookmark here

"Sh-shut up! Fl-flat is not a bad thing! Did you know that.. uhh.. Flat is justice!"Bookmark here

They started laughing after those words. Maryana was always teased by May for her flat boobs. Since every womans around the village is not as flat as her, she is considered as a rare existence. That is just a joke they make for each other, though. Bookmark here

"Let's get back to the village. Dinner is coming up."Bookmark here

Maryana started sighing after hearing May's words. She really hates it.Bookmark here

"Uhh.. Let me guess.. More veggies and fruits again?"Bookmark here

May nodded. Maryana seems frustrated to see the confirmation. She knew it. Their parent just never get sick of it. Why they don't just buy a meat or something? is the thoughts that is always playing inside her mind when they were walking together. She was surprised to see May's tolerance toward same dishes every single day.Bookmark here

They were passing a lots of villager and always ended up greeting them. They were always being so nice toward both of them, for being an orphan. It might not bother Maryana that much, but it bothers May a bit. But he never showed it in his face.Bookmark here

After they already arrived home, they saw meat dishes left and right. May and Maryana seems surprised by the sudden changes to their dinner menu today. Their mother smiled toward them, while welcoming them.Bookmark here

"Welcome home."Bookmark here

"We're back, mother." "I'm back, mom."Bookmark here

They replied to her greet at the same time. She will always welcoming them after a long day of walking around. For her, their safety is her top priority. As long as they're safe, she will always feel peaceful. After welcoming them, Maryana run toward the table that is filled with meats. Their mother's smile.Bookmark here

"Why are we having meat for dinner? Do we have a feast or something?"Bookmark here

"Its a celebration for your first day here, Maryana. Your 19th birthday."Bookmark here

From the toilet, their father replied. Their father just came back from toilet after reliving the nature's call. It seems they will celebrated her 19th birthday. May seems overjoyed with that. He was happy that his sister, who is 2 years older than him, will ascend to the adulthood. Bookmark here

"You must be happy right now, Maryana. Its your birthday! I'm so glad to have a sister like you."Bookmark here

Maryana smiles after hearing May's words. But somehow, she seems sad about it. No one seems to notice the sadness that she feels after she knew its already that time. She decided to enjoy her last time here.Bookmark here

"Yeah. Now lets eat some meat!"Bookmark here

May's nodded. They started to eat the dinner. The conversation seems fun, and they were happy to talk with each other. They have so much fun, and May's wishes this would last forever.Bookmark here

However, his wish didn't come true...Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

..Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

"Mother? Father? Maryana?"Bookmark here

In a mist of fire, he is searching for his family members. His village was burned and villagers was killed. He run straight toward his house after he came back from his usual selling job. He saw his fellow villager corpses one by one, including woman and children. Who could have done such thing, he thoughts. This is beyond cruel and evil. Bookmark here

As he arrived into his house, he opened the door.Bookmark here

Only to see the corpses of his parent lying around with their limbs scattered away. He is mentally shocked. He goes toward his parent corpses and started touching them. As he thought, its was a cut made by humans. While his anger almost overtake him, he realizes that Maryana isn't among the corpses. Where she could have been? Bookmark here

He searched for her desperately inside the house. It seems there is no trace of her being killed or anything. He has a small hope to rely to. While going upstair, he saw Maryana's pink sweater is covered in blood. Is she was killed by them? Bookmark here

No way.. He almost think that she is still alive. Because of that bloody sweater, his will wavered. He can't believe it. Who the hell is killing the villagers, his parent and Maryana? They can't be forgiven!Bookmark here

Walking toward the door, he decided to search for those people who is responsible for this. Behind the door, there is a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. She standing there, looking at May who is consumed by his anger. Bookmark here

"May Wilheim, I wish for you to stop doing what you're going to do."Bookmark here

He looks at her, who seems a stranger to him. In his current condition, he saw that girl as the killer who killed everyone. He started glaring at her. That girl won't budge, even after she felt his blood lust. Bookmark here

"Who the hell are you?! Are you the one who killed everyone?"Bookmark here

That girl just stand still, without answering his question. Ahh... She must be the killer. She has to be! May take out his knife from his back pocket slowly, with an intention to kill her. As that girl realizes his strong blood lust, she back out a bit. Bookmark here

He take out his knife and started waving them around her. That girl just evades them gracefully, while staring at his face. May started losing his focus, and just waving his knife with no direction. That girl realizes that he's angry with her.Bookmark here

"Calm down, young boy. Its no use for you to waving that dangerous thing to me."Bookmark here

He was surprised to hear her voice, after her last words. He becomes enraged and started yelling at her.Bookmark here

"Then, why you won't answer my question earlier?! Are you really the one who killed everyone? Why did you do that?!"Bookmark here

May stopped waving his knife after saying those words. That girl just stare at her. She notice that his blood lust start to fade away.Bookmark here

"They.. did nothing wrong. Villagers, mother, father, nor even Maryana! What did we do to you to deserve this?"Bookmark here

Tears started dropping from his eyes after finishing those words. He just confused with this. Up until yesterday, they were having a great time as a family. His normal life of farming, selling profits, hunting wild animals with Maryana.. Everything is gone! Its like this is just a dream to him. An illusion. Bookmark here

But, the blood, the smells of corpses, diverted him from thinking its a dream. He started crying after realizing everything is taken from him. That girl came closer to him. She started patting his head to comfort him. He was surprised to see her sudden action. Bookmark here

I almost killed her! Why did she act too nice toward me? is what playing inside mind. He just can't comprehend any of this girl's action. She smiles toward him and says this.Bookmark here

"That girl, Maryana, might still be alive."Bookmark here

May was surprised to hear this. He just can't believe this. Those bloods within the sweater.. Its filled with bloods that anyone who lose it couldn't be surviving right now. He need a confirmation with those words.Bookmark here

"What do you mean by that?" Bookmark here

She smiles once again.Bookmark here

"Take a look at the sweater closely. There is no cut or whatsoever. Am i right?"Bookmark here

He look at the sweater once again. She's right! It might be filled with blood, but there is no cut within the sweater. It seems he still have a ray of hope once again. She adds more again.Bookmark here

"Anyway, that girl is still alive. You might be thinking of finding the one who did this, but i have a request to make."Bookmark here

"Request?"Bookmark here

May is confused by her words. She smiles. It seems she is here for a reason. Bookmark here

"I'm Angela, an angel who is sent by Heaven to observe and guide you. I want you to unite the human and demon together. That is my mission. Will you join me?"Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

"What?!"Bookmark here


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