In this world, humans and demons was fighting with each other. Both sides has send their own representative, the Hero and Demon lord. These has been happening for years and it seems it didn't show any signs of stopping. Shockingly, the current Hero and Demon Lord has disappeared without a trace. The fight was halted until they found a new heir to both roles.

This is a story about a guy named May Wilheim, who was found on May. Even though he live as a villager, he was very satisfied with his life. One day, May was shocked to see his village destroyed. Panic, he ran toward his house only to found corpses of his parent and his sister's pink sweater.

When he was about to search for his sister's corpse, a girl show up in front of him. She is an angel who was send to stop the war between demons and humans and it seems she need May's help. What kind of adventure will awaits him?

UpdatedJan 29, 2017
Writing StatusOngoing
Featured fan art of this novel.