Chapter 39:

Chapter 39: Super Hero


"HAAAAAH!" I shouted as I kicked away my mantis attacker. My brother and Ms. Jaguar were easily handling theirs; Ms. Jaguar fighting off two. The mantis I kicked away charged again at me and threw a slash that sliced a hole in my shirt. "Ahhhh! This was one of my favorite shirts!!" My brother slid next to me, "Then why the hell did you wear it to this?" He asked. "Hey, I may be a fighter but I still wanna look cute." I scoffed at him. "Keh Keh. I think you REEEEAL cute." The mantis guy I was fighting said. I cringed hearing him say it because it sounded so creepy and gross. My brother turned around, "SHE'S SIXTEEN, MAN!" He shouted. "So am I." My brother and I looked at each other with surprise then back at him. "Oh dude…" Ezekiel started, "Time has not been good to you." He growled and charged at us; Ezekiel's attacker lunged toward us too. "Ugh, I hope Ferral and Leona are having a better time than us." 
I continued running through the city, I faced off against more people and managed to be each one. Guess I wandered into the part where most of the other experiments were weak but there was no time to stop and think about it, I had to find the others. As I ran, I noticed just how destroyed this place was. It made me think of what Central City would look like if this same thing happened there. While I was distracted, I accidentally ran into something and hit the ground. I groaned a little and looked up to see what I had hit, and when I did I saw it was another person. A short older looking man with no hair on his head and wearing all black glasses. He groaned, rubbing his head in pain, so I shot up and apologized to the man. "I'm so sorry, sir!" I helped him up and he dusted himself off. "Are you hurt?" I asked him. "No, I-I'm alright," He responded, "Just a little shaken up." I sighed with relief, "That's good." "Oh, where are my manners," He stuck out his left hand, "I don't think I've properly introduced myself." I realized he wanted to shake my hand, so I reached out and grabbed his hand with mine and he started shaking it. "Mort Moleman, owner of Mort's Car Rental. How do you do?" "Wait….did you say your first name is "Mort?" That's the funniest sounding name I've heard," I chucked, "My name is Ferral." "Ferral, eh? Heh, and you think my name sounds funny. Actually my experiment name is 257: Naked Mole Rat." "Mine's 9320: Wolf." He shook his head as he sat on a large chunk of rumble, "To think they've made so many…" I looked confused and sat next to him. "What do you mean they'd made so many?" "Do you think they just gave us numbers just because? No, it appears they've created over nine-thousand experiments.….both gathered here and scattered across the rest of the globe." I looked down, "I didn't know there were so many of us…" "I could be wrong, it's certainly been a while since I've been at that wretched facility." How old are you?" I asked him. "Sixty-Two," He responded, "But I don't feel a day over fifty." He let out a wheezing type laugh. 
I chuckled, this man seemed very nice. "So you're a mole rat, right? Doesn't that mean you're blind?" "For the most part, yes, but I've still got four incredibly sharp senses. Lack of eyesight isn't going to stop from living my life or running my business." He reached into the brown coat he was wearing and pulled a small card. "Here you go my boy. If you ever need a good rental car, I'm the guy." He went to hand me the card but I didn't reach for it, "Sorry, I don't have any pockets." "I see. Well, I'll just hang on to this and give it to you after this whole scuffle is over. Before I could answer, I heard a faint noise coming from behind us. I turned around to see a girl standing behind us with her hands on her hips. "Looks like I finally found you….Failure!" She exclaimed, causing Mr. Moleman to turn around. "Who's that, Ferral? Sounds like a woman." I got up and stood in front of Mr. Moleman, "Stay behind me, sir." I locked eyes with the girl in front of me. She was wearing a very weird outfit, it had a cape and the letter "A" on the chest "Who are you?" I asked, sternly. "Who am I?" She let out a laugh, "I am one of Dr. Atlas's greatest experiments! I…..AM A SUPERHERO!!!" She got into a fighting position, "And by his orders, I've come to stop you, evil doer!" "Evil doer? I'm not evil, and I don't don't think you should be-" Before I could finish, the girl charged at me with extreme speed and threw a swift kick toward my face but I managed to block it, sliding to the side in the process. "I am Experiment 5483: Black Bear! And thanks to this specially designed superhero suit by Dr. Atlas, it increases my strength and only further does so with each blow I take." I readied myself for her next attack, which she did start to sprint at me. I lunged forward to throw a punch, but she blocked it and socked me in the face then kicked me back. "Dr. Atlas said this suit would make me strong enough to combat even the strongest experiment, Leonidas. So someone like you should be nothing." 
She charged again, this time I was even more ready and blocked her attack than we began to trade blows, she really was very strong and fast. "So, why does Dr. Atlas think I'm a villain?" I asked. "Please, he told me all about the heinous things you've done," She started, "Plotting to overthrow the Organization, killing off your fellow experiments or brainwashing them to be a part of your sick perverted harem." I grabbed her arm and flipped her to the ground. "I don't know what this "harem" thing is, but everything else he's telling you is a lie." I jumped backwards to make distance. She flipped herself back up, "You can't fool me, villain! And once I've stopped you, Dr. Atlas said he'll make my superhero dream a reality. So I MUST stop you!" She bolted at me, her speed faster than it was earlier and before I could react, she elbowed me in the face and punched me across the street. Then she noticed a fire hydrant next to her and used all her force to kick it at me. Her boot collided with the hydrant and it blasted straight toward me. I couldn't dodge it in time so I stuck out my arms and caught it, the force was so strong it still locked the wind out me. "I can do that too!" I let go and slammed the top of my foot against the hydrant's side and launched it back toward her. She ducked it just before it hit her head, then I came charging in and kneed her in the face. Her head whipped back and when she regained focus, she punched me in the gut, sending me skitting backward. I almost fell down but caught myself and when I saw her rushing toward me, I held my head back until she got closer and then slammed it into her face. She stepped back, holding her face in her hands and when she took them off her nose was bleeding. She grit her teeth and charged again at me, driving her fist into my stomach. Then a barrage of punches came across my face and upper body, she finished by throwing her left foot into the air and slamming her heel down on the back of my head. My face smashed into the ground. "*huf* *huf* See? Good always triumphs over evil." She said as I strained to get back up.
I had to think of a way to beat her, but how? She said that suit makes her stronger, so what if I ruin it. I lunged at her, this time using my claws to slash at the suit and tear it up. It didn't matter if she dodges it, I just need to hit the clothes. I threw multiple slashes while also being on my guard, and I managed to put some tears into it but that didn't seem to make her any weaker. She uppercutted me and socked me back to the ground. I groaned as I looked up to see her looking at her suit. "I see…so this was your final plan, eh? Well unfortunately it won't work." I sighed as I got back up, but then thought of one more idea. "*huf* It's obvious I can't win and you're right, *huf* I was trying to rip apart your suit." "Ha! Unfortunately the only way you can deactivate the suit is by destroying the emblem on my chest." My body shot up, "SO THAT'S IT!" She looked at me with shock, "Wait, but I thought you were…" "I am a little tired, but I just needed a way for you to tell me how to stop that suit from working." She smacked herself on the head, "Curses! I did what every villain does when they explain their evil plans….COME ON GIRL!" She gripped her fists, "Well it doesn't matter! I'm still stronger and once I've defeated you, I'll kill your fellow evil comrades." I gasped, then grit my teeth and clenched my fists in anger. "I'm not a villain like you think I am, but anyone who tries to hurt my friends……I WILL NEVER FORGIVE!!" A burst of energy filled through me and I shot an attack so fast at her that she couldn't react in time. I socked her right in the cheek and kicked her in the lower jaw, then started a flurry of punches, each one having more power on it than the last. I roared as I continued my assault, then I managed to kick her so hard that she flew into the air. I jumped up to grab her right ankle and throw her down through the roof of an abandoned house. "I can't see anything but I can hear that Ferral's going all out." Mr. Moleman said to himself as he walked closer toward the fight. Soon the girl came bursting out of the front door of the house, sliding on the ground until she stopped in front of Mr. Moleman. She lay on the ground in pain, the emblem on her suit was ripped clean off. 
I came walking out and stood over her, staring down with a serious expression. "This fight is over." I told her and she strained to get up, getting on her hands and knees panting heavily. "Alright, you win…go ahead and end this." She said, defeated. I let out an exhausted sigh, "No." I told her and she looked at me with surprise. "W-Why?" "I told you I'm not a villain. Are you okay, Mr. Moleman?" He nodded, "Yes, I just wanted to see how your little skirmish was going." I smiled, then looked back down at the girl and stuck out my hand. She seemed hesitant at first, but took it and pulled her back up. "T-Thank you." She said, and I nodded at her. "But why? After all that I said and did, why do you choose to still be kind to me?" "Because you're a kind person too," I replied, "You were just told lies by a bad person." She walked over and sat on the hood of a car, looking up at the sky, "All this time I've been fed lies…all this time I was the villain!" Mr. Moleman and I walked over to her, "Now listen here, young lady," Mr. Moleman started, "From what I was hearing you were just trying to do good, even if it was in reality wrong. You've got a good heart, you were just misled." I nodded in agreement. "I just wanted to live my superhero dream, but it turns out it wasn't true." "Well maybe there still a way you can," I said, "Same goes for you, Mr. Moleman. My friends and I are trying to stop the Organization, but we need every experiment's help…..are you guys in?" Mr. Moleman nodded, "These bones may be old, but they still have a few good swings in them." "I may not be as strong as I was before, but I will lend my strength to you and your cause." Bear-girl added. "Any help is good help." I told them. "You know, I've been thinking long and hard about this ever since this whole thing started." Mr. Moleman said. "We're listening." I told him…….
"*sigh* Like, this is totally boring." One of the lionesses said as they all laid around in an empty mall parking lot. "Ugh, totally," Another scoffed, "Like, there's nothing to do." "Every person who's tried to fight us has been completely lame." A third one complained. Soon they heard my footsteps and all seven of them looked in my direction. "O.M.G! Is that….1859?" They all burst into laughter, "Like, what are YOU doing here loser?" "Yeah, we thought you'd be a depressed mess after your pathetic butt was kicked out of the pride." They all continued to laugh. I smirked, "In your dreams, I actually have been looking for your bitches all day…" I cracked my knuckles and neck, "So I can tear you apart."