Chapter 40:

Chapter 40: Bow to the Queen


The lionesses continued their laughter, "You are gonna tear US apart!?" "That's the funniest thing you've said…like ever." They all got up, composing themselves and stared at me with smug faces. "Unlike you sluts, I've actually been training and getting stronger," I told them,"Just so I can kick your asses." I got into fighting position while they scoffed at my claim. "It's cute you think you have a chance." One of them said as they all too got ready to fight. "I'm gonna enjoy this…" I said as my feet dug into the ground and I launched myself at them. Their eyes shot open, surprised at my speed, and with that opening I punched the middle lioness across the face, sending her flying back. She rammed into the one in back of her and they both fell to the ground. The others, still surprised, got a grip and lunged at me together. But I dodged, blocked, and countered each one of their attacks, ducking the last one and socking her square in the gut. She groaned in pain as she fell to her knees, then I cocked my right foot back and kicked her in the jaw. The others grited their teeth and tried to attack again. I grabbed one's punched and flipped her to the ground. Two more tried to attack from the sides, but I grabbed their fists, pulled them at each other, and bashed their foreheads together. One of them tried to kick me, but I grabbed her leg, picked her up and threw her against the side of the building. Her body fell hard and then all I was left with was one. Nervous sweat dripped down her face but she still charged at me, unleashing a barrage of attacks. I dodged each attack, her frustration growing as her onslaught continued. Eventually I sidestepped an attack and kneed her in the stomach, then rammed my elbow against the back of her neck. I let go and she fell. They all groaned as they got up, their heads looking to see where I was until they found where I had gone; I was standing on top of a truck looking down at them with a smirk. "Come on now, I've only been warming up." 
Back at The Facility, every scientist watching Leona fight the other lionesses stared in awe. "I never knew 1859 could have gotten so strong in such a short time." A male scientist said. "It's incredible and hard to believe." A woman scientist adeed. Dr. Aero was also in shock, but I knew this was going to happen. "Try not to look so surprised, Aero," He turned his attention to me, "1859 was designed to be a prodigy. So of course she'll gain incredible strength quicker than most, but not faster than 9320." He nodded, "Why did we make her this way though, Atlas?" He asked, "Wasn't Leonidas enough?" I chuckled, "Well, every king needs his queen and 1859 was the prime candidate. At least, that's what he said." "Who?" "The big boss," I turned my attention back to the screen as 1859 continued her fight, "I wonder if he's watching. Seeing how his precious 9320 will fair…."
The lionesses roared with anger as they desperately tried to land a hit on me. Knowing they wouldn't, I turned my head toward the abandoned mall, I could smell Leonidas' scent there. He was watching, seeing if he should come out and fight me himself. Hmph, arrogant bastard. Doesn't matter, once I'm done with these whores, I'll come for him next. Once I focused back on the fight, I swiftly knocked each one of them back down. They all were panting from exhaustion, "That's it!" One of them shouted as she got herself back up, "I'm totally done with you and your shit!!" She reached into her back pocket and pulled out a small syringe. "Girls!! Let's do the thing!" Each of them nodded, got up and pulled out their own syringe. I looked at the with with confusion, but kept my guard up. "Dr. Atlas had a feeling that something like this would happen, but we didn't wanna believe him." "But you think you're so high and mighty, let's see how you handle…this!" They all stabbed the syringes into their necks and injected whatever fluid was in them. Then they dropped them and their bodies started to shake a little. Soon their muscles tightened up as they became more defined, their bodies growing slightly as well. "What they hell?" I muttered as they all laughed and lunged at me at once. I thought I was ready but their speed had gotten much faster so I was caught off guard and got socked across the face. As I flew back and another lioness put her hand together and slammed them into my back. Two more came at me, one punching me on the other side of my face and the other drove her left foot into my stomach. I coughed up blood but didn't have anytime to refocus as each one of them got their turn to land a blow on me. The last one kicked me straight in the face and I went crashing through a piece of old wall. 
I strained to get up, spitting and wiping the blood off my nose. "So what, you gotta use steroids to beat me?" They began to surround me, "Tch, pathetic. Just what I'd expect from losers like you…but okay then, guess it's my turn." I clenched my fists and grit my teeth, straining as my body grew slightly, my muscles became more defined and my hair grew slightly. The colors of my hair and fur changed from their original light brown to having a slight orange tint to it, black streaks formed on my hair and the ends of it became white. I sighed with relief, "Alright…COME AT ME!" 
Meanwhile at The Facility, the scientist gasped in awe at Leona's transformation. "T-This is incredible!" Dr. Aero exclaimed, "She's achieved evolution!" Each of the other scientists looked back at the two of us and started to mutter about what we were talking about. I sighed and got up, "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sure you're wondering what that means, so allow this brief explanation. Each experiment is capable of achieving a higher form of what you normally see them with. An evolution or "awakening" as the higher ups and I like to call them. They are achieved when an experiment's body has reached a certain limit of strength, partnered with feelings of intense anger, malice, or agony will trigger these evolutions." They continued their muttering, clearly still confused. "We had made the decision not to inform you as not for you to try and trigger it, because when an experiment is in this state, their mindset is only fueled by rage and will not hesitate to kill whatever's in their path. Now then, let us focus back and watch our marvelous creations at work. I sat back down as the other scientists turned their back to the screen. I leaned over to Dr. Aero, "Try and keep your outbursts to yourself," I whispered. He nodded and apologized. 
Back to the fight, the other lionesses and I became put on equal footing, but I had the edge in technique. All that training with that idiot and the twins was actually being put to use, I dudked a punch and dug my claws into the attacker's side. She screamed in pain but I grabbed her by the mouth and slammed her head into the ground. The others rushed, taking swipes with their claws, but I blocked each one and locked mine with one of them pulled her close and bit down on her left shoulder. One of them came to her aid and pushed me off, my teeth dragging on her shoulder, leaving an even bigger wound. Three of them attacked me together, one of them managed to put three slash marks against my right cheek and another kicked backwards. I slid but stopped myself by putting my claws into the ground. The third came from behind and tried to kick me, but grabbed her leg and threw her toward others. She crashed into two of them but the other four rushed at me again. I knew I could win, but it was going to be an easy one…
Over inside the abandoned mall, Leonidas woke up from his nap and let out a long yawn. He got up and stretched, then I walked over to the front entrance and looked out at the empty parking lot. He sighed, "What failures. I suppose if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself."