Chapter 4:


The Elf Saint is a NEET, so I Forced Her to Work in Another World, Vol. 16

***The city of Kamran, north of the Holy Palatial Gardens***

When the citizens of the city of Kamran woke up the next day, they were surprised to see their newspapers filled with the headline: ‘Her Holiness the Lady Madelaine Ann Rubinforth honors the Commoner General, the Lord Kuro of Arles with a life-size statue!’, along with an illustration of what the statue looked like. Naturally, for a population that was bored by the prevailing peace, it was an interesting article, so they wasted no time in checking out what’s going on.

“The Lord Kuro of Arles? Isn’t he the Commoner General?”

“This is the commoner who fought in the Tri-Skill Tournament before, right?”

“And the one who also saved Chersea against the undead! It says here in the article!”

The mere thought of a commoner becoming a legendary hero worthy of newspapers was something the common folk of Kamran wouldn’t miss. For long, they’ve been under the rule and mercy of the nobility, who rarely accepted non-nobles into their ranks. As such, the newspapers bearing the article about the Lord Kuro sold out within a few hours after it was put into circulation.


***The city of Netevren, Kingdom of Cherwind***

As one of its newly-opened branches, the Royal Inn at the city of Netevren was visited by its owner, a member of the Beastman Dog tribe, Miss Missy of the Dogs. With her was a huge, covered canvas, carried by two of her employees. An old lady behind the reception greeted her, for it was her former mistress and current business partner, the Madame Bellefort.

“Seems like you’re in a great mood!” the madame commented. “Looks like you enjoyed the exhibits!”

Ah! It was great,” Missy replied, asking her employees to set down the canvas on the floor. “I think it will be around for some more time. Would you want to come with me next time?”

The old lady laughed, “Eh, you know an old human like me can’t travel much for long durations anymore.”

“No!” the dog-girl insisted. “We’re not taking the carriage; we’ll get to Chersea via trains and trams. Those are less shaky compared to the caravans we used to ride before!”

“You mean, those horseless carriages that run on tracks, huh?

“The travel time is faster, though well, the fare is quite pricey. A nice exchange, I’d say.”

Ooh…I guess I should try it before I pass.”

“Don’t say that, Madame,” the dog-girl rebuked her. “You’ll still live long.”

Madame Bellefort smiled, “Well, I hope so!” Then, she pointed to the canvas behind Missy, “What’s that? Some painting?”

“Yes,” Missy explained, “I’m sure you’ll like the person in the painting.”

The madame then wore her glasses, just as the dog-girl pulled down the cloth cover. At once, a painting of a young man, dressed in the royal clothes and robes of Cherwind, appeared in all his glory and splendor.

“Haa…” Madame Bellefort’s face lightened up. “Th-This man…this is our King!”

Missy chuckled, “Yes, it’s His Majesty indeed. Kuro the God-King.”

“Now that I’ve seen him…” the madame continued, “Aren’t those trams and trains his ideas?”

“Oh!” the dog-girl was initially confused, though it slowly dawned on her. “W-Wait, yes…if I remember, His Majesty is the one who proposed having trams and trains throughout Cherwind. And the Lady Salis of the Owls worked with him to create those machines!”

“And isn’t it that His Majesty united Cherwind’s Beastmen tribes and humans as well?”

“Yes, that one I remember well,” Missy confirmed. “Strange…it’s as if we forgot about His Majesty for quite long, yet we haven’t.”

“I have the same feelings as well…” Madame Bellefort nodded. “But, it’s impossible. His Majesty the King Kuro did a lot of good things to be forgotten! In any case, we should hang this portrait of his beside Her Majesty the Queen Ursura.”

“Right! And, uh, madame, now that we’re talking about His Majesty, you wouldn’t believe the stories I heard about him back in Chersea!”

“What? There’s more?”

“Yes!” the dog-girl nodded. “Apparently, His Majesty the King also saved the demons when their home in Cherflammen got destroyed!”

“Save your story for later,” Madame Bellefort, who had a personal taste for adventure when she was young, smirked. She told their employees, “Go around the rooms and tell our guests that food and drinks for dinner will be on us! Let us celebrate the life of His Majesty, Kuro the God-King!”


***New Goblinhom City, capital of the Goblinhom Governorate, Federal Demon Republic…***

While goblins were long deemed formidable and the ‘standard’ regarding mass production and factories, the appearance of the steam engines enabled them to increase their production with ‘ungodly’ precision. Molds, and machine cutters now shape every part of their products, like weapons, tools, kitchen utensils, and even some of the building materials. However, the person behind this innovation, the patriarch of the Red Goblin clan, the Lord Tenguri of the Goblins, attributed his ideas to someone else…

“It is the Lord Kuro’s idea,” he’d often say, just like in the interview he was having at the moment. “My wife and I just developed those concepts further.”

“The Lord Kuro, you say?” the reporter from the demon weekly magazine, ‘The Demon Times’, couldn’t believe what he just heard. “If I’m not mistaken, he is the human hero, right? You mean you worked with him before?”

“Maybe you are not aware,” the goblin lord took a puff from his smoke pipe. “But the Lord Kuro is also a friend to us, demons. He fought on the side of our armies during the civil war, and helped the demon lord-president, Prince Hurion Devras IV, found the federal government.”

“Huh?” the young demon looked unto his notes. “Pardon me, milord, but I did my research before. Those were never mentioned in the books I read. Maybe because he’s human, that’s why his role has been glossed over.”

“No!” the goblin tycoon bellowed and kept on hitting the floor with his cane. “It’s because we failed to write it down before we forgot about him! And to think, we forgot a good friend of our people because of that accursed god—”

“Now, now, milord,” the Lady Baraquiel suddenly intervened. “Do not stress yourself so much with trivial matters.”

“I-Is the lord alright?” the journalist asked, visibly confused. “We can always continue the interview some time later, milady, if the Lord Tenguri isn’t feeling well.”

Ah, he just needs a little rest,” the orc lady smiled back, as she shuffled her husband away.

“Lady, I need to remind that young horn of the Lord Kuro’s glorious role in our history!” the Lord Tenguri insisted. “The moment we forget is the moment we disrespect our friend’s memory and sacrifices!”

“I know, darling,” Lady Baraquiel whispered. “But cut the young horn some slack for now. Everyone’s minds were affected when the saints sundered the connection of our old land from the rest of Chersea and the other realms six years ago. The reason we remembered him now is that we’re his closest friends. This reporter is a stranger to him, so calm down, alright?”

The goblin lord took a deep breath and fell silent, thinking of his options. Finally, the Lord Tenguri said, “Okay. I’ll leave you the young horn. You can explain our business to him, right?”

The orc lady replied with a wink, “Of course! You can count on me.”

The Lord Tenguri nodded and disappeared into his room. Meanwhile, the Lady Baraquiel entertained the journalist. “My husband left me to answer your questions. Do you have anything for me?”

Oh, y-yes, milady!” the young demon shifted through his papers, until he produced a page full of interview questions. “Well, the Red Goblin Industries is the leading factory in all the republic in producing defense articles, not only for our army, but also for the militaries of the other races. Now, please tell us about your newest product, the model Mkh-12 Legionary Shield ‘Kuro’.”

Ah, that one?” the orc lady chuckled, before continuing. “It is named after the human hero, Kuro of Arles. See, the MKh-12 ‘Kuro’ is made of iron-mithril alloy, imported from the Avinus Isles Region in the Kingdom of Cherwind, so one can be sure of its purity. It can withstand bullets fired from the range of 500 meters and above, and up to 100 meters if reinforced with magic. But, what makes it exceptional is, not only it can protect; one can also bash skulls with it. So, protective yet dangerous, just like its namesake…”



After the incident at Arles, Maddie started giving me some ‘odd jobs’ around the palatial gardens. Ranging from helping with moving supplies, or stocks, to sweeping the pathways clean, she never let me have idle time.

Well, I guess she understands that I’d go looking for work once I have nothing to do.


It’s not that I took offense with what happened. If anything, I was amused by everyone’s reaction to the incident. However, I did realize, Arles was under the jurisdiction of the Savoian duke, while the Holy Palatial Gardens was ruled by the Human Saint. For short, it was a diplomatic incident. And I didn’t want to trouble anyone with my capricious whims.

So, I stopped looking for a job…at least in Arles.

Not that I couldn’t look for work anymore, considering that the territory of the Holy Palatial Gardens also had villages scattered around. But, though it never sunk unto me until the Arles incident, I was already a ‘legendary hero’. While the common folk would surely love a person of similar status, such as mine working under them, Maddie and the others balked at the idea.

“You shouldn’t be working anymore at all,” was Eris’ words for me.

“I know you love to serve, but you should take a break!” Lily would demand occasionally.

“You know people,” Maddie added. “And I also know you. You would gladly accept demands even when you’re getting the short stick. So, as your fiancée, it’s my duty to protect you from predators aiming to exploit you and your legendary status!”

Well, it’s not that I disagree with them. I mean, I’m aware of my stupidity; it’s just that, I find happiness in serving. But yes, people could exploit me, so I’d just stay put. I didn’t want to be taken advantage of, after all.

And so, here I am, doing menial jobs inside the safety of the Holy Palatial Gardens. Sweeping pathways of fallen leaves, and…


Wow, this is nostalgic. When I first came here, it’s also what I do often; sweeping pathways since Lily didn’t want me taking over the other maids’ responsibilities. Now, some of the servants would bully me, dumping leaves and scattering those so I’d have difficult time in cleaning. Well, it was still the same…though, this time, the maids were covertly putting the leaves they cleaned on my dump.

“Hey!” I called out to the girl I caught. “What’s the big idea?”

The servant was surprised, though she didn’t even try to run away. “M-My apologies, Lord Kuro! We’re just trying to help!”

“Eh?” I looked around, and indeed, her companions were sweeping and emptying their dumps on my own. I asked, “Did someone request you to do this?”

She shook her head, but explained, “We did it on our own accord, milord! After all, we can’t let you do everything on your own.”

“I-I see…” I couldn’t help but blush from embarrassment. “I’m sorry for getting angry.”

“It’s okay, Sire!” the maid flashed a sweet smile.


When my break came, I took the time to ‘reorient’ myself to everything, since the years I disappeared took its toll on my mind. I couldn’t even go far a few paces from my place, because the layout of the entire compound felt alien to me once again.


Nevertheless, compared to before, the wandering nuns and templars were more welcoming to me. They would either flash a smile, or bow whenever I give them my respects. The paladin guards were also amicable, though I thought a pair of them followed me from a distance.

I’m hoping I’m just being paranoid.

In any case, while going around, I met a familiar figure. Donned in her usual elf maid clothes, Meanor walked on the pathway opposite me, ostensibly heading back to the guest house where we stayed.


“Milord,” the maid bowed.

“I really wish you’d stop being so formal and go back to how you treated me before,” I told her.

Meanor shook her head, “I can’t do that, milord. While I never believed your stories before, I’ve been slapped by the truth that you are a hero of men, beastfolk and demons.”

“Shut up,” I chuckled. “I’m just doing what I have to, and I inadvertently became what they see me now.”

We both laughed. Meanor was fiercely suspicious of me before, back when I was summoned by the Lady Hinwe after she played with a magic circle. No matter how I try to convince her the otherwise, the elf maid was extremely devoted and protective of her mistress. But when we arrived in Chersea, all her misgivings on me vanished when she saw the paintings, and statues Maddie made in my memory. Now, Meanor was meeker and more agreeable…

Hah…I wish Her Holiness would be the same as you,” I heard the maid speak.


“Well, you are loved by many, because you did so many things for their well-being,” Meanor pointed out. “I’m perplexed as to why, you know, my mistress…she did everything she thought was good for us, the elves. Yet, for some reason, they came to hate her. And because of that, Her Holiness lost her will to rule and guide us. Whatever did she do to deserve such treatment?”

“I don’t think the Lady Hinwe is the one at fault for what happened to her though.”

“Neither do I.”

“But, you know people. A thousand good deeds would be worthless to them, once the one they set their sights on a single mistake.”

“I can’t forgive them.”

“Milady,” I gave her a pat on the shoulder. “I don’t know the past, nor will I understand it fully. However, what’s done is done. The best thing we can do is to repair the damage caused, and try to be careful next time.”

Meanor was silent. Tears fell from her eyes; maybe she remembered something about her mistress. When I offered her a handkerchief to wipe her tears, she said, “Her Holiness did her best…”

“I know, milady…that’s why I’ll help,” I reassured her, though deep inside, I had no idea of where to start.

The elf maid suddenly remembered her errand and continued her walk. “Ah, milord, I’m sorry for holding your time. If you’ll excuse me…”

But I stopped her. “Milady!”

“Your rank is much higher than me!”

“I don’t care,” I reassured her. “I’d like to show you the same level of respect I accord to other people around me, commoner or noble.”

“You’re really one weird human.”

“I’ll take it as a compliment!”

“So, anything you need from me, milord?

“Well,” I paused for a bit to compose myself. “You said before that you’ve been a servant to the Lady Hinwe ever since you are a child, right?”

She nodded, but also asked, “What about that?”

“I was thinking if you know anything that interests her.”

Meanor thought for a moment, then told me, “I think Her Holiness is interested in that picture book you guys call ‘manga’? She has repeatedly told me in the past of how she wanted to make one, but doesn’t know how.”

Oh? So, the Lady Hinwe is interested in creating manga, huh? I flashed Meanor a ‘thumbs-up’, “Thanks for the information, milady! We’ll start from there, so I’ll count on your support, okay?”


Just before the long sleep began, the Head Maid came to my room.

Err…what’s this?” I asked when Lily handed me a pouch full of gold coins.

“You need not to worry, Kuro,” she winked at me. “Maddie says it’s your wage.”

“My wage?” I opened the pouch and counted the coins. “Err…don’t you think it’s too much for what I just did. It’s only sweeping some dead leaves and carrying stuff around, you know?”

“And also, for all the efforts you did to save not only Chersea, but Cherwind and the demons, too,” the head maid replied, averting her embarrassed face from me. “Look, you have to accept this, no matter what. Maddie, Eris, and myself contributed to that, along with Her Majesty the Queen Jessica of Amaranth, and the Lady Henristone.

I gently pushed back the pouch to her, “I cannot; I know you guys are just ‘relabeling’ this money so I will not refuse.”

“Please…?” she clasped her hands as if in prayer. “We know your circumstances; will you allow us to help you?”

It was quite painful to hear those words from Lily. It’s as if she’s blaming herself—like the others—on what happened to me. However, I wanted them to understand that any sane person who loved someone would do what I did; love was that powerful, enough to make you charge and fight against the impossible. Though Lily’s beautiful brown eyes pleaded, I shook my head.

Lily then grabbed my hand and stared straight into my eyes. “Mister Kuro…or should I call you, Mister Greg?”

“I think Kuro’s fine?”

“Alright, Mister Kuro,” the head maid’s face was serious, “let me be clear on something. Are you trying to hurt me?”

“No!” I was taken aback by her question. “Why would I do that?”

“Well, if anything,” Lily paused, and brought my hand to her cheeks, never paying attention to the tears streaming from her eyes, “don’t you ever think that it is your duty to be a hero and save us. No! It is not your duty, and we—especially me—are forever grateful for what you did. The least we can do when you returned is to give back your life, and since you will not accept the things we’d give, we’re looking for ways to repay you!”

“I did what I want to do,” I pointed out. “Don’t blame yourself for what happened.”

“Yes, and we understand. But still…what if you never returned?”

I fell silent when she said that. Well, it was really a close call; I would still be trapped in that dark, dead world if not for the Lady Hinwe opening a portal to Cherwoods. And, whenever the thought passes in my head, I get the shivers. The space separating the reality where I won’t see Lily and the others again and what really happened was as thin as a thread.



“…” she wanted to say something, yet somehow her lips remained closed.

“Don’t focus on that,” I wiped the tears from her eyes and held her tight. “What’s important is that I’m here.”

“Yes,” Lily said as she buried her face in my chest. We stayed like that for a few moments, while the Iron Princess was just Lilyhaven. Her delicate body clung to mine, seemingly unwilling to let go. Lily savored every second that she missed for all the six years I was gone.

“If I may also add, you guys already paid me.”


I kissed Lily’s forehead, “You know, your love for me is more than enough. You have no idea how thankful I am to come back to this place greeted by the sweet, warm smiles of the people I hold dear. After all, Cherflammen is a dead, cold place…and I stayed there for six years.”

“I can’t fully comprehend your pain, Kuro, that’s why I’m hurt for you…”

“You’re really a lovely girl, Lily. You’re beautiful inside and out.”



Lily’s movement was fast. She pulled my shirt and dropped the coin pouch at the part where I’d have difficulty in retrieving it. Then, she flashed a mischievous smile, “If you can’t take it out in five seconds, you can’t return it anymore! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5! It’s over, mister! I win!” The head maid stuck a tongue and giggled as she went back fixing my bed sheets.

I could only scratch my head. Well, I guess I should just accept their generosity this time…


***The Saint’s private chambers, the Holy Palatial Gardens***

“So, what happened?” was Maddie’s question the moment Lily came back to her room.

The head maid shook her head, which was understood as ‘Kuro didn’t accept’. But, she added, “I forced him anyway.”

“Heh,” the Human Saint grinned, reading Lily’s thoughts. “Indeed, such a sly way of forcing him to accept. I should do that too next time.” They threw each other a ‘high-five’ for their success.

“Well,” the head maid then asked, “Maddie, if such little reward would be hard for Kuro to accept, then what should we do with those gifts the people are sending him?”

“True…” the saint went back to her brooding mood. “After the memories of him returned, the people started flocking to the painting and statue I made to offer flowers, food, and other valuable things as gifts.”

“Some are even praying to him!” Lily remarked. “They now see Kuro as someone sent by the saints to help them.”

Oh? I don’t know of that!”

“Well, I haven’t seen those people myself, but the maids are telling me. Apparently, with three saints having a good opinion of him, they think you guys sent Kuro. It also helped that his reforms improved everyone’s lives, so his name was a household word for the ‘saint’s providence’.”

Wow…not even I dreamed of that instance. If this continues, it’ll only be a matter of time before Kuro will be powerful and influential than any mortal—including us saints— can dream of!”

“As his lover, I’m proud,” Lily puffed her chest. “Oh, also, there are rumors going around that if a virgin man goes to pray in front of the statue you have installed at the train station, he’ll find his true love soon!”

“Pfft!” Maddie tried to stop herself from laughing, but it was in vain. “Ah! If those guys only know that their patron saint is a virgin through and through!”

“In any case, what should we do with those gifts?”

“I cast an age-preserving spell on those, and hauled it to a warehouse. No, make that three warehouses, and the gifts are still coming…from all over Chersea, from across the borders of Cherwind, and the caravans of the Federal Demon Republic.”

“And to think that Kuro is still worried about his finances,” Lily couldn’t help but smirk. “With those, he can live his days without even working!”

“You know the guy; he hates being useless,” Maddie chuckled. “Anyway, what I’m worried about though, are the gifts the nobility is sending him.”

Oh right! Yes…I think Eris’ sponsored campaign to make the people remember the deeds of the Commoner General is too effective.”

Ugh, I have no problems with them giving Kuro part of their fiefs, or some of their treasured commodities and other assets. The biggest headache is when a noble house would send their daughters to offer marriage. Like, I can’t possibly put an age-preserving spell on them! And I have to keep on refusing the girls politely, since they won’t back down immediately.”

Eh, you know how it works, Madelaine. These enterprising nobles wanted a piece of our darling because having connections with him adds a sense of prestige, and of course, the ‘matter’ about having children. A child with the blood of the hero would be a legendary story to tell.”

Hah! Let them dream on! Kuro is mine!”

“Ahem…” Lily returned to her prim self. “Kuro is ours. Yours, mine, Eris’, and every other girl out there who loved him when he was a nobody.”

“Y-You’re right,” the oozing tension from her head maid caused Maddie to agree. “Well, I don’t think any other noble house would want to pick a fight against the Houses of Rubinforth and von Leese.” She followed that with an evil laugh.