Chapter 17:


The Elf Saint is a NEET, so I Forced Her to Work in Another World, Vol. 16

***The city of Dorian, Cherwoods***

The elf Lord Ingwe had made sure that no one else saw him enter the inner room of his home, not even his family. Then, just to be extra secure, he cast a spell that tried to detect anyone nearby; much to his relief, there was no one, save for a few guards standing outside, on the other side of his house’s walls. After that, he locked the door of the room, doubled it with another spell, and waited for his visitors to appear.


With a quick flash of light, the Saint of the Flame, Seirna, appeared with the human spymaster, Umberto Benicci, and an elf, ostensibly a ‘spy’ employed by them. With him was a bag, full of picture books they called ‘manga’, which they planned to distribute to other elf settlements.

“Where’s His Grace, the Lord Kuro of Arles?” the Lord Ingwer asked.

“The man’s got his own business,” was Umberto’s answer. “Your saint is getting popular back in Chersea, and she’s gathering support there, more than what we initially expected. So, he asked us to go in his stead, for he has to bring things under control.”

“I…I see…” The news brought mixed feelings to the Lord Ingwer. While he didn’t approve the person directing the elves back in the Saint’s Tree, he was also afraid that once the Lady Hinwe got back into her throne, the threat of the advancing sands would remain as it was.

“Don’t worry about it, elf lord,” the Saint of the Flame assured him. “He may look like some random human bloke, but the otherworlder can be relied upon. As of now, we’re seeing good progress with Her Holiness the Lady Hinwe. Let’s hope that when the time finally comes, she is determined to rule properly.”

“Yes, Your Holiness…”

“Lord Ingwer,” it was Umberto. “This is Cerdan, a Chersean elf.” He presented the young long-ears to the elf lord. “His parents fled Cherwoods long ago, perhaps even before I was born. Cerdan may not look like it, but that’s exactly why I chose him. He’ll oversee operations from here in Dorian. Have you already prepared your own people for this?”

The Lord Ingwer nodded, “They’re quite easy to convince; all of us prefer distributing and explaining learning materials, than killing our neighbors.”

“Great. I’ll leave Cerdan with you.”

And with that, the operation to redeem the Lady Hinwe’s name began.



“Hey, we need to talk.”

“!!!” When I opened my eyes, I was back in that white…err…I don’t know if this was a room or some field. Wherever my eyes looked, all I could see was white. However, in the middle of that whiteness stood a man, in his Roman legionnaire uniform, and with a friendly grin to his face.

“Better than my garden, no?” Gaius chuckled.

“Actually, I prefer that than this…white…blank-ness, I guess?” I replied.

“Well, can’t help it,” the former god shrugged. “I have no control over this place anymore; it’s on you, Kuro. This is a representation of your thoughts. And, as you sleep back in the mortal realms, nothing is going on in your mind, hence, the whiteness.”

Oh…will it change if I think of a scenery?”

“Who knows? Why don’t you try it?”

I closed my eyes and imagined a green, lush scenery, complete with the bright sun and azure skies that met at the horizon. Then…


“Oh…!” the former god exclaimed. “You’re really one old-fashioned guy, Kuro! Why did you choose the wallpaper of Wind*ws XP?”

H-Ha? Wait, this is not what I wanted!”

“Well, no matter. Still close to what you have in your mind, I suppose?”

I just nodded.

“Great! How about some chairs, a table and coffee for both of us?”

I thought of it, and his requests appeared before us, with piping hot coffee and a sandwich to go along with it. Gaius took the chair opposite of me, and invited me to sit down. Once we settled, he began…

“I’ll be honest with you Kuro. We’re still in danger.”

“What do you mean?”

“The Seductress. She’s back.”

I nearly spat my coffee. It’s been long since I last heard that monster’s name, and for Gaius to tell me that she’s here again…all those sad, horrific, and often suffocating memories of my time back in dead Cherflammen came rushing back to me.

“Kuro! Kuro!” the former god shouted my name. “For goodness’ sake, take hold of yourself! Kuro!”

“!!!” He shook me bad, and that’s good because I was brought back to my senses. First thing I noticed was the familiar darkness, and the next was the swirling sands, carried by Cherflammen’s cold winds.

“I told you whatever you think of, it will happen here,” Gaius laughed, relieved that I was back to myself. “Fortunately, this is just a dream. You can always change it back to Wind*ws XP wallpaper.”

So, I did what he asked me. And tried my best to keep my thoughts away from that traumatic experience. The former god made sure that I was already calm and collected, but did warn me he’d continue the talk, since I really needed to hear it.

“Remember that time when we went to Cherwoods?” he asked. “For some reason, I felt a faint presence of the Seductress in that place.”

“Weak? You mean, she’s weakened?”

“I won’t say that if I were you. Do you recall what the elf lord’s story? Someone caused the massacre in the elf city of Cendorin, and based from how I knew that accursed creature, I can see her ‘footprints’ all over that incident.”

“So, you mean, all the things happening there are caused by her?”

“Possible. Have you forgotten how she manipulated things to go her way?”

“No. I have vague ideas, like how she is the ‘mother’ of Maddie so she can get her daughter’s god-powers for herself. But I didn’t know she’s that powerful to escape even the ban of the saints. Didn’t they close Cherflammen exactly for that purpose?”

Gaius remained silent, and I could feel the anxiety within him.

“Don’t you think…” my voice trailed off as I realized a possible scenario. “…Gaius, that she came with us when the Lady Hinwe opened that portal to Cherflammen?”

“Again, it’s possible. That creature is crafty; she even gave the heavens some headaches.”

This time, it was turn to fall silent. The fact that the Seductress tormented the heavens with her danger was something for me—a mere human—could barely comprehend. Having been raised in a religious, conservative country, I was often told that gods and angels were the most powerful beings around. And for Gaius—a former god—to say that the Seductress gave them headaches…I shiver at the thought of her getting the god-powers.

“So now you realize why I wanted you to become god?” the former deity returned me to my senses. “It’s not just some ‘I don’t want to be a god anymore, so I pass to this random bloke my power’ situation; those are reserved for some generic, edgy isekai stuff. You’ve seen how my blind desire to get the god-powers has caught me off-guard. And you…heh, I guess even if your waifus tied you to force you to sleep with them, you’d only sleep.”

“Of course, we’re not yet married.”

“See? Sometimes, I wonder where you got such fortitude. If I also remember well, a lot of people in your old world will hate you for it, calling you ‘beta’.”

“My parents raised me well, and I’m proud of that. I express my respect for the ladies by looking at them as they are, a fellow human, and not some walking sex doll. Besides, I don’t give a damn about me being a ‘beta’ to some basement-dweller’s eyes; at least, my students love me, I have a job before, and I lost it because I made a stand for my ideals.”

“That’s why I can take it easy if you take the ropes of godhood,” Gaius pointed out. “After all, even with all my selfish desires, I still love this world entrusted to me to develop.”


After that dream ended, I was back in my room at the Dupree Palace. The long sleep hours hadn’t ended just yet, and I still had more time staring at the blue-white ceiling.


For some reason—perhaps because of Gaius’ revelation—my chest was heavy. Well, I knew myself; this always happen when I learned something bad, and I wanted to take immediate action, yet couldn’t, simply because of time restraints, physical difficulties, and other related matters.

But we can’t rush things or decisions, or we’ll create even more trouble instead of solutions.

So, the moment I roused from my sleep, I couldn’t go back to dreamland anymore. The words of Gaius kept on bugging me, and the cold, dark prison I experienced in Cherflammen flashed in my mind, whenever I try to close my eyes. Without nothing else but wait for the end of the long sleep, I took the time to go around the Dupree palace. After all, I think I hadn’t got the chance to explore this place when I inherited it…everything’s busy.


My attention then went to the courtyard of the palace, where I saw a figure sitting under the trees, near the walls. Pausing for a moment, soon I realized it was Her Holiness, the Lady Hinwe, in her usual drawing position…


The manga that she wrote, ‘An Instruction to Farming’, was not really a ‘manga’. It was actually a learning material meant to give advice on how to farm, demon-style (and something the ‘old guard’ elves abhorred). We didn’t expect it to be a ‘hit’, as it was meant for ‘serious talk’, not entertainment. Nevertheless, aside from the people happy with the things they learned in the work, the children loved the character designs, courtesy of the Lady Hinwe’s mind. While I initially had those printed for a few thousand copies; soon, we had to have it reprinted once again…though this time, I put a price tag on it.

While I want to have it distributed for free, the other expenses of running a fief needs to be satisfied as well. We can’t run on a budget below our needs…


It’s great that the ‘good reviews’—some of which were ‘planted’ by Sir Umberto—did its wonders. Not only it caused other critics to give rosy assessments on Her Lazy Holiness’ work, the word of mouth spread far and wide among the human, demon and beastmen realms, enough for other people to emulate her.

Heh, I can’t wait to read graphic novels made by Cherseans, Beastmen and Demons soon…

Also, I found the suggestions in Lady Hinwe’s manga on par—or sometimes better—than the ones we had on Earth. But then again, maybe it’s because Chersea had its own set of physical rules, and Earth’s natural laws were of another set.

I guess, the reality that the Lady Hinwe—as an elf, is more attuned to nature than the others, it probably helped her popularity, sparked and boosted by that book.


Still, the elvish communities in Chersea and Cherwind were of mixed opinion of her. While the older generations of elves (the ones who migrated to Chersea) were cautious—and sometimes, antagonistic—to the Lady Hinwe, the younger ones (those born and grew up in Chersea) were more accepting. A huge majority of our spies came from the second group, while we just let the first group be convinced by their children, as opposed to ‘convincing’ them ourselves.

I guess that’s one huge improvement…though it can be better. We just have to give it more time…

In Cherwind, the reception for the Lady Hinwe was much lower, which was understandable. They were the ones who suffered the most from her inaction, thus, their memories of her was nothing good. Nevertheless, the recent atrocities of my ‘other self’ in the Saint’s Tree was pushing elvish communities to band together in silent resistance for his abuses. That’s what we’re aiming to exploit. Their anger with the ‘Lord Kuro’—who was a human—would redirect their hatred from Lady Hinwe to ‘me’. Then, our spies could say simple things like, ‘Back in the Lady Hinwe’s days, we are much better!’ and turn everyone’s opinion and sympathies back to their elf saint.

That Gerard guy sure is doing a good job in destroying my reputation among the elves, after all.


I just need more time. Damn it, please give me more time before that monster from the Void resurfaces…


You aren’t cold with your outfit?” I asked Her Holiness the moment I came near her spot. Her dress—sloppily worn—was almost falling off her body, exposing her to anyone who happened to pass by. But then again, Lady Hinwe didn’t mind at all; maybe elves never mind being seen naked.

“No,” was her curt answer. Her eyes never went away from the image she was doing, despite me standing beside her.

So, I put the blanket I brought over her, to cover the Lady Hinwe’s skin. Well, Chersea was at the middle of its ‘Season of Sleep’, so instead of raging hot weather (common in summers), butterflies were all over the place (signifying the Chersean dead). As such, the temperature was relatively cool and comfortable, I think the Elf Saint wouldn’t even bother having a thick blanket covering her…

Save, of course, for when the blanket disturbed her drawing session, which it did.

“What do you want?” Her Lazy Holiness asked when she noticed I sat beside her.

“Nothing, just can’t sleep, that’s all,” I told her. “And you? For some lazy elf, you sure are up in the middle of the long sleep.”

“I’m lazy, yes, but there are things I wanted to do even when I’m lazy…”

“I see…”

A round of silence. The only sounds we heard were the birds chirping, and maybe the murmurs of the paladin guards talking to each other, patrolling the place. Amidst the blue sky and the green grass, I thought it’s the perfect place to drift back into sleep. However, just as my eyes closed, I heard the Lady Hinwe speak.

“Hey, Kuro!”




“You’re not even going to ask why?”

“I know; you wanted to thank me because you’re popular once again.”

“Well, yes…that’s one part of it,” Her Lazy Holiness said, as she stretched her arms. “You have no idea how pleasant it is to be felt needed once again…”

“Trust me, Your Holiness,” I replied with a grin. “I was bullied twice, my early years felt like shit. I went through the same, that’s why I’m persistent in helping you.”

Eh, you fucking idiot, can’t you let a pretty elf lady her sentimental moment?”

“Pretty? Where?”

We laughed together, hurling insults at each other. But then, the Lady Hinwe added, “And another is for making me realize the value of my talent. I mean, this wouldn’t be possible—those mangas and the others—if you’re not a stubborn jackass as you are. Heh, I hated my drawings before, you know? I always ask myself the purpose of which it was given to me.”

“Glad you found yourself again, Your Holiness.”

“Mhmm…” she nodded. “Honestly, I know there are those who permanently lost their faith and trust in me as their saint, but I’m trying to win them back.”

“And if not, don’t think too much about them. People have different beliefs; you can’t please everyone.”

The Lady Hinwe laughed.

“What’s with that?” I raised my head for a bit. “Think I’m joking?”

“No,” she continued, “I think I know why those ladies like you.”

“Don’t tell me you’ve fallen for me as well?”

“Fuck you!” was the Lady Hinwe’s quick and resolute answer. “I won’t! Never ever! Nuh-uh!

“You can reject me one time, and it’s all good.” Well, though it was a joke, it was still painful when someone rejected you. But yeah, it’s not like I was serious too.

“If it’s you, I’ll reject you again and again.”

“Good; let’s be platonic friends.”

“I also like your confidence, given your ugly face.”

“Sorry I’m not like one of your bishounen boy toys; I’m real, and I’m going to whoop sense into your head.”

Her Lazy Holiness laughed once more, then went back to her drawing. While I listened to the sounds of her pencil strokes, I suddenly remembered something I used to do back in my old world. “Your Holiness,” I asked while my eyes were closed. “Are you still with me?”


“What do you say, what if we organize a cosplay event at the exhibit grounds?”

The Lady Hinwe stopped, and with an excited voice, asked, “No shit! Cosplay?!”

Yes, I know it was kind of weird, given that most cosplays do costumes similar to this world’s setting (like armored warriors and knights, robed magicians and witches, elegant saints and beautiful elves), but then, I’d like to have the Lady Hinwe experience it. There’s also another purpose for the cosplay; aside from her work, I wanted to show the ‘new’ Elf Saint to everyone, especially her own people. Young elves—those who didn’t experience her inaction in Cherwoods—would be easier to convince to join her cause once they saw their saint was ‘just like them’, relatable and fun.

I really have to talk to Maddie about this…


A cosplay event?” Maddie didn’t even think that much, before she said, “Okay, I approve.”

“Eh?” was my dumbfounded answer to her.

“What do you mean by ‘eh’?” she grinned. “If it’s you, Kuro, your plans are always good!”

Err…won’t you even ask me for what purpose?”

“I already did. Your brain answered, though,”

Right…she read my thoughts again, as usual. I don’t know anymore if that’s good or what, but I sure thought it’s pretty convenient. Saves time for explaining stuff to her.

“And yes, I think you should do it inside the exhibit grounds,” Maddie nodded. “After all, the people are getting bored with the same displays. Time for something new to ‘hit the shelves’!”

Well, she does have a point. I guess I should tell the Lady Hinwe the good news then.

“By the way, Kuro,” the Human Saint called after me, just as I was to leave the guest hallway in the Saint’s Palace of the Holy Palatial Gardens.


“What happened yesterday?”


Maddie uttered a ‘float’ spell, and she hovered towards me. “I saw your memories talking to Her Holiness the Lady Hinwe about the time you can’t sleep,” she asked, never averting her gaze at me. “Kuro, you know I love you. And I lost you before, so I’m not planning to do it again. See, I’m just worried sick about your well-being. Why didn’t you sleep? Something’s bothering your mind?”

At that moment, the scene I was with Gaius came into my head. Then, it quickly changed into the dark and cold Cherflammen. The rush of events and scenes filled my head, that I didn’t realize I was silent for a long while.

“Kuro, are you…alright?” This time, the expression on the Human Saint’s face changed from happy to that of worried, and anxious. She put her hands on my shoulder, for she could tell I was panicking.

Well, Maddie asked that because she couldn’t see what’s on my head…at least, when it came to that part about her ‘mother’. I asked Gaius to do something to hide whatever we talked about from the prying eyes of the saints, and I guess he’s doing a great job in keeping them off.

I don’t want Maddie, Ruro, and Natasha to worry about it, at least, not for now…

…was what I thought at first. However, given that the threat of the Seductress’ resurgence was high, I didn’t want a repeat of what happened to Cherflammen, because we acted too late. Not to mention, I swore to myself I would trust Maddie, and my friends as well. So, I went and told her what Gaius said, showing her what transpired in my dreams before.


***The Saint’s Tree Palace, Cherwoods…***

Cerdan. He was the young elf assigned to spy and recruit spies in Cherwoods; his mission was to observe the events happening at the Saint’s Tree, as well as disseminate the mangas the Elf Saint wrote. The well-funded and planned operation was going smoothly, so far, considering the hatred of the elves of Cherwoods towards their holy lady. While most of his ‘other realm’ kin still wouldn’t join the cause of Lady Hinwe, their decision not to take sides was already a win for his employers.

His base of operations, the Lord Ingwer’s inner room in his house at Dorian was full of stacks of paper. Many of these were reports sent by his spies from the various elvish settlements scattered throughout the ancient forests of Cherwoods. There were those detailing the advance of the sands, killing plant life in their respective areas and ‘de-housing’ the elvish inhabitants. Reports also showed that while many of the elves resented the Tree Palace’s policies, they were still unlikely to join the fomenting rebellion led by the cities of Hinnim, Audulek, and Nondorin.

At least, it is something he’s relieved to read…


And then, there’s the report, sent by his contact in the Saint’s Tree, narrating of a black smoke coming from the foliage of the palace complex. At first, his spy thought something was burning, so the person tried to get a better look by gaining access. However, much to the agent’s surprise, there was no burning smell, no panic and chaos, and the Life Guards remained relaxed in their assigned positions…even when the black smoke was visible from their spot.

Cerdan couldn’t make sense of his agent’s report, so he resolved to observe this ‘black smoke’ himself…


Upon arrival at the vicinity of the Saint’s Tree, Cerdan could see the rising black smoke from where he was, which was quite far from the palace complex grounds itself. What’s even more strange was that, with smoke that thick, it was impossible for it to dissipate as it rose to the skies. However, it disappeared at a certain point high up, giving the impression that it there was something invisible in the skies that sucked the smoke.

“And you say that the guards don’t even bother?” he asked the agent.

The elf nodded.

“How about the inside? Did you ask people working inside the palace? The servants? The other officials?”

“Nothing. I have a friend among the servants of Her Holiness,” the spy explained. “I haven’t seen her go out since the last time.”

Cerdan looked through his spyglass once again, pointed towards the main tree palace. “I can see people moving inside. Servants walking the hallways, and soldiers doing patrols…but the black smoke. Can’t they see it?”

“I asked a member of the Life Guards about it; strange enough, his answers are vague, or he averts the question.”

“Well, that confirms they can see the smoke,” Cerdan commented. “I just need to know what it is…”

“If you want to know, then you should just ask me!”

“!!!” The two spies froze when they heard another voice from behind them. Turning around, they saw a human male standing at one of the branches of the tree where they were spying. Black smoke, similar from what they observed at the tree palace, was coming from the man, and he had this big, sinister smile on his face.

But what even shocked Cerdan is…

“Y-You’re…the Lord Kuro?” then he quickly shook his head. “N-No! You must be that person disguising as the Lord Kuro!”

“Hello there, Cerdan!” the fake ‘Lord Kuro’ laughed. “I’m happy that you know about my deception! However, I’m not happy of you using your kin to spy on me.”

The spies’ hands quickly went to their weapons; however, the Seductress didn’t give them a chance. She restrained them with her miasma, and sucked the lights out of them. “You will do as bait,” the villain from the Void uttered as she carried off the unconscious spies. “After all, that stupid otherworlder cannot take it if someone dies because of him.”