Chapter 1:


How to be Dead

I heard something breaking, followed by some loud crashing. “What is that?” I uttered to myself as I open my eyes from a light slumber.
I righted on my chair, where I decided to take a nap, and roamed my eyes in search of the owner of the thing that had just been broken. I see no broken plates, or glass wares, and obviously the windows were intact. I chuckled. How in the name of ghosts will I see a plate nonetheless glass wares inside a classroom?
Crash. There it goes again. It was faint but it was there. Where is that coming from? I felt someone coming closer, as the breaking sounds pestered me even more, clanging with every footstep, it’s becoming louder, and harder to ignore.
“Hey,” a familiar voice resounded in my ears, triggering something within me. It’s suffocating; it’s tightening its grip around my heart. Make it stop, please make it stop.
How couldn’t I even notice? It wasn’t them. The breaking sounds, it didn’t come from a material thing crashing down…. The breaking, the crashing, they all belong to me… I was so caught up with their pain that I forgot mines. My heart is crying, it’s pleading and begging, but it took me so long before I realized.
‘Kill me,’ it screams.
“I beg you, please kill me,” I pleaded, as a pained smile formed on my lips.
Nah… they can’t kill me. No one would be able to. Seriously, how can you kill someone who’s already dead? Bookmark here

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