Chapter 0:


sweet providence

I believe that We are all complex, multifaceted beings with so much going on inside of us.

People have so many different layers to their personalities and experiences that I think it's impossible to truly know someone completely. I like to think of humans as "endless puzzles" because we're always discovering new things about each other and about ourselves.

Even our closest friends can't possibly know every single thing about who we are or the things we're thinking, feeling, and fighting through on a daily basis. The same goes to the people we are closest with who still have secrets and hidden sides to their personality. We all wear masks from time to time, and we may do so more than we realize. So I guess it really depends on whether you define " knowing someone "as knowing every detail about them or just as knowing the core element of their being.

..It's just that we all have so much more to learn about each other …. And we really never know someone completely because there are always more layer to discover …I

to embrace the mystery and try to unravel each layer of understanding when you meet someone new or get to know someone better.

It can be really fascinating to dive into someone's mind and see all the different colors and hues of their personality.


Who are you really? Azazel?