Chapter 1:


Kny Oc Swap

Aki: Why?

Aki: Why did this happen?

Aki: Etsu, don't die on me.

Aki: Don't die.

Aki: I'll definitely save you!

Aki: I won't let you die.

Aki: I'll definitely save you!

Kei: Aki

Kei: Your face is dirty.

Kei: Come over here.

Kei: It gets dangerous because of the snow.

Kei: It's okay if you don't go.

Aki: I want everyone to be full during New Year.

Aki: I want to sell more charcoal.

Kei: Thank you.

Hanako: Aki!

Hanako: Are you going to the town today?

Hanako: I want to tag along too!

Aki: You can't.

Kei: You both can't walk as fast as Aki, right?

Hanako: Mom!

Kei: No way.

Kei: We can't pull the carriage out today.

Kei: You can't sit and rest on it.

Takeo: Aki!

Takeo: I want to go with you.

Takeo: I'll help you sell the charcoal too.

Aki: Thank you, Takeo.

Aki: But you should stay home today.

Aki: Shigeru too.

Aki: I'll buy delicious food for you.

Shigeru: Really?

Aki: Yes.

Aki: Hanako, I'll read a book to you when I return home.

Hanako: Okay.

Aki: Good girl.

Both: Thank you, Aki.

Aki: I'll get going then.

Aki: Takeo.

Aki: If you don't mind, can you chop some firewood for me?

Takeo: I can chop the firewood.

Takeo: I just want to do it with you.

Aki: Good boy.

Takeo: What are you doing?

Takeo is embarrassed!

Takeo: Shut up!

Aki: Good boy.

Takeo: Don't touch my head!

Kids: Come back quickly!

Kei: Be careful on the road!

Etsu: Aki.

Aki: Etsu.

Etsu: I put Rokuta to sleep.

Etsu: Or else, he'll cry and make noise.

Etsu: I think he's feeling lonely after Dad's passing.

Etsu: That's why everyone clings to you.

Etsu: Come back safely!

Aki: Living isn't easy.

Aki: But we're happy.

Aki: But life is like the weather.

Aki: It's ever-changing.

Aki: Sunny days won't last forever.

Aki: It won't keep on snowing too.

Aki: But when happiness comes crashing down,

Aki: it's always accompanied by the smell of blood.

Random 1: It's Aki.

Random 2: You still came down the mountain in this weather?

Random 2: You're so hardworking.

Random 3: Don't catch a cold.

Aki: I'm fine with this weather.

Aki: Want to buy some charcoal?

Aki: Do you have enough at home?

Random 4: Hey, Aki!

Random 4: I want to buy charcoal.

Random 4: You helped me fix my door last time.

Aki: Thank you.

Random 5: I also want to buy charcoal.

Random Kid: Aki! You came at the right time.

Random Kid: I was treated as the culprit who broke the plate.

Random Kid: Please help me!

Random Kid: Smell it.

Aki: I smelled a cat.

Random Kid: I told you!

Random Kid Mother: My goodness, it was the cat's fault.

Random Kid: I told you that it wasn't me!

Random 6: Aki.

Random 6: Could you help me move some stuff?

Aki: It's already late.

Aki: But thank goodness, I sold all the charcoal.

Saburo: Aki!

Saburo: Are you going back to the mountain?

Saburo: It's too dangerous. Don't go.

Aki: I have a good nose. I'll be fine.

Saburo: You can stay the night here.

Saburo: Come.

Saburo: Come here.

Aki: But...

Saburo: Just come.

Saburo: The demons are coming out.

Aki: Thank you for the meal.

Aki: Well, Mr. Saburo.

Aki: What do you mean by demons?

Saburo: Since a long time ago, man-eating demons always come out after sunset.

Saburo: So, you mustn't wander outside at night.

Saburo: Sleep after you're done.

Saburo: Wake up early tomorrow and go home.

Aki: The demons can't enter houses, right?

Saburo: No, they can.

Saburo: If so, everyone will be eaten by the demons.

Saburo: That's why there are demon slayers who help us to kill them.

Saburo: They have existed a long time ago.

Saburo: I'll put the light out.

Saburo: Go to sleep.

Aki: Mr. Saburo's whole family passed away.

Aki: He has been living alone.

Aki: He must be lonely.

Aki: I'll bring my brothers here next time.

Aki: There's nothing to be afraid of.

Aki: There are no demons in this world.

Aki: Everything will be fine.

Aki: But come to think of it,

Aki: Grandma said similar things before she passed away.

Aki: Be careful on the road.

Aki: When happiness comes crashing down,

Aki: it's always...

Aki: The smell of blood.

Aki: Etsu!

Aki: What's wrong?

Aki: What happened?

Aki: What happened here?

Aki: Mom.

Aki: Mom.

Aki: Hanako.

Aki: Takeo.

Aki: Shigeru.

Aki: Etsu.

Aki: Rokuta.

Aki: Only Etsu’s body feels warm.

Aki: If I take her to the doctor, maybe she can be saved.

Aki: Why did this happen?

Aki: Was it a bear?

Aki: Did the non-hibernating bear come out?

Aki: I can't breathe.

Aki: Breathing in the cold air is hurting my lungs.

Aki: I must move forward.

Aki: I need to walk faster.

Aki: It's still a long way from the town.

Aki: I need to hurry.

Aki: I can't let Etsu die.

Aki: I'll definitely save you.

Aki: I will save you!

Aki: Damn it!

Aki: The snow saved me.

Aki: But I slipped because of the snow too.

Aki: Etsu.

Aki: Etsu, are you okay?

Aki: You don't have to walk.

Aki: I'll piggyback you to the town.

Aki: Etsu!

Aki: This is...

Aki: a demon.

Aki: Now I remember what Mr. Saburo said.

Aki: Etsu is a man-eating demon.

Aki: It can't be.

Aki: Etsu is a human.

Aki: She's a human since she was born.

Aki: But she doesn't smell like the usual Etsu.

Aki: No, Etsu didn't do that

Aki: because she protected Rokuta and fell on the ground.

Aki: Her mouth and hands weren't stained with blood.

Aki: Plus, there's another...

Aki: Another smell.

Aki: Etsu’s body is growing bigger!

Aki: She's getting stronger too.

Aki: When I was sleeping comfortably in someone else's house,

Aki: everyone was experiencing a terrible incident.

Aki: It must have hurt.

Aki: It must have been horrible.

Aki: I'm sorry for not saving everyone.

Aki: But at the very least, I can do something for Etsu.

Aki: But she's so strong.

Aki: I can't fight back.

Aki: Etsu!

Aki: You can do it, Etsu!

Aki: Endure it! Do it for me!

Aki: Don't become a demon!

Aki: Hang in there!

Aki: You can do it!

Aki: What happened?

Aki: Who are you?

Aki: A katana?


Azami: Why did you protect her?

Aki: My younger sister.

Aki: She's my younger sister!

Aki: Etsu!

Azami: Is that your sister?

Aki: Etsu!

Azami: Don't move.

Azami: My job is slaying vile demons.

Azami: Of course, I also need to chop off your sister's head.

Aki: Hang on.

Aki: Etsu didn't kill anyone.

Aki: My house has another smell that I have never smelled before.

Aki: It killed everyone.

Aki: I think that must be the case!

Aki: It wasn't Etsu!

Aki: Although I don't know why she become like this,

Aki: but...

Azami: The reason is simple.

Azami: When the demon's blood touches her wound, she'll become a demon.

Azami: That's how man-eating demons grow their numbers.

Aki: Etsu won't eat people!

Azami: I can't believe you said that.

Azami: Weren't you almost eaten by her?

Aki: No!

Aki: Etsu definitely recognized me.

Aki: I won't let anyone hurt her.

Aki: Etsu will become a human again.

Aki: I'll definitely cure her!

Azami: She's hopeless.

Azami: After she becomes a demon, she can't become a human again.

Aki: I'll find it!

Aki: I'll definitely find a way.

Aki: Don't kill her!

Aki: I'll find the one who killed my family.

Aki: I'll do all the above!

Aki: So...

Aki: So...

Aki: Don't kill her!

Aki: Don't take my family away from me again.

Aki: Please stop it.

Aki: Please don't kill Etsu.

Aki: I'm begging you.

Aki: Please.

Azami: Don't let another person take control of your right to live or die!

Azami: Don't beg others pitifully!

Azami: If doing so works, your family wouldn't have been murdered.

Azami: When that right is being taken away,

Azami: the weak who can't take control want to cure his younger sister and find the culprit?

Azami: What a joke!

Azami: The weak don't have rights or choices.

Azami: Even if you go all out, you'll fall into the hands of the strong.

Azami: Maybe the demons will know the method to cure your sister.

Azami: But don't dream that the demons will respect your will and request.

Azami: Of course, I also won't respect you.

Azami: This is the reality.

Azami: Why did you let her push you to the ground just now?

Azami: Were you protecting your sister?

Azami: Why didn't you swing your ax?

Azami: Why did you turn your back against me?

Azami: Your sister was taken because of your failure.

Azami: I should have pierced you and your sister.

Azami: Don't cry.

Azami: Don't lose hope.

Azami: You shouldn't be doing those things now.

Azami: I know you can't take the blow again.

Azami: Your family was murdered.

Azami: Your sister become a man-eating demon.

Azami: Are you hurt?

Azami: Do you want to scream your heart out?

Azami: I understand.

Azami: If I arrived here half a day earlier,

Azami: maybe your family wouldn't have to die.

Azami: But I can't turn back the time.

Azami: Unleash your fury.

Azami: The powerful and pure rage of unforgiveness

Azami: will become an unwavering force driving your limbs.

Azami: A fragile will

Azami: won't be able to protect and cure your sister

Azami: or avenge your family.

Aki: Stop...

Aki: Stop it!

Azami: A simple attack driven by emotions.

Azami: How dumb.

Azami: Where's her ax?

Azami: Before running into the woods,

Azami: not only did she threw a rock,

Azami: but she also threw her ax.

Azami: To avoid being discovered he was unarmed,

Azami: she slanted his body so that I couldn't see her hand.

Azami: She knew she couldn't beat me.

Azami: She wanted to knock me down when I slashed at her.

Azami: This girl...

Azami: Damn it!

Azami: She'll be eaten!

Aki: Etsu.

Aki: Etsu is different.

Aki: She won't eat people!

Azami: Someone said the same thing back then.

Azami: He was eaten in the end.

Azami: In the state of hunger,

Azami: demons will eat their family members

Azami: because they have high nutrition values.

Azami: Who knows how many times have I seen this scene?

Azami: This girl is wounded.

Azami: She's using energy to heal herself.

Azami: When she became a demon,

Azami: she must have consumed a lot of energy.

Azami: Without a doubt, she's in a state of severe hunger.

Azami: She can't wait to eat human flesh right now.

Azami: Her protective action.

Azami: Her intimidation towards me.

Azami: Maybe this pair of siblings are different after all.

Kei: I'm sorry for leaving you behind.

Kei: Aki.

Kei: I'm leaving Etsu in your hands.

Azami: Are you awake?

Azami: Go to the foot of Sagiri Mountain.

Azami: Find an old man called Sakonji Urokodaki.

Azami: Tell him that Azami Tanaka sent you.

Azami: There's no sunlight now so she's fine.

Azami: But don't bring her out in the sun.

Aki: Let's go.