Chapter 2:


Kny Oc Swap

Aki: Excuse me.

Aki: Can you give me the basket, some bamboo, and straw?

Random Man: I don't mind.

Random Man: But the basket has a hole.

Aki: All right, I'll pay you.

Random Man: No, you don't have to.

Random Man: It's torn anyway.

Aki: No, I want to pay.

Random Man: No need.

Random Man: I'll give you the bamboo and straw too.

Aki: I still want to pay you!

Random Man: No, you don't!

Random Man: You're such a stubborn kid!

Aki: Please accept this. I only have coins!

Aki: Thank you very much!

Random Man: That hurts!

Aki: Etsu.

Aki: That's odd.

Aki: Etsu?

Aki: Where are you?

Aki: There you are.

Aki: Etsu.

Aki: You dug a hole.

Aki: Etsu became like a mole.

Aki: Plus, she looks really upset.

Aki: She really doesn't want to be under the sun.

Aki: Wait for a while.

Aki: Etsu.

Aki: Etsu.

Aki: Do you want to get inside?

Aki: I want to continue with our journey during the day.

Aki: I will carry you.

Aki: Get in here.

Aki: Here, the basket.

Aki: You can't fit inside.

Aki: It seems Etsu has grown up.

Aki: She used to be smaller last time.

Aki: Etsu.

Aki: Previously, you suddenly grew up and became a woman.

Aki: Can you reverse the effect and become smaller?

Aki: Become smaller, Etsu.

Aki: Can you become smaller?

Aki: How amazing.

Aki: You're a good girl, Etsu.

Aki: Amazing.

Random Women: Sagiri Mountain?

Random Women: If you want to go to Sagiri Mountain, you must cross that mountain first.

Random Women: But the sun is setting.

Random Women: Do you want to go there while carrying this huge baggage?

Random Women: It will be dangerous.

Aki: I'll be very careful.

Aki: Thank you very much.

Random Women: Recently, many people have been missing mysteriously.

Random Women: Don't get lost!

Aki: There's a shrine.

Aki: The light is on.

Aki: There must be someone inside.

Aki: Let's see.

Aki: The smell of blood.

Aki: This mountainous road is very steep.

Aki: Someone must have hurt themselves.

Aki: Are you okay?

Demon: What do you want?

Demon: This is my territory.

Demon: If you want to destroy my dining place,

Demon: I won't forgive you.

Aki: A man-eating demon.

Demon: Something doesn't feel right.

Demon: Are you two humans?

Demon: An ax.

Demon: Not bad.

Demon: But this minor wound will heal immediately.

Demon: Look, it's no longer bleeding.

Aki: He's fast.

Aki: How is he so strong?

Demon: I won't get chopped by you twice.

Demon: Watch, I'm going to snap your neck.

Aki: You actually killed him.

Aki: But he's a man-eating demon.

Aki: Etsu.

Aki: How unbelievable.

Aki: His head fell off.

Aki: But his body could still move.

Demon: You two!

Demon: So one of you is a demon after all.

Demon: No wonder the smell is strange.

Demon: Why is a demon hanging around with a human?

Aki: He can still talk!

Aki: Stop it!

Aki: Etsu!

Aki: Etsu!

Aki: What the hell is this?

Aki: He grew hands from his head.

Aki: I want to save Etsu.

Aki: Move away!

Demon: This kid is tough.

Demon: His head is as hard as a rock.

Demon: All right.

Demon: I wanted to take away his ax, but it ended up getting stuck in my hair.

Demon: Damn it.

Aki: Etsu! Where are you?

Aki: Etsu.

Aki: Stop it!

Aki: Are there a lot of demons?

Aki: You don't smell the same as the one at my house.

Aki: It wasn't you.

Aki: But if I don't kill him,

Aki: he'll eat someone else.

Aki: So...

Aki: I'll do the deed.

Aki: I'll do it!

???: That won't kill him.

Aki: Tengu mask?

Aki: This person walks with no sound.

Aki: How can I kill him?

???: Don't ask me.

???: Can't you figure it out yourself?

Aki: If piercing him doesn't kill him,

Aki: I can only beat his head to a pulp.

Aki: I need to break all his bones and destroy the entire head.

Aki: I must hit him with this rock continuously.

Aki: This will hurt a lot.

Aki: Isn't there a way to kill him with one hit?

???: This kid won't cut it.

???: She's unable to make a decision because she's too considerate.

???: The demon is in front of her, but I can still smell her kindness.

???: She actually has sympathy for demons.

???: Azami.

???: This kid won't cut it.

Demon: I passed out.

Demon: Could it be that my body is dead?

Demon: I feel extremely uncomfortable.

Demon: Damn it! I'm going to kill you.

Demon: I'll eat your flesh and bones.

Demon: Come over here. Come.

Demon: I can't go to you.

Demon: Come over here.

Demon: If I dillydally, the sun will come up.

Demon: Come over here now.

Demon: Hey! Are you listening? Damn you!

Aki: He became like that after being exposed to the sun.

Aki: No wonder Etsu hates the sun.

Aki: Etsu?

Aki: Etsu!

Aki: Etsu.

Aki: Right, where's that man?

Aki: He buried all the people who were murdered.

Aki: Excuse me.

???: I'm Sakonji Urokodaki.

Urokodaki: You're the one recommended by Azami Tomioka, aren't you?

Aki: Yes.

Aki: I'm Aki Kamado.

Aki: My younger sister is Etsu Kamado.

Urokodaki: Aki.

Urokodaki: If your sister eats people, what will you do?

Urokodaki: Your judgment is too slow!

Urokodaki: Anyway, you delayed in making a judgment.

Urokodaki: So you couldn't kill the demon until the morning comes.

Urokodaki: Why didn't you reply instantly to my question just now?

Urokodaki: Because your determination is shallow.

Urokodaki: When your sister eats people, there are only two things you can do.

Urokodaki: After you kill your sister, kill yourself by disembowelment.

Urokodaki: If you want to bring along your demonic sister, you must be aware.

Urokodaki: But there's something that could never happen.

Urokodaki: You better remember this.

Urokodaki: Letting your sister take away innocent lives.

Urokodaki: You must never let that happen.

Urokodaki: Do you understand what I said?

Aki: Yes.

Urokodaki: I will now test your suitabilit to become a demon slayer.

Urokodaki: Get your sister and follow me.

Aki: He's fast.

Aki: How old is this person?

Aki: His footsteps make no sound at all.

Aki: Etsu.

Aki: It's shaking too much, right?

Aki: Bear with me.

Aki: You've always been patient, haven't you?

Aki: Are you mending your kimono again?

Aki: I must buy a new one for you.

Aki: Never mind, it's okay.

Etsu: I really like this kimono.

Etsu: Instead of buying kimonos, you should buy more food for the others.

Aki: I'll definitely turn you back into human.

Aki: One day, I'll buy beautiful kimonos for you.

Aki: The things I couldn't do for the others,

Aki: I'll do them for you.

Aki: At this rate, will you accept me?

Urokodaki: The test is about to begin now.

Urokodaki: Go up the mountain.

Urokodaki: I'll take the responsibility of looking after her.

Aki: Sorry for troubling you.

Aki: I can't really move my legs because I'm too tired.

Aki: My head is getting dizzy too.

Urokodaki: Go down the mountain from here and go to my house.

Urokodaki: I won't wait for you until the sun comes out this time.

Aki: Is that all?

Aki: I get it.

Aki: He thinks I'll get lost in the mist.

Aki: I'll be fine if I go back before the sun comes out.

Aki: That's easy.

Aki: I have a good nose.

Aki: Plus, I already remember the smell of Mr. Urokodaki.

Aki: A rock.

Aki: A pitfall trap.

Aki: I see.

Aki: There are traps on my way back.

Aki: So, that's the case.

Aki: Damn it!

Aki: This is bad.

Aki: If I continue to fall for these traps,

Aki: I can't go down the mountain before daylight.

Aki: Plus, this mountain...

Aki: This mountain...

Aki: The air is thin.

Aki: It's thinner than the mountain I lived in.

Aki: That's why it's hard to breathe.

Aki: I'm getting dizzy and losing vision.

Aki: I might just faint and die here before I even made it back.

Aki: No, I must go back.

Aki: I need to adjust my breathing and smell the traps out.

Aki: Okay, I can tell.

Aki: I can tell.

Aki: The traps set by people.

Aki: The smell is slightly different.

Aki: Although that's the case,

Aki: I can't suddenly enhance my physical ability to dodge all the traps.

Aki: I'll definitely go back.

Aki: Etsu!

Aki: I am back.

Azami: I'll keep this short,

Azami: Mr. Sakonji Urokodaki.

Azami: I asked a teenager who wanted to become a demon slayer to find you.

Azami: She has the bravery to challenge me unarmed.

Azami: Her family was murdered by demons.

Azami: Her only surviving sister became a demon.

Azami: But from my judgment, she won't hurt humans.

Azami: From this pair of siblings, I felt something extraordinary.

Azami: It seems that the young woman has a good nose like yourself.

Azami: Maybe one day, she'll make a breakthrough and become your heir.

Azami: I'm asking you to train her.

Azami: I understand how unreasonable this is.

Azami: Please forgive me.

Azami: Please take good care of yourself.

Azami: All the best in improving yourself.

Azami: I still have many things to tell you. Azami Tomioka.

Urokodaki: I accept you,

Urokodaki: Aki Kamado.

Aki: The demon in the shrine was so scary.

Aki: His hands grew out of his head.

Aki: Since I already got accepted by Master Urokodaki,

Aki: I'll work harder from now on.