Chapter 3:


Kny Oc Swap


Aki: Come on.


Aki: The Demon Slayer Corps with hundreds of members is an organization that is not recognized by the government.

Aki: It has existed since ancient times dedicated to hunting demons to this day.

Aki: However, whoever leads the Demon Slayer Corps remains shrouded in mystyery.

Aki: Demons.

Aki: They mainly prey on human beings by killing and devouring them.

Aki: We don't know when or where they will appear.

Aki: Their bodies are so powerful that any wound on them can completely heal in a blink of an eye.

Aki: They can reconnect their severed body parts and they can even grow new limbs.

Aki: With the ability to transform, demons thrive with supernatural abilities.

Aki: Only sunlight or blades with special powers to behead them can kill them.

Aki: The Demon Slayer Corps confront demons in flesh and blood.

Aki: As they are humans, they heal slowly from their injuries and cannot restore their severed limbs.

Aki: Yet they still fight against demons for the sake of humanity.

Aki: I am your trainer.

Aki: As the title suggests, my job is to train swordsmen.

Aki: There are plenty of trainers out there.

Aki: In their respective regions, they train swordsmen in their own respective ways.

Aki: In order to join the corps, one must take part in the Final Selection which is held at Fujikasane Mountain.

Aki: Whether you'll join the Final Selection or not, that is up to me.

Aki: In order to save Etsu,

Aki: I keep a diary starting today.

Aki: I also have to practice running downhill.

Aki: If I don't want to die at the Final Selection, I need to work hard.

Aki: As I train myself running downhill over and over every day,

Aki: I get better and better at dodging traps and pitfalls.

Aki: As my physical strength improves, my sense of smell has become keener than before to the point that I can tell apart different kinds of scents.

Aki: However, the traps only get harder.

Aki: He's absolutely trying to kill me.

Aki: Today, I'm running downhill with a sword.

Aki: This is a real nuisance.

Aki: As I carry a heavier burden, I keep falling into traps.

991, 992, 993...

Aki: Today, I learn to brandish my sword.

994, 995...

Aki: He said it started today, but I've been training for that every day prior.

Aki: Every time after running downhill,

Aki: I would train brandishing until my hands fall off.


Urokodaki: Give me 500 more.

Aki: Katanas snap off easily.

Aki: That's what he told me early on.

Aki: They are good at sustaining perpendicular force, but the same can't be said with horizontal force.

Aki: So one must wield it with full perpendicular force.

Aki: The direction of the blade must be completely unanimous with the direction of the brandishing force.

Aki: Or else, it will damage the katana.

Aki: In other words, if the katana breaks,

Aki: so will your bones.

Aki: That's some kind of warning from him.

Aki: Nezuko,

Aki: I'll do the best that I can.

Aki: Today, it's the throwdown ceremony.

Aki: No matter how you're thrown down, you must sustain it properly and get back up fast.

Aki: I raise my sword and throw it right at Master Urokodaki.

Aki: While Master Urokodaki himself is unarmed and unprotected.

Aki: But he's outrageously strong.

Aki: I keep getting thrown onto the ground by him.

Aki: I'm home, Etsu.

Aki: Today, I learned breathing techniques and some sort of Breath Styles.

Aki: Total Concentration Breathing?

Urokodaki: That's right.

Urokodaki: I'm going to pass down all ten Breath of Water forms to you.

Urokodaki: Like letting oxygen run into all cells in every part of your body, it's to concentrate your breathing for a long period.

Urokodaki: This is to improve your body's ability to heal and to stabilize and activate your mind and spirit.

Urokodaki: Relax the upper half of your body and keep the lower half stable and still.

Urokodaki: Good. Now, breathe.

Urokodaki: That's not the way.

Urokodaki: Now, Breath Styles.

Aki: Right, is it like this?

Urokodaki: No.

Aki: This?

Urokodaki: No.

Aki: This?

Urokodaki: No.

Aki: This?

Urokodaki: No.

Aki: He rebuked me for not exerting strength from my abdomen.

Aki: He punched my belly many times.

Aki: Then, he instructed me to be one with water.

Urokodaki: Get down there now.

Aki: Etsu!

Aki: Etsu!

Aki: I am water!

Aki: Meanwhile, Etsu has been unconscious for over six months.

Aki: Master Urokodaki promptly invited a doctor to inspect her, but he couldn't find the problem.

Aki: But it's strange when she keeps sleeping on.

Aki: I was scared.

Aki: What if I woke up one morning to find Etsu dead.

Aki: Yes, I was frightened every day.

Aki: Downhill training has become more dangerous.

Aki: I have to train where the air is thin.

Aki: There were so many instances where I thought I was going to die.

Aki: There is no more that I can teach you.

Aki: A year has passed since I arrived at Sagiri Mountain and suddenly he told me this.

Urokodaki: It's all up to you from now on.

Urokodaki: Let's see if you can master and improve on everything I've taught you.

Urokodaki: Follow me.

Urokodaki: If you can split this rock into two,

Urokodaki: I'll allow you to join the Final Selection.

Aki: Can I...

Aki: cut a rock?

Aki: Can I do that with a katana?

Aki: I don't think I can.

Aki: It'll snap my katana.

Aki: Master Urokodaki, please wait.

Aki: Master Urokodaki!

Aki: Since then, Master Urokodaki stopped instructing me for good.

Aki: Every day, I practiced repeatedly everything I learned from my master.

Aki: With a basic grasp of blocking energy and maintaining a flexible body,

Aki: I was glad to write them down in my diary.

Aki: Yet another six months have passed and I'm still unable to cut the rock.

Aki: This makes me worried that I haven't done enough and I'm still not tough enough.

Aki: So I have to work out harder.

Aki: Even harder...

Aki: Am I too weak for this?

Aki: Is Etsu going to die just like that?

Aki: I'm so discouraged that I want to quit.

Aki: I must work harder! Harder!

???: Shut up.

???: Real women don't whine.

???: You'll look bad.

Aki: When did he show up?

Aki: This man in the fox mask, I couldn't smell him.

???: No matter how tough it gets, you must bear it in silence.

???: If you are a woman, and if you live as a women...

???: You're sluggish, feeble, and immature.

???: Thus, you're not a real woman.

Aki: What are you doing here?

???: I was about to ask you the same thing.

Aki: I'm training, of course.

???: How long are you going to stay on the ground?

???: You don't even have protection.

???: Well, show me what you got.

Aki: But your sword is a wooden sword.

Aki: Mine is a real one.

???: My goodness.

???: I'm so grateful for your consideration.

???: You really think you can hurt me?

???: You may have a lot of compassion, but I'm stronger than you because I can cut that rock!

Aki: You can cut the rock?

???: You haven't learned anything.

???: You simply haven't made anything into yours.

???: Especially the breathing technique that Master Urokodaki taught you

???: Total Concentration Breathing.

Aki: He knows Master Urokodaki?

???: Even the breathing technique.

???: All you did was memorize it in the form of knowledge.

???: You didn't impart any of it into your body.

???: What have you been doing in the past year and a half?

???: I'm going to make all of that stick into your flesh and blood.

???: More!

???: I'll make you never forget every essence of what Master imparted upon you.

???: I'm going to nail it all right into your bones!

Aki: I trained.

Aki: I trained every day.

Aki: I gave my all.

Aki: But it got me nowhere at all.

Aki: So I can't move on.

???: Move on then!

???: If you're a women, and if you live as a women, as long as you haven't run into a dead end, give me all you got.

???: Show me all your might!

???: Now you take care of her.

???: Are you okay?

Aki: Did you see it too?

Aki: It was a big blow.

Aki: How did he do it? It was flawless.

Aki: It was really beautiful.

Aki: I want to be just like that.

Aki: Can I do it like him?

???: Of course, you can.

???: Because I'll watch over you.

???: You're so cute.

Aki: Who are you?

Aki: Her name is Makomo.

Aki: She told me that the boy is Sabito.

Aki: After that, Makomo went on to point out my weaknesses.

Aki: She helped me to correct my unnecessary moves, get rid of my bad habits, and many more.

Aki: Why does she want to help me?

Aki: I asked her where she came from, but she refused to answer.

Makomo: We absolutely love Master Urokodaki.

Aki: That's what Makomo always said.

Aki: They are not siblings.

Aki: Apparently, they are orphans adopted by Master Urokodaki.

Aki: There are other kids around here too.

Aki: Everyone is watching you, Aki.

Aki: Makomo is a little strange.

Aki: She spoke in vague words.

Makomo: As for Total Concentration Breathing, it can increase your blood circulation and speed up the pulse of your heart.

Makomo: That is so your body will get warmer and you'll be strong as a demon even you're still human.

Makomo: In short, it makes your lungs bigger and lets more and more air into your blood.

Makomo: When your blood goes into shock, your bones and muscles heat up rapidly making you stronger.

Aki: I don't quite get her.

Aki: What should I do to achieve that?

Aki: Work out with all your might.

Aki: Besides that, I don't see any other way to achieve it.

Aki: It feels like my arms and legs have crumbled into pieces.

Aki: My lungs and heart are about to explode soon.

Aki: Yet I train hard with my sword.

Aki: Even so,

Aki: I still can't beat Sabito.

Aki: Another six months have passed.

Aki: On that very day, I challenged Sabito.

Aki: He waited for me with his sword.

Sabito: It has been half a year.

Sabito: You're sporting the face of a real woman.

Aki: I will beat you today.

Aki: Face-to-face combat is very simple.

Aki: The stronger and faster of the two wins.

Aki: It was decided in a blink of an eye.

Aki: This day, on this very instant, my blade touched Sabito first.

Aki: As I secured my victory, Sabito smiled.

Aki: He seemed to be crying and happy at the same time.

Aki: It looked like a smile of relief.

Sabito: Aki.

Sabito: Well done.

Sabito: Don't forget your performance just now.

Sabito: Be sure to win, Aki.

Sabito: Beat him for us.

Aki: As I turned around, Sabito disappeared too.

Aki: The sword I used to split Sabito's mask...

Aki: has split the rock too.

Aki: Even I was surprised.

Aki: I managed to cut a big rock in two.

Aki: This is all thanks to Sabito and Makomo.

Aki: It's right for me to show them some gratitude.