Chapter 55:

Tough to Assume

Unconsciously Interested


“I understand it’s almost devoid of you, but could you use a bit of common sense here, Mizuno-san??” I could hear Minori’s disgruntled voice as I made my way back to my room after that twenty-minute shower.

“Haaaa?? What makes you think my common sense is nil, class rep?! I’ve got plenty of them! Right now, my common sense is doing the talking, yeah?!” Tomoka’s retort echoed throughout the hallway. “Owh, wait... Could it be that your common sense is the one that’s actually going extinct, class rep? Ohoho!”

“Araaa~! That’s pretty rich coming from someone who can’t pick up what others are putting down. It doesn’t look like you understand the picture all that well, Mizuno-san!”

“B-But!... But I’ve already—”

“Hey...” I scrunched my damp hair with the towel just as I entered the room. “Let’s keep it down, guys. The clock is ticking down to midnight. It wouldn’t be a good idea to bother the neighborhood.”

“Oh my! T-That’s true! I’m sorry, Yuyo.” Minori said in an embarrassed voice. “I lose all sense of composure when Mizuno-san acts up.” She heaved a sigh before unleashing a disapproving glance at Tomoka.

“Wooah! I’m serious, class rep! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me, yeah?!” Tomoka shot back in an even tone.

My gaze darted between Tomoka on my bed and Minori at the bottom of the side rail as I made my way to my study table. I wonder why they are at each other’s throats again.


And while that is happening, Kyashii and Nazumi-san are silently seated on the futon next to the bed. Neither seems to mind the verbal sparring since they’re both busy fiddling with their phones.

“Just you saying that’s such a rare opportunity is unsettling.” Minori’s smile no longer betrays any trace of amusement but rather carries an air of menace. “Stop that and stick to what we agreed, Mizuno-san.”

“But they said it’s fine as long as Yu-chin’s okay with it, especially Mikami-san!” Tomoka grunted and motioned to Kyashii and Nazumi-san. “What is your problem, class rep??”

“That’s because you went on bothering Kyashii-chan, which is why she caved in. I told you to exercise some common sense, please! You must be kidding yourself if you think this situation is ideal for her!” Minori then looked at Kyashii. “Kyashii-chan, would you mind being a little upfront by telling this bubbleheaded here it’s not okay?”

“Eeh?!” Kyashii flinches as she aims her sights toward Minori. “Erm... If Y-Yuyo’s fine with it, then I can go with it, Minori.” She managed a clumsy smile.


“You see?! You heard her, class rep!” Tomoka wiggled her tongue at Minori.

“Fine with what?” I asked no one in particular, yet my gaze fell on Kyashii. But... She simply gazed at me awkwardly for a split second before quickly refocusing her attention on her phone.


“. . . . . .”

W-What was that? Did she just ignore me??

“Yuyo, Mizuno-san wants to share your bed.” A grim look descended on Minori’s face as she clutched her temple. “The plan was to share the futon with Nazumi-san and me, but she’s balking at the idea.”


“Wait… When did you plan the sleeping arrangements without telling me?” What’s the deal with that when I already mentioned my refusal to sleep next to someone in light of that vile snapshot?

I’d like to have the bed all to myself as much as humanly possible!

At this point, I’d rather sleep alone than next to Kyashii. Initially, I was scared about my groping self manifesting itself again, but now, the mere thought of Kyashii lying beside me makes me restless.

“It’s the same sleeping arrangement we had on the school trip, Yuyo. That doesn’t seem like a problem, does it?” Minori shrugged dismissively. “Our only problem is that someone here isn’t following through with it.” She cocked a brow at Tomoka.

“Naah... I’m sorry, Minori, but I’m not going to share my bed with anyone. I don’t see any reason to argue here.” I turned down the corners of my mouth before shifting my gaze to Tomoka. “You’re sleeping with them, Tomoka.” I laid out unequivocally.

“Uwaaah! Yu-chin’s rejection of me is never-ending! Why do I have to sleep with an enemy?!” Tomoka eyed Minori as cross as two sticks. “All I want is a taste of that grop— Ackk!” She couldn’t finish her rambling when Minori launched a flying pillow straight into her face. “Hey! Watch it, class rep! How can you be so mean to me?!”


“You deserve that! Just go soak your head! It’s incredulous you’re seriously conducting yourself like that.” Minori glared daggers at Tomoka. “Are you going through an alarming rate of sexual frustration, Mizuno-san?!”

“Who cares if I am? Hmph!” Tomoka peered meanly at Minori.

“Wha—!” Minori was momentarily thrown off by what Tomoka uttered. “Mizuno-san, could you maybe act with a little more refinement?!”

“Haaaa?! First, you ask me if I am, then you say that?! More importantly, I don’t see anything wrong with that, yeah?? I think you have no idea that most people go through that at some point. Tch!” Tomoka flopped onto the futon. “That tells me I’m smarter than you, class rep. Ohoho!”

“Ara~! Certainly, you are indeed wiser than me in that regard, Mizuno-san. I sincerely apologize for my lack of knowledge of such matters!” Minori can’t help but glower at Tomoka, who is huddled glumly beneath the blanket.

“Oyoo…” Tomoka let out a listless groan. “All you have to do is ask me about it, class rep. It would be a wonderful privilege to educate you. It looks like you could use it, yeah?”

“What?! I... I don’t need to learn that... yet! D-Don’t lump me in with you!” Minori’s face started breaking out in red streaks.


My eyes glazed over while my fingers tapped lethargically on my study desk as I stared at those two. I guess I’ll just let them bandy words with each other considering they don’t create any truly ear-piercing noises at all.

In any case, I’ve been wondering about this for a while; without a doubt, Tomoka has always been the one who gets on Minori’s nerves. For some reason, she really strikes a chord in Minori. In contrast, Tomoka doesn’t seem to take at heart how much Minori is boorish to her. She’s at a level of not giving a toss about Minori’s treatment of her. In a world where I’m Tomoka and Minori treats me like that, I’d be honestly pissed off.

Nonetheless, they seem to be in perfect sync with one another throughout the game. It’s strange... They create the impression of not getting along, but at the same time, it looks like they do. And it’s fun watching them quibble. Despite having completely different personalities, they have such a cute dynamic together.


Considering my state of consciousness as a wanderer in a girl-liking-girl maze, I think Minori and Tomoka would make a lovely couple if only they were into each other. Unfortunately, Minori doesn’t seem to have a thing for gir—



That’s what I thought as well about Kyashii, but it turns out she’s pretty attracted to girls in the end.



Yeah... Just as I thought, it’s tough to assume that pretty girls only want boyfriends in today’s society. Recent happenings have reminded me that straig—

“Yuyo?” Minori gently tapped me on the shoulder.

“Ah...” The squabbling appears to be over. “Yes? Can we finally sleep now?”

“Ohh... Only if you’re okay with Kyashii-chan sleeping next to you.”

“Minori... I told you I—”

“I’m sorry, Yuyo, but there isn’t enough room on the futon for four people,” Minori interjected with a meek smile.


“. . . . . .”

That’s r-right...

I only had one futon set up for them!

How embarrassing! Preparing things for my friends should have been a no-brainer, yet I still fell short.


I guess this is to be expected when I have quite a number of people staying over at once. I’m not used to it, so it’s easy to overlook little things such as this.

“Err... R-Right... My apologies for the inconvenience, guys.” The corner of my mouth twitched in dismay.

“That’s fine, Yuyo. So... Would it be possible to call it a night at this point? Kyashii is welcome to sleep right next to you, isn’t it?” Minori smilingly asked.

When I turned my eyes to Kyashii, I noticed her staring straight at me from my bed while holding a nervous smile on her lips.

“. . . . . .”

W-What’s with her? It’s as if she’s a different person now than she was an hour ago. Where did all that teasing and bold Kyashii go?


I drew a deep breath before nodding. “Sure...” Here’s hoping nothing goes perverted from my sleep state.

“Ooh~! That’s it, then. Time to hit the sack, girls! We’re going to have a full day tomorrow.”


Two best friends sleeping in the same bed next to each other without a word exchanged could have been in the midst of a significant disagreement. While the awkward silence was getting to both of them, neither had the desire to break it.


At least from someone’s perspective, you could say that’s how Kyashii and I look.

Even though we’ve been lying on the bed for a while now, I still don’t understand why Kyashii is being oddly strange toward me after I got out of the shower.


Did she take a critical hit from my remark regarding her panties peeking? Is that it?

But... If she can pull off a subtly revealing move in front of me, like when we were in the fitting room, then that doesn’t seem to be the issue, does it?

Or could it be that she’s concerned I’ll grope her in my sleep again?


Yeah... That makes more sense, actually. Well, if that’s the case, I can’t blame her. It’s something I’m agonizing over as well.


I reflexively lay flat on my back since lying on my right side was becoming uncomfortable for me. I sleep on my left side out of habit, though I think I could get by for the time being if I had to sleep this way.

My gaze then steadily shifts to Kyashii’s back.

Hmm... Is she already sleeping?

“. . . . . .”

There’s some soft breathing coming from her.

Wow... She definitely does fall asleep fast, doesn’t she?

It’s somewhat appeasing knowing she’s already in dreamland; that makes the uneasiness fades on its own. There’s too much stuff about Kyashii swirling around in my mind, so I’ll just throw all of it for the time being. None of that will help me get through this week of exams, so I need to put my studies first.

Let’s see…

Minori mentioned we would be studying mathematics and English tomorrow.

Uhh? And then, I think I’m good to go with my Japanese lesson, so I don’t have to join those four in dealing with it tomorrow. In that case, I’d better brush up on social studies. Yeah... That’s the plan. I’m hoping to finish—

“Hnnnggh~!” I lost track of my thoughts when Kyashii gently twirled around, facing my way.

“. . . . . .”

Oohh... She’s still sleeping like a baby.


Really... Her beauty still commands attention even when she’s sleeping. Kyashii is a work of art in every sense of the word.


Now, I’m getting heavy-eyed just by watching her sleep so soundly.

Alright~, time to get some sleep as well.

But first, let me carefully fix her blanket after it had been pushed down when she turned around.

“Uhhnn...” I caught Kyashii groaning in her sleep for a couple of seconds. And...

In no time, she unfeignedly threw an arm at me, striking my neck before resting her hand on my shoulder!


She’s a little restless when sleeping, huh? Ugh! I take it she’s the type who sleeps better with something to cuddle in their slumber.

Gently, my hands reached out to free myself from her grasp.


With another grunt in her sleep, Kyashii’s brows wrinkled a bit before she unconsciously tightened her squeezing grip on me, clinging more tightly to me while pressing my head against her c-chest!


W-Wait… Is she—



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