Chapter 1:

the day i become introvert


Chapter 1

do you feel of being always alone?

and  not comfortable being surrounded by people.

and have you ever feel that your not belong to the society.

and yup thats all me i fell all that, and this is my life as an introvert ..

ever seen i was in grade school im a active and full of joy on my face but one day someone bullied me for being small and being skinny and weak but as my self im not weak.

"hey skinny, slenderman"


"bro wtf? he look like slenderman!"

they all laughting on me but ididnt mind it cause im kind of person that im not into trouble or fight because i want peace on my mind and i known as a harmless person.

 "hey don't turn your back when I'm talking to you"

i said " hey idont have time i have a class now so please dont disturb me"

"oh wow so your telling me your ignoring us come on fight me"

"no im not into fight if you have a problem on me we can just talk about it but. maybe later okay?:

and then someone from the group bullies grab my uniform in front of many students and they try to steal my bag and one of them is holding my hand and trying to pullitoff my shorts and that day i feel emabarassed, cause so many student see it no one trying to help me..

And that day i  change and become shy and being ignore by many people they keep talking about me keep my confidence down,   every since that happen i want to be alone, i want to alone and doing a stuff alone.

                                           and the day came when I entered high school