Chapter 2:

New life


After i enter high school  in kyoto i promise my self to become more Active again but my self told me not, i dont know why, it keep me feels like comfortable to be alone and a way from others  away, away from the judgement from the eye of the people.

First day of school entrance ceremony it seems normal and no one interested me as always and thats good!. 

When i am entering my classroom its a little bit noisy, some of them known each other for a long time or a former classmate or schoolmate that see each other again in this school ,  and some of them or same as me but i saw girl name Ruka fujikawa an  introvert like me but they all keep approaching her why? Cause shes pretty and cool, and also a top student in entrance exam.  

So yeah heres me sitting beside the window typical loner guy like in a anime and manga, 

And class start.

"Kyota! kyota!!"

And i heard my name while im in the middle of sleeping at my desk

" Yes sir!"

And they all laughting at me 

"Kyota this first day of school why are you sleeping at my class how about other day are ha!"

"Sorry sir! Will not doing this again"

And they keep looking at me their eyes telling it all, but i dont care I just want to be alone. So its okay

"Kyota sitdown  now"

"Thank you sir"

And the breaktime..

And unexpeted happen again that i avoided someone bullied me again hes name is fujima hes a big fat guy and i didnt know about him, but im sure hes a bully with that body and looks.

"Hey loser! Buy me a food!"

"Ahmmm okay but wheres the money" ofcourse. Idont want a trouble.

"Money!? Yout money is my money!"

"Oh no i dont have extra"

And he grab my school uniform and trying to punch me but someone interfer

He's name is tatsuya he is goodlucking student and an athlete here in school hes the number two student, many girls have crush on her.

" Hey can you please stop! He didnt do anything to you and you keep telling him to buy your food? Are you dumb?"


And the fujima walk away. And someone wishpering but thats not a wishper she want to notice by tatsuya

"Wow tatsuya is cool and kind to the kid is he have a girlfriend?."

"I think tatsuya dont have a girlfriend hes focus in sports and his academic"

And here me thinking thats hes so cool and i want to be like him and tatsuya approach me.

"Hey are you okay? Are you hurt?"

"Yeah im good you can go now i didnt need help" and my pride strikes again!.

"Okay just tell me if someone bother you again okay"

And i notice all girls are looking at tatsuya except ruka hes focus on reading books while listening to her earpods and i notice also tatsuya always looking to, is it me or my imagination that they are closed or they havesomething in the past to them.

And tatsuya tried to talk to ruka but she ignored him and keep doing what shes doing. 

"Ruka how are you?"


"Hello?" Are you mad me"

And still shes no response but im not interested and i ll goo outside of the room and make some walk to smell some refreshing air outside and im sit in the bench infront of the gym and someone approach me didnt know him but i think hes my classmate hes like a nerdy a guy but a goodlooking 


"Ahmmm hello heheh"

What a dumb person!

"What you doing here are you alone?"

"Yup i am and you?"

" I am with friends  but suddenly ididnt know where they going"

"Oh okay" that how i boring to talk

"If you dont have friends you can join" 

"Nah im fine!"

Hopeless person!

And the day comes end fast and my first day of school is end here and at the end of the day im still alone and dont have any friends because thats i wanted and comfortable on that  hehehe.

see yah!