Chapter 1:


Aki's Abnormal Life

"Aki-kun, wake up~ Its morning already~"


"Aki-kun, please wake up~"

'shake' 'shake'..

"Uhh... oh, its you, Miyuki."

I open my eyes. I saw my childhood friend, Miyuki, is wearing a pink apron while she is trying to wake me up. Wait, how did she get into my room?

"Whoa?! How did you..?!"

"Your parent gives me the key."

"Damn those peoples..."

This is my room for goddamn sake.. I have a lots of embarrassing things in my room. Like anime posters and figures. I'm scared if this innocent girl saw my collections.. This is troublesome...

"I will wake up, so please.."

"Oh, i'm sorry for barging into your room like that."

She bow her head. How innocent is this girl?

"S-stop it. You're embarrassing me."

"Oh, i'm sorry."

She bow her head again. Seriously, stop it. It would turn into a Rom-com if this goes on.

"I'm gonna changed into my uniform. Wait downstairs."


She nodded. And then she go downstairs. As always, this girl, called Akari Miyuki, is one of my childhood friend. She became friend with me before i was adopted. She's the only friend i have since i am an antisocial person.

I wash my face and brush my teeth. And then i change into my school uniform and wear a badge that have a yellow dragon picture on it. I wear my blazer and go downstairs to eat breakfast. I saw Miyuki and my mom is chatting happily while the old man is reading newspaper.

"Aki, stop being a slowpoke and eat your breakfast. Miyuki has been preparing them with all her love so don't waste them!"

There she goes,my mom.She always there to ship me with Miyuki. Apparently, Miyuki always came by to help my mom preparing breakfast every morning. She also good in cooking so my mom has been planning to marry me with her. There is no way i'm gonna marry to someone so innocent like her. She better off with some other better guy than me.

"Okay,okay, i'm coming~"

I go to the table and sit on a chair next to my old man. He have been so fixated in reading newspaper.

"Dear, stop reading the paper and eat the breakfast!"

She shout at the old man while pampering my little newborn sister, Misaki.

"Wait a minute, honey."

He still reading the newspaper. Oh well, lets see..A toast and a coffee.. Its just a toast, mom.. why is she always exaggerating everything?

"Now eat slowly."

Miyuki sit next to my mom. She take the toast and eat it gently. This innocent girl is too cute. Maybe i am the luckiest man in the world. Thank god.




Now that we have finish our breakfast, we have to go to the school. The most pain in the ass thing to do. I hate school. Its full of those kids with no brain.

On our way to the school, Miyuki ask me something.

"Aki-kun, umm.. what kind of girl do you like?"

What?! This is truly has shocking me.

"What? Why did you ask me that out of the blue?"

I pointed that out. I don't get it. Its not that i'm so dense that i didn't realize she likes me. But, why she is asking me at this timing?

"Umm.. Katagiri-san asked me to find out about your feelings toward girls so he asked me.."

Oh.. that big tiger good-for-nothing guy is behind this.. Why would he always there to disturb me? I can imagine him stalking me at any seconds.


Its too creepy. I should stop that.

"I don't really like anyone. And its better if you just ignore him since he wasn't serious."



"...Okay, Aki-kun."

Miyuki's face changed. Does that means she upset that i said i don't like anyone? Its not like i have reject her or anything. Girls are so complicated.

"Um...Miyuki, don't worry. Even if i don't love you as a lover, i do love you as my friend. More than a friend but a bit lower than a lover."

Ah..What did i just said?! Now her face is getting more darker than a dark hole. I'm so stupid. Stupid,stupid,stupid!


And now looks like she is going to cry. What have i done?!! We walked to the school without any of us striking a conversation.

I'm really sorry Miyuki. I didn't mean it. I mean, i do love you as a friend but because i don't want you to-


Ahh!! That's it! I'm done.




We have arrived into our school. Miyuki and i are in the same class. We also sit almost next to each other. Its just that my seat is not near the window like all protagonist in a slice-of-life anime. Haha..

I also never spoke with any of my classmates so its natural that they ignore me. But Miyuki is different. Even though she is shy and innocent, she can be pretty socialized with other classmates.

She is also the class representative. Most girls in this school jealous of her attitude and her appearances and guys like her because she's cute. She is really different than me. She should get a boyfriend that is not me.


What am i even thinking? Stop it, Aki.

Three guys came to my desk. The usual bully trio. The one with big tough body is called Sagamori Jun or i called him "The Big Guy". He has a grudge with me. He also have the shortest fuse and always snapped.

The thin one with a bang at his left eye is called Hasegawa Ruri, "The Emo guy". Such girly name. He also hate me to the fullest. Maybe he jealous at me? I don't even know why he want to be jealous with me.

And finally, their leader which has blond spiky hair, Katagiri Tora, "The Tiger". This guy always there to tease Miyuki and bullying me. I call him Tiger because of his name. (Tora=Tiger)

"Hey Kurozaki, looks like you have some nerve to walk to school with Miyuki-chan!"

The tiger has spoken!

Wow, this guy want to bully me just because he is jealous. I pity him.He has too many free times.

"Its not my fault that we walk together. She's the one who came to my house."

Tiger has angry. Is he gonna eat me? That big guy grab my collar and glare at me. That emo guy keep staring at me while grinning like an idiot. Seriously, stop it. Your face is not that pretty.

"Hey, whats wrong? Do you want to punch me or anything?"

'Pow'!(Help me with this >.<')

He land the first blow to my face. I didn't really feel anything. I swear i could hear someone is cheering him. Is this class is really full of dumbasses?

"Whats wrong? You want something, big guy?"


That big guy keep punching my face. He snapped again. He hate me. His sister likes me and committed suicide because i reject her. I think it was about a year ago. That seems to be the reason why he is joining Tiger's gang. To avenge his sister.

Such a noble reason. Although i don't give a crap.

"Stop it, Jun."

That tiger stops the big guy. He stop and wipe his hand with a white handkerchief. No one is stopping him except Tiger. Of course no one would. You may say all my classmates except Miyuki hates me. That's why i didn't get any help when Miyuki isn't around. I don't even know why they hate me that much.

"Hahaha. Serve you right, you stupid pretty boy!"

That emo guy laughs at me. I know you're jealous but please stop laughing like that. You're hideous.

"Hey, emo guy. If you have anything to say, say it to my face."

Now i jerk at him. Seriously,stop it mouth. I have been getting troubles because of it.And now his face is red that everyone can see the steams out of his ears.


That emo guy want to punch my face. He raised his fist when suddenly..


Miyuki came in while carrying the teacher's books and the teacher is also there. That emo guy is surprise to see Miyuki and the teacher arrived. He calm himself and stand near Tiger. I was lucky,i guess.

"What happened here?"

Teacher asked me. I didn't answer his question. Miyuki come near me and wiping the blood in my face.

"Nothing, sir."


The Tiger clicked his tongue. The bully trio sit at their own seats. After that, teacher allow us to leave the classroom to treat my wounds. The Tiger's face look stupid. His jealousy has just increase.

Miyuki take me to the infirmary room. She take the bandages and antibiotic and start to treat my wounds. She didn't say anything. Maybe because she still thinking about that. But i was wrong.

"Aki-kun,what happened when i was gone?"

I didn't say anything.Its not because i want to protect them. Its because i hate talking behind people's back. Well.. they're not exactly people,tho'.

"Nothing really. I fell down from the chair."

"You're lying! There's no way you're hurting this bad because of the chair. Please tell me, Aki-kun"

"No, i'm not lying. Don't worry about me, okay?"

I really didn't want to talk about them. I never told her that they're bullying me. I just don't want to caused any troubles, that's all.

"Aki-kun, you never share with me about yourself. You never told me about yourself, or what you always feel. You don't believe me at all?"


Miyuki started to cry. I didn't know how to respond to that. Its not that i don't believe her.. If i told her, she surely will raise her voice toward those Tiger's gang and she will get into a trouble. A LOTS of troubles. Even though the only thing i want is just a nice, and a peaceful normal life.

I respond to her.

"I'm sorry, Miyuki."

That's the only words i said. I'm such a dumbass, right?

And then, after she cried so hard, she wiped her tears and started to smile at me.

"Now then, lets forget about this matter.I want to go to the classroom. Aki-kun, you have to rest until you feel better. After that, lets eat lunch together."

She left the room. Before she left, she was waving her hand to me. I can only feel sorry for her and i was surprised to see myself waving back to her.




As times passed by, i didn't go to the classroom. I also didn't eat lunch. I just wandered around the school and at certain time, i slept at the rooftop until school's over. I've broke my promise to eat lunch with Miyuki. I want to go home earlier but i am worried about Miyuki so i waited for her.

She always late because she has to do what a class representative always do. After she finish her business, she is waving her hand toward me with a radiant smile on her face. Its like that conversation had never happened in the first place. Maybe she did this out of consideration of me or something.

"Lets go home together, Aki-kun"


I nodded. Together,we walk toward our homes.I though our ordinary life will still go on.But,i was wrong. When we were walking to Miyuki's house, something odd happens. A purple circle appeared near our feet out of nowhere. Suddenly, my body feels heavy.


Miyuki scream at me. Yeah, it hurts as hell. Looks like her body is also being pulled down by that circle. She must feel much heavier than i am because of her frail body.


When i shouted at her,my eyes started to feel so heavy that i was forced to close it.




When i came into my senses, i can't see anything. All i can see is darkness. How about Miyuki? Is Miyuki alright? I hope she's alright.


Why did i worry about her?

'Zroom'!(Help me with this?)

A light flashed by and i was blinded for a minute. Before i opened my eyes, i hear people's voices.

"Your highness, we have failed."

"Yeah.. i though its Lord Vanzie. But its just a human girl and boy."

I opened my eyes. My head hurts so much that i though its going to explode. And then, i saw a girl. She has blond hairs and red eyes. She wears crown and tied her hair into a ponytail. She also has a stoic look on her face. Oh, she also have a pointy ears and a pair of wings. Wait, a cosplay?




There is no way in hell that is a cosplay.

"I'm sorry for our rude actions. We're sorry that we have summoned you from your world."

Oh... we got summoned into another world.. okay..


Wait a minute..

"What?!! Another World?!!"

Aki's Abnormal Life