Aki's Abnormal Life

Aki’s life has been normal. But, everything changes when he was teleported to a fantasy world. Its a world where humans is next to nonexistent.

He was teleported by the queen of the kingdom called Vanzie. Alongside with his childhood friend, Miyuki.

The queen apologize to them because she accidentally summon them. As an apologize, she offer them to live in the Vanzie for a year. They are not going to go to an adventure to defeat demon king or anything. They will just stay here quietly and go to the school in this world?!

On top of it, Aki and Miyuki has to pretend to be a demon so that they won’t be discriminate by demons in Vanzie. Aki’s Abnormal life begins !

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GenreFantasyHaremSchoolSlice of Life
UpdatedOct 20, 2019
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count2,162
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